NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND - MAY 22: Glenn Stewart of Catalans Dragons during the First Utility Super League match between Wakefield Wildcats and Catalans Dragons at St James' Park on May 22, 2016 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. (Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images)

Catalans Dragons have released former Australia international forward Glenn Stewart just one year into his three-year contract for family reasons.

The 32-year-old back-rower has made 28 appearances for the Perpignan-based side after joining from South Sydney.

He will make his final home Super League appearance for the Dragons at the Stade Gilbert Brutus against Castleford on Saturday.

Stewart previously spent 12 seasons with Manly Sea Eagles.


    • +1

      Although his brother (Brett) could struggle to play at FB next year with Tommy Turbo in red hot form. If I was coaching at Manly Tom would be at FB and Walker would be in the centres (never in the halves), also I would find a way to have Apisai Koroisau involved (if not as starting hooker then as an impact player off the bench and in the halves to cover injury etc.) If Manly don’t want him I would love to see him back at Souths (straight swap for Farah, no questions asked). 😉

    • Great way to treat a player who helped Manly build their dynasty don’t you think? I know a lot of Manly supporters are still p*ssed about how he was treated. He should never have come to Souths though (a team he had hated so much), that was never going to work. My teenage son said he was one of the Dragons best player and asked to leave on compassionate grounds but I don’t follow super league so I wouldn’t know.

      • Catalans are 5th in the super 8’s but a long way behind and won’t get to play finals football.

        Their best players this year have been Bosc, Richards, Albert, Casty and Aiton. Carney and Inu were OK, Mason and Stewart flopped.

        Thing is, there is no such thing as loyalty anymore. You sell your time and skill and when the customer doesn’t want to buy anymore then you are out. The sooner we accept that fact the sooner we will all stop getting upset at these moves.

        • Cheers for the update. I’ll tell my son he was misinformed. After Stewart flopping at Souths I’m not at all surprised. Since leaving Manly he has only been looking for a pay day not passionate about his performance.

          About “no such thing as loyalty anymore” it may be true but it is a pity.

          The closest comparison to Stewart and Farah at Souths would be John Sutton… If he was dumped 3 games short of his 350 or shown the door instead of being given the option of playing for less (even as part of an extended squad) so he can at least see out his career at the same club, I am sure there would be an outcry amongst the Rabbitohs supporters.

          Players who have committed their whole career to one club and turned down offers elsewhere should be treated with a little more respect (especially if they have captained the club for a number of years).

          Sadly for Farah he didn’t help his cause with way he handled things but isn’t that why the NRL are giving clubs salary cap advantages for long term players to help players remain at the same club?

  1. Where will Bretty hide now that Glenn is back in Oz ?
    Just waiting for the Uate signing announcement so I can congratulate the Knights.

    • They should go back to the Dragons to finish their careers where they started. They didn’t start at Manly remember?

      As for Uate, he was great once but he hasn’t looked interested for years. Having failed badly at SOO I think his confidence never recovered.

      Look at Tommy Turbo and Ponga last night for the Cowboys, there are better young players coming through the system that excel on the wing and inject more energy than tired old veterans.

      Uate should play in super league where he can make an impact against lazy defence. I wouldn’t be so excited about announcing him as a signing. Manly would have done better to hang on to Cheyse Blair (look how he is playing now at the Storm).

      • Yeah I remember they were Illawarra boys.. funny that some manly trolls here bag the JV. The manly recruiting lately has been so poor it could be related to match fixing ! haha.
        Looking forward to the game today. Should be a cracker !!

        • Can’t wait! Truth be known, and not because of any bias against the other remaining teams, I would love to see one of these two win the comp playing the style of open and free football they are at the moment. I’m tired of seeing the game dominated by boring predictable structures and patterns of play that depend on gaining repeat sets from milking penalties, holding down defenders etc. I would much rather see the style of unpredictable, ad lib attack that the Raiders and Panthers are playing which can really unsettle boring, rigid structures.

          I was all in favour of the Sharks winning this year (for their long suffering fans sake and to get that monkey off their backs) but I think they peaked too soon and lost momentum just when they needed to find it (like the Raiders and the Panthers).

          Not long to go now!

      • Funny a Dragon fan laying claim to the heritage of the Stewart’s. Here’s a couple of facts you overlooked. First, when the brothers were started playing junior football they were in Steeler territory…only later claimed by the Dragons when they prostituted their proud history to merge. Second, the newly formed St.Merge offered Brett a contract but refused to sign Glenn, so they ended up together at Manly enjoying success at a club where their jersey matched their socks.

        • No one is ‘laying claim’ and no saints supporters here mate.
          But yeah you proved my point about bagging the joint venture.
          Does northern eagles ring a bell ?

    • Btw, if Souths could have a shot at signing Kalyn Ponga (Cowboys) I wish they would. He is a future star for sure! Cowboys of course should get first and final say and would be crazy to let him go.

        • That’s the real trick for all clubs isn’t it? Managing the salary cap and getting the balance right between signing higher valued proven players verses young raw talent that may or may not make it in the NRL.

