SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 15: Coach Ivan Cleary instructs his team during a Penrith Panthers NRL training session at Sportingbet Stadium on April 15, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images)

Ivan Cleary and John Cartwright are ready to step into Des Hasler’s shoes should Canterbury cut loose their high-profile coach.

It’s understood both are eager to take over the reins at Belmore if the board and Hasler part ways.

Canterbury chairman Ray Dib and his fellow six directors, who will meet on Friday to discuss Hasler’s future, are playing a dangerous game with a coach known for doing things his own way.

Just a month after taking Manly to a premiership in 2011, Hasler quit following a disagreement over the terms of his contract upgrade.

The Bulldogs face a similar scenario five years later, with performance clauses added to a new two-year deal that were not part of original discussions, upsetting the coach.


  1. NO. NO MORE OUTSIDERS. IT’S JIM DYMOCK OR DEAN PAY, NO ONE ELSE. What’s the bet it’s a media beat up and Des stays after next year? Can’t wait until Friday to see what happens. I will already guarantee that if Des goes home to Manly they will win the premiership his first year back just to rub it into the Dogs noses.

    • Canterburybankstownbulldog4eva ,,, im with you ,club culture is very important , Des just couldn’t ice the cake , Dymocks your answer he’s Blue and white all he way , I don’t believe Cleary or Carty is the answer , if they appoint Dymock the vibe in the place will go through the roof

      • Agreed. Des just needed to change the play style but he hasn’t done that and he needed to invest more into our juniors which he hasn’t done since 2012 unfortunately. I think he should go, get Jim Dymock as head coach, Terry Lamb as assistant coach and halves coach, Steve Mortimer as CEO of the club or appoint someone else and invest in our juniors again and get them some first grade time and not let them leave the club. We have some good kids from the under 20s right now, I hope they can see first grade soon.

        • No way should we go for Mick Potter. I know he played with us before and has tasted premiership glory but he can’t coach as well as he played. Dean Pay has coached under 20s before and he did okay I think and he has been an assistant coach overseas with Kevin Walters and has been assistant to Ricky Stuart for a while now. I think he is ready to begin a head coaching role.

  2. F*** off Cleary and Cartwright. Dogs should sign up Jim Dymock as head coach and Dean Payment as assistant coach

  3. Cleary I can understand, although he may not have played for the Dogs, I feel that he is a good enough coach that he can turn things around.

    Cartwright though? I would be filthy if I was Hasler if I was sacked and replaced with Cartwright.

    • We’re not that nuts to get Cartwright. If we get Cleary I won’t mind but I would much rather Dymock or Pay. Cleary done okay with the Panthers but he could do very well with our squad, roster and facilities but it should be someone who knows the club very well to be coach.

  4. The Dogs should be very careful when signing an ”insider” as a coach. Souths have had some ”insider” coaches over the years such as George Piggins, Frank Curry, Ken Shine, Craig Coleman, and Arthur Katinas. The only one that did any good was George Piggins.

    Take a look at the Dragons with their ”insiders”.

    Be very careful what you wish for, you may get it.

    • chalky

      “The only one that did any good was George Piggins.”

      George Piggins won coach of the year in his first year as a first grade coach and turned a rabble of mongrels into a team of gladiators that were feared by all other teams. Those were the days! Before RL got soft! 😉

      To be fair to Craig Coleman (another Clevo boy) he also didn’t have half the team that Madge or George were able to work with. The coaches you mentioned also only had lean pickings to turn into a genuine competitive RL side. Even the legendary Jack Gibson could only take Souths from the bottom of the ladder to 7th and 9th but not the finals. All I am saying coaches need decent talent as well as their own ability to be any chance of success.

      • We have one of the better rosters in the competition and Dymock can coach I reckon. He did at the end of 2011 and he got us playing great football along with a 60% winning rate. Now 5 years later he will have learnt a lot more about coaching from Des and I think he would make a real difference to the side!

  5. I’ll be disgusted with the club if they get Potter or Cartwright the blokes both have terrible records. Don’t sack the coach if you can’t get someone better. Cleary is the only option worth going for. The problem is lack of a ball playing half we need someone who can take control of a game unfortunately Foran was the last off contract player with that attribute. Might have to wait a year for some decent halves to come on the market. But definitely No to Potter and Cartwright.

