The 2023 season might be gearing up for the finals, but in the ever-changing world of the NRL transfer market, attention is already shifting to 2024 and beyond.

Every NRL side has less than ten spots available in their Top 30 for next season, while a select handful of clubs are closing in on a full complement already.

Zero Tackle have compiled the current status of every NRL club for 2024, with signings, losses, players still off-contract, full squads, best 17, and an overview of what every club still needs to be successful come next season.

You can use our easy dropdown menu below to navigate between each club, and we will update this every time there is a signing or player movement for next year so that you can keep on top of how your club is shaping up for next season.


Newcastle Knights

Knights 2025 Player Movements

2025 Gains
2025 Losses
Bradman Best (2027), Jacob Saifiti (2027)
Off Contract 2024
David Armstrong, Thomas Cant, Mat Croker, Dane Gagai, Tyson Gamble, Zach Herring, Brodie Jones, Krystian Mapapalangi, Myles Martin, Fletcher Meyers, Laitia Moceidreke, Enari Tuala, Toni Tupouniua

The following is correct as of December 25.

Full squad

David Armstrong, Bradman Best, Jayden Brailey, Paul Bryan, Jed Cartwright, Jack Cogger, Mat Croker, Phoenix Crossland, Adam Elliott, Tyson Frizell, Dane Gagai, Tyson Gamble, Jackson Hastings, Jack Hetherington Thomas Jenkins, Brodie Jones, Dylan Lucas, Krystian Mapapalangi, Myles Martin, Greg MarzhewKai Pearce-Paul, Kalyn Ponga, Will Pryce, Ryan Rivett Daniel Saifiti, Jacob SaifitiLeo Thompson, Enari Tuala, Toni Tupouniua

Best 17 and full squad
1. Kalyn Ponga
2. Greg Marzhew
3. Thomas Jenkins
4. Bradman Best
5. Dane Gagai
6. Jack Cogger
7. Jackson Hastings
8. Daniel Saifiti
9. Jayden Brailey
10. Jacob Saifiti
11. Tyson Frizell
12. Kai Pearce-Paul
13. Adam Elliott

14. Phoenix Crossland
15. Jed Cartwright
16. Leo Thompson
17. Jack Hetherington

18. Dylan Lucas
19. Tyson Gamble
20. Paul Bryan
21. Will Pryce
22. Mat Croker
23. Enari Tuala
24. Krystian Mapapalangi
25. Myles Martin
26. Ryan Rivett
27. David Armstrong
28. Brodie Jones
29. No player signed
30. No player signed

Roster spots open: 2

2024 Development List

1. Fletcher Sharpe
2. Sebastian Su'a
3. Thomas Cant
4. Zach Herring

What they still need

The Knights have little room to move with two roster spots open as it stands, and they will need to as well.

There are some significant gaps left to fill in this squad, although the dual arrivals from England of Kai Pearce-Paul in the second-row and Will Pryce at five-eighth have the potential to make a big difference on the outcome for Adam O'Brien's side next season.

Pryce will have a battle on his hands to claim a spot alongside Jackson Hastings in the halves following the club's recent signing of Jack Cogger from the Penrith Panthers.

As it stands, they still have plenty of decisions to make on off-contract players, with the most pressing of those likely to be Brodie Jones and Kurt Mann.

While the Knights are more or less set in the spine, with Kalyn Ponga, Pryce, Jackson Hastings, and Jayden Brailey backed up by Tyson Gamble, Phoenix Crossland and Simi Sasagi, as well as the possible addition of Mann, there are problems elsewhere.

As it stands, the Knights would need Dane Gagai to shift to the wing - that may happen anyway if they elect to accommodate talented youngster Krystian Mapapalangi in the centres, but there is no guarantee of that being the case for O'Brien. If they can't go outside the club, then the re-signing of Bailey Hodgson, Hymel Hunt or Enari Tuala may provide the depth needed.

The Saifiti brothers - Daniel and Jacob - lead the middle alongside Adam Elliott, but again, depth is a real problem and a player like Luke Thompson on a cut-price deal, or Jordan McLean, could be the way to go.



  1. Sharks: New signings NIL. Roster spots available NIL.
    Don’t expect any improvement this year if Craig Fitzgibbon does not give game-time to the players the club has been developing.
    If he thinks that they are never going to be better than NSW Cup, why has he re-signed them?

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