Parramatta captain Clint Gutherson is annoyed and frustrated at being labelled greedy when it comes to his future with the Eels.

Gutherson is out of contract at the end of the season, and while the Eels are trying to retain his services, rival clubs have put forward offers to lure him away from Parramatta.

The 24-year-old has been a staple of NRL headlines over the past month, and he's fed up with some of the comments he's been reading.

"I am very sick of it," Gutherson told an open media session on Thursday.

"It's never nice to be in the headlines, being seen as greedy hurts and hurts everyone close to it. Every fan takes it a different way, my family takes it a different way and everyone close to me take it a different way.

"It's a very serious time of my life, it sets up the rest of my life and I've got to take a look at it every way I can and do what's best for me and my family.

"It takes time and is a big part of my life. It's my career and I've got to take it seriously."

Gutherson admits the first offer he received from the Eels earlier this year was underwhelming, although did confirm he hasn't met with Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler over moving to Brookvale Oval in 2020.

"To be brutally honest yes it did hurt but to go out about it that way might have put me on the wrong path," Gutherson said.

"But it's part of the job and you've got to run with it. I haven't met with Des, I saw that on the news.

"I haven't spoken to Sam since after the game on Sunday. I want it done just as much as everyone here."


  1. If he went to Manly what position is he going to play ?
    He is a standout fullback and Manly have a superstar in Tommy turbo playing in that position , he is not
    as effective in the halves , so are Manly going to shell out big $$$$ to have him play on the wing ?

    The other factor in all this is Brad Arthur , if he is re signed by Parra then Gutho will probably stay an Eel and
    on pretty good money . Makes more sense to stay at Parra in his preffered position and get good coin .

  2. Tommy Turbo showed in Origin that shifting positions didn’t hurt his impact..I think Tommy would be more a weapon in the centres with Gutherson chiming into the backline…Tommy has had some errors at fullback and centre would give him longevity with that dodgey hamstring

  3. Finally a manly fan that makes sense !
    In fact, the other manly ratbags on here were saying last season that gutho is injury prone and not wanted at manly. Awkward !
    Just like penso and his unstable mate sstid, jimmy the jet to souvfffs ?
    How awkward is that ?

  4. I guess the fans are greedy to that we actually want a consistent team. Also how about paying your fans back by playing consistent bloody footy each week. Not worth over $600k max, hasn’t proved anything and not lead the team like a good captain yet. Plus your one knee recon from finished and already a sloth. Get a new manager to who’s the only idiot who has caused all this by leaking crap to the media everyday. It frigging sucks being a eels supporter. Never light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Sour much.
    Is always the only eels player who puts in every week.
    I suppose you’ll be happy when good old 5 game a year Moses resigns for 950k a season though

  6. Whilst I don’t agree with the way Eelstragic has worded his post as such, I broadly agree with some of his content.
    The way I see it Parra is the club (or at the/near the top of a very short list of clubs) with the most to gain from signing Gutho. I like him/rate him/won’t have any hard feelings against him he etc, but I think the $650k(ish) number reflects that. That’s based on him playing FB and his contribution (on and off field) to Parra, offset against the risks/his ability. If he can get more/a better deal, great, because I like him/rate/respect him etc, but even for us, and what he means to us, I’d agree $650k p.a is at the top end.
    As for Moses, id expect him to be re-signed at around $800k(ish) but we need him.
    Both our clubs are rebuilding, but we don’t have as much of a “core”. That may prove to be a good thing, or a bad thing, but it is what it is. Your “core” half a dozen players would go close to half your cap, so you’ve got a tighter budget to built around it. On that basis, and based on your core squad, I can only assume if pay $600k+ for Gutho, it will be to run him at 5/8, and whilst that could work, that’s a big risk.

  7. Manly definetely have what I think a very very good core group as you say of players, and yes it is obviously a strategy they are using to build around. I would say this year we’re getting great value for money out of players like Waddell, suli, gosiewski garrick and even dare I say it Brad Parker has been great.
    650 does elderly like a fair amount for all concerned for Gutherson but reports are eels aren’t near that figure.
    If he came to manly he would take Dylan walkers spot and wage so really we would be getting a player for nothing going on this year so far.
    I just thought saying gutho doesn’t play his best each week is harsh, because no one does but he certainly tries 110% each and every week and from all reports does a lot behind the scenes also for the eels.
    Personally I wouldn’t be paying Moses a cent more then 600k he is a liability in defence and he does only try or contribute a few games a year, but that is just IMO.
    One thing for sure it’s interesting and as we said the other day I’m happy whichever way this all works out

  8. Reports today are that Parra have actually offered Gutho $650K per year for 3 years, with the sticking point being he wants 4. Given his injury history I would think the offer on the table is more than fair, but I wouldn’t begrudge the guy if another club offers what he wants and he takes it. At the end of the day I want him to stay at Parra, but he needs to look after his future.

    You are correct though in that you cannot fault his effort week in week out. The fact that he is not consistently up there with the best in the comp is exactly the reason why the offer is what it is. He knows it, and so does the club.

    Eelstragic, I think it is unfair that you criticise him about his captaincy and call him a sloth. Stories from training say that he leads from the front and is a great leader. He speaks to the referees with respect and the amount of ‘dirty work’ he has done this year, such as hard hit ups in the middle of the field to get us out of trouble, shows that he is definitely developing as a leader. And on what basis are you calling him a sloth. His running game has been really good, and his darts from dummy half have hardly been sloth like. He has been caught out of position a few times in defence, but he is still learning to be a fullback, so that will take time.

  9. No way Moses is worth $950k, he still needs to prove himself as well. Gutho has Alot of errors in his game and doesn’t put in every game. The only player who has put in 100% this year is fergo and his only $500k. I’m actually a massive gutho fan but he still has a long way to go to be up there and shouldn’t be running to the media like the Hayne days. Sort it out in the office and don’t get your manager running to the media than himself starting to whinge to. He supposed to be the captain, not carrying on like a child. We have Alot of money to throw around and need some big changes as we are still to inconsistent. Need players who want to wear the b&g and not just players who decide to play every few weeks. I’m starting to become sour because it’s the same crap all the time with Parra sadly. I love the club to bits but just want a good team and club like every other NRL fan.

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