          For example the Broncos wishing they hadn’t let Ash Taylor go and would now swap for Hunt (who is still a good player).

          Ponga and Hess should be priorities for the Cowboys along with Taumalolo. Thurston can’t play forever but while he can he is there first priority for sure. Morgan a loyal, local junior won’t be eager to leave (especially playing alongside JT) and Matt Scott is almost at the end of his career.

          The priorities as I see it for the Cowboys are (in order): Thurston, Taumalolo, Morgan, Ponga, Hess. Morgan is not asking for much and Ponga and Hess are still young and won’t be looking for too much either yet. That being the case I would be surprised if the Cowboys let these 3 slip through their fingers.

  2. Don’t know what to think of it all. Would take Glenn back in a heartbeat just because of everything he and snake done for the club, but also have to move forward and look to the future, it hurts to say but was hoping snake would leave and go finish his career over there with his brother, but now that won’t be happening. Could handle signing him for 1 year and let him play 2017 with Brett and then send them off like they deserve…

    • +1
      I respect loyalty and would feel the same if it were John Sutton. If Glenn was already at the club (like Farah at the Tigers) I am sure it would be a possibility (one more year together).

      However, with a new coach trying to implement a new roster and a new system it might be a tough ask to impose on him particularly as G. Stewart is returning to the club and was not there when Barrett arrived. I also think B. Stewart “snake” (on recent form) might find it hard to hold down a spot long term in any case. Tommy Turbo’s form simply demands him being picked at FB (although he has looked great in the centre as well).

      In hindsight snake may have played a year too long and could have played with his brother this year. At 32 and given lack of form for the last 2 years it will be hard for Glenn to even be considered by Manly IMO.

  3. I think if Glen was to come back it would lift Brett playing beside his brother again…Glen over Lewis Brown and Nate any day every day…Buhrer could need some help

    • Definetely think it would bring the best out of each other if they were both at manly, 1 last year together can’t hurt, snake will miss a big chunk through injury anyways and am sure gifty can still hold his own in the backrow, send them out together but doubt it will happen, be surprised if snake was at Ma it next year let alone Glenn

    • So, as Manly supporters would you guys play snake at FB and not Tom Trbojevic? I think that would be a mistake. If snake isn’t at FB would he be on the wing, or would you try him in the centres?

      Also, do you think snake could have made the transition to 5/8 given he played like one chiming into the backline during his career and he can tackle. Now that Green is coming to support DCE (and Api fills in at the halves) I guess we will never know?

      Also, I don’t think Manly are getting their money’s worth out of Taupau who is all “barge and bash” but falls off tackles and turns over the ball too easily and goes MIA when things get tough in the middle (an area where Lussick stepped up to the mark this year).

      Any thoughts?

      • Glenn should come back and slot into the backrow.
        Brett should play centers and replace Lyon with Walker as the other center.

        Blake green to 5/8
        DCE as half
        TT as fullback
        Parcell as Hooker

        Nate myles – go to some other sport.
        Taupau to the front row – just bash and barge.

        • Thanks.

          Sounds like a plan. Walker is a good centre but he is not a 5/8 at this point of his career.

          Do you think snake could have made the switch to 5/8 (like Lockyer) if he made it the change earlier? Do you think he could have made the transition.

          Personally I think a change will do him good.

          LMAO about your Miles comment.

          Taupau has to do more though surely? He likes to stir up feeling but goes MIA when things heat up IMO. Also seems to drop the ball too much. Judging from super coach it seemed like he could play more mins, especially for the $$’s he is on.

          And Apisai Koroisau? If Manly don’t want him can Souths have him back?

        • Walker is far from a 5/ and every time he plays there, you can see he is trying hard to play like a 5/8 – you can actually guess his game before he takes his run. Barrett was trying to go for the Morgan/Thurston-style of play but what Barrett doesn’t realise is that DCE is not Thurston. As much of a Manly fan that I am, Thurston is not someone that can be replicated.

          Stewart would have been an excellent 5/8 due to his understanding and read of the game including the defensive workload. Unfortunately, that move should have occurred 3 years ago at least.

          Myles has to go – injured all the time and doesn’t do much when he is on either. I’m hoping they make a play for Paul Vaughan from the raiders – he’s a very good player. Hopefully they can pick up Shaun Fensom too. If the pack looked like the below, I think we could really pack a punch.

          13. Fensom
          12. Buhrer
          11. Trebjovic
          10. Taupau
          9. Parcell
          8. Vaughan

          Api won’t have a spot next year – i think he may need to move on. Tom Wright will be back next season so I think it would be best to try start grooming him for the NRL. Look him up – gun 5/8

        • Glad to hear 2 Manly fans confirm what I was thinking, that snake would have possibly made a good 5/8. It was clear early on (what Souths fans already new) that Walker is no 5/8 but still Barrett persisted.

          The next obvious move was to move Lyon to 5/8 who had played there before and had a combination with DCE. I get the feeling he may have dug his heals in and resisted even though clearly he struggled at centre this year. When he eventually played there Manly looked good.

