The 2023 season might be gearing up for the finals, but in the ever-changing world of the NRL transfer market, attention is already shifting to 2024 and beyond.

Every NRL side has less than ten spots available in their Top 30 for next season, while a select handful of clubs are closing in on a full complement already.

Zero Tackle have compiled the current status of every NRL club for 2024, with signings, losses, players still off-contract, full squads, best 17, and an overview of what every club still needs to be successful come next season.

You can use our easy dropdown menu below to navigate between each club, and we will update this every time there is a signing or player movement for next year so that you can keep on top of how your club is shaping up for next season.


North Queensland Cowboys

Cowboys 2025 Player Movements

2025 Gains
Karl Lawton (Manly Sea Eagles, 2026), Kai O'Donnell (Leigh Leopards, 2026)
2025 Losses
Kulikefu Finefeuiaki (The Dolphins), Jack Gosiewski (Brisbane Broncos), Chad Townsend (Sydney Roosters)
Tom Chester (2025), Tom Dearden (2029), Coen Hess (2027), Zac Laybutt (2025), Heilum Luki (2029), Sam McIntyre (2026), Thomas Mikaele (2027)
Off Contract 2024
Jake Clifford, Kyle Feldt, Jake Granville, Jordan McLean, Wil Sullivan, Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, Semi Valemei

The following is correct as of December 25.

Full squad

Tom Chester, Jake Clifford, Reuben Cotter, Tom Dearden, Robert Derby, Scott Drinkwater, Tom Duffy, Kyle Feldt, Kulikefu Finefeuiaki, Jack Gosiewski, Jake Granville, Coen Hess, Valentine Holmes, Zac Laybutt, Luciano Leilua, Heilum Luki, Sam McIntyre, Jordan McLean, Jeremiah Nanai, Griffin Neame, D'Jarzirhae Pua'avase, Reece Robson, Murray Taulagi, Jason Taumalolo, Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, Chad Townsend, Viliami Vailea, Semi Valemei

Best 17 and full squad
1. Scott Drinkwater
2. Kyle Feldt
3. Viliami Vailea
4. Valentine Holmes
5. Murray Taulagi
6. Tom Dearden
7. Chad Townsend
8. Reuben Cotter
9. Reece Robson
10. Coen Hess
11. Luciano Leilua
12. Jeremiah Nanai
13. Jason Taumalolo

14. Jake Granville
15. Griffin Neame
16. Heilum Luki
17. Jamayne Taunoa-Brown

18. Jack Gosiewski
19. Sam McIntyre
20. Semi Valemei
21. Tom Chester
22. Tom Duffy
23. Jake Clifford
24. Jordan McLean
25. Zac Laybutt
26. D'Jarzirhae Pua'avase
27. Robert Derby
28. Kulikefu Finefeuiaki
29. No player signed
30. No player signed

Roster spots open: 2

2024 Development List

1. Kaiden Lahrs
2. Jamal Shibasaki
3. Emarly Bitungane
4. Jai Hansen
5. Thomas Mikaele
6. Jodeci Baker-Tiraha

What they still need

The Cowboys' biggest issue was finding a young centre to replace Peta Hiku and add some pace to what has been a failing right edge in defence. Viliami Vailea has signed from the Warriors, while Semi Valemei, who can play both wing and centre, has joined from the Raiders, so there are now options there.

With Chad Townsend seemingly going nowhere, the rest of the side is more or less settled, but with seven roster spots up for grabs, there is plenty of wiggle room to remodel for Todd Payten.

Elsewhere, this is a side that is more or less settled, with strength in the second row and spine, while Jason Taumalolo is a franchise player at lock.



  1. Sharks: New signings NIL. Roster spots available NIL.
    Don’t expect any improvement this year if Craig Fitzgibbon does not give game-time to the players the club has been developing.
    If he thinks that they are never going to be better than NSW Cup, why has he re-signed them?

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