  6. Have to say Des has struggled to bring in that top tier talent to get them over the top.i remember when Foran was first on the market.The obvious choice was for him to follow Des to the Dogs but he picked BA and went to Parra.Much like now when foran became available again it seems the Warriors have dibs this time round which I find really surprising.

    End of the day letting the menace go to the Sharks,big mistake.

    Not being able to secure a top tier half-back or stand-off and keeping a mundane awful style of footy may cost Des.

    I never understood why he kept Reynolds and let most of the attack run through him or why they were so content going round teams when they had the biggest pack in the comp.

    Smoke & Mirrors thats what Des has been playing the last 2 years the roster has digressed I think his spot as the coach isin real trouble.

  7. Sacking Hasler for Pay , Mortimer your a flog , Des took your club from nothing to finals footy within an off season , why don’t you put your hand up , tool

  8. While pay and dymock are probably popular choices being ex cb players.
    I think i would be ringing kevin walters, apart from bellamy,i cant think of a better coach to fit our club.
    He would be able to attract so many players being current qld coach, ex storm assistant coach.

  9. I’m ready to take on the head coach job @ the DOGS. Just pay me 200k and that way will have more cash to spend on talent, develop or buy… 😉

    • warriors2015

      In NRL history? Possibly. In the history of the gamer no.


      Wally Lewis (27 yrs) @ Wynnum-Manly
      Jack Rayner (28 yrs) @ South Sydney (1949)
      Clive Churchill (31 yrs) @ Souths (1958)
      Graeme Langlands (31 yrs) @ Dragons (1972)
      Wally Lewis (33 yrs) @ Gold Coast Seagulls (1992)


      Phil Gould (30 yrs) @ Bulldogs (1988)
      Nathan Brown (30 yrs) @ Dragons (2003)
      Bob Fulton (33 yrs) @ Eastern Suburbs Roosters (1980)
      Ivan Cleary (35 yrs) @ Warriors (2006)
      John Cartwright (42 yrs) @ Titans (2007)

      Clive Churchill (32 yrs) @ Australian National Coach (youngest)

      • warriors2015

        Nathan Brown (30 yrs) @ Dragons (2003) IS the youngest coach in NRL (not Rugby League) history.

  10. For what it’s worth, because I like the idea of the Doggies going backwards, I don’t get it. What exactly has he done / is he doing wrong? That said, sign a new coach and start again, all good, I’m a Parra supporter.

    • eelsalmighty

      If a big name coach like Hasler suddenly becomes available that will put a lot of pressure on coaches with struggling teams (particularly Taylor, McGregor, Barrett and Brown). That said, Cleary has been on the market for a while now and I’m surprised no club has made a move. Just as long as Madge and Arthur aren’t going anywhere right?

      • Spot on. I guess it’s just a different mindset / perspective. From my perspective, it’s a big hands off B.A / we should put a bronze statue of the man at the entrance to our new stadium, because I can see what’s he doing, and the potential etc. and some (dare i say, “spoiled club” supporters) it’s a case of we didn’t win the GF, so sack the coach.

        I know you understand that, even though we want / hope our respective clubs to do well every year.

        • eelsalmighty

          “we should put a bronze statue of the man at the entrance to our new stadium”

          And you haven’t won a premiership yet with him as coach so how do you think I (and I hope a lot of Souths supporters) feel about Madge?

          “dare i say, “spoiled club” supporters”

          Remember the phrase they use in investment and superannuation ads; “Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Success”.

          Unfortunately there are clubs who have enjoyed prolonged periods of success and expect that to always continue just because of the colour of the jersey the team wears. There are so many factors that go in to making a team competitive and successful in the NRL. Sporting eras come and go and our two clubs are prime examples of that. Just remember nothing lasts forever, except perhaps the loyalty of a few die hard fans! SSTID 😉

  11. But wait im really quite sure all those board members have achieved more than what hasler has achieved as a player and a coach ??? Pfttt
    If Ivan cleary signs he’s better off bring Moylan, bryce cartwright and nathan cleary those 3 players are better than the whole bulldogs back line and halves put together
    The bulldogs have lacked pace for years great decision signing branko lee they should have also signed koribete or lolohea

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