          I think Api did great in the halves (even though he is a hooker) but admittedly he doesn’t have a kicking game. Hope he comes back to Souths if he can’t get a run at Manly. He was one of the best 4 or 5 in the 2014 GF. Probably deserved to be ranked much higher considering he came into the team at the last minute and hadn’t played for 3 months!

          Vaughan and Fensom would go well in any team and definitely help Manly’s chances. Vaughan looked good tonight, not sure if Canberra are finished with him yet.

          I agree, the NRL IS finished with Myles though. Probably wouldn’t even get a run in English super league.

      • I think snake could of been a great 5/8th but will never know, I think if he is at manly he will he fullback, just because it is the only spot available, agreed turbo is way more effective at the moment but he is young and will wait, and walker and matai are walk up starters for centre if matai is still there, and I’m sure manly aren’t lying uate 250k to play reserves so he’ll be right wing, manly are just getting too many backs there that aren’t needed, unless they know snake and matai aren’t around next year, it definetely is a hard situation for us manly supporters who are loyal and want there favourite players not ripped off..

      • As a Manly supporter I wouldnt have either in 2017, I think both boys have more pressing off field matters to think bout. Tommy T is the future at fullback, Bretts knee is buggered and he would be a liability to play anywhere else than fullback.

  4. Stewart was the reason Walker left Souths , he kept telling him that it is a better club to be at, Stewart would be better off retiring.

  5. “Stewart would be better off retiring”

    “Stewart was the reason Walker left Souths”
    Actually I think it had more to do with his missing premiership ring that was supposed to be dropped in Sydney Harbour on a cruise and was found in a drug dealers hotel room in Darwin. That and the pre-season prescription drug party. It was his third and final warning. Souths did the same with Roberts while Brisbane turns a blind eye because he is a star player.

    Unfortunately, Souths, Canberra and Penrith are the clubs who consistently take action where action is required while other clubs just look for the opportunity to grab talent that has come on the market. The NRL should be de-registering serial or serious offenders until they can prove they have changed.

    That said, I would like to see Walker back at Souths one day, possibly Roberts too IF he can change.

  6. Agree with what you said although i didn’t know about Walkers ring, that is interesting, still it would be good to get back our juniors for sure, also clubs like Easts and Manly always sign the ratbag players thinking they can turn them around, it’s something that we have to put up with i guess

    • Yeah. I was joking at the time I heard the story about it being dropped in the harbour that Thurston (at that time desperate for a premiership ring) would be scuba diving at the bottom of Sydney harbour looking for it! LOL

      I was thinking how could that ever happen? Seriously? Holding it up admiring it while you are leaning over a boat in Sydney harbour? It wouldn’t happen.

      I think they tried to keep it in house (as all clubs tend to) or perhaps they genuinely had no idea at the time. Then there was a story on the news about it turning up in a dingy hotel room in Darwin. Somehow I don’t think someone had the 10 mill. to 1 chance of finding it in Sydney Harbour while scuba diving with sharks!

      In any case when the prescription drug scandal hit Walker was already on his last chance (Gray’s first offence) and it was accidental. Everyone went overboard accusing Souths of dumping him for Sam Burgess which I believe wasn’t the case. Perhaps if Souths had been allowed to sign Sam Burgess for his original $500K (like the Broncos could sign Parker, Gillett and Roberts for the same $$’s) then we wouldn’t have lost McQueen but Walker left for disciplinary reasons. Hope he sorts himself out and comes back some day and McQueen also.

      McQueen was absolute class when interviewed about it. Pity we never gave him a shot in the centres or on the wing where he played some of his best football for us.

    • G. Stewart to the Knights? Poor Knights. Surely you can pay less for some guy to run the water bottle out because that’s all he did at Souths!

      If he actually has a go then good luck Knights but…

      What am I talking about… it’s a “..believe that” comment so it won’t happen.

      Did you read my reply to your comment:


      Why do you always wait until a thread is dead and no one is watching to get in a cheap shot? I’ve noticed you seem to like to be despised. Can’t you try to make a positive contribution for a change? And don’t make these claims out of left field that never come true you’re just setting yourself up. Or is that the point, you crave the attention?

      If you want to go toe to toe come in early when an article when everyone is watching and see how you go.

  7. Firstly, what people are forgetting is Myles signing was influential in DCE backflip, so I’m happy he is in the team even though he should be in SL
    Secondly, I don’t think Barrett knows what he is doing with taupau. He started on the edge, then moved to the middle, then finished the season on the edge. He needs to play 60 minutes. Not on until the 25th minute and then you don’t see him again till the 60th minute.
    Thirdly, if snake is mentally fit for 2017 then he is our fullback. He is a champion and let’s see what he is made of
    Lastly, it would be just good to see how they go with the same team out there for consecutive weeks. Our defence has issues but this could be down too different teams every week. I’m also interested to see how Api, parcel combo goes at hooker, I think they only played together at hooker twice in 2016

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