Jayden Nikorima will be handled with care according to Warriors coach Nathan Brown, per Stuff.

The 24-year-old, who is on a train and trial contract with the Warriors, has impressed the coach after returning for preseason.

Nikorima is looking to restart his rugby career after he failed a drug test for the second time, and was subsequently shown the door by the Roosters.

He was playing for Redcliffe in the Queensland Cup before the season was cancelled due to the pandemic, and Brown says that it's a sign his life is back on track.

“Jayden was an extremely talented player as a kid.

“I was in England when he was at his height as a young player, and he went to the Roosters as a key signing for them, but obviously things away from the field didn’t work out for him.

“Talking to Jayden now and other people, he’s certainly got his life away from footy sorted out.

“Between us and Redcliffe, we’ve provided an him an opportunity to get his career going again.

“He’s only 24, he’s certainly very hungry and he’s got talent. The key for everyone and Jayden included, is not to expect too much early, because he basically hasn’t played for three years.

“If he can have a good preseason with us and then build on the back of that, then where could he get to?”

Brown cited the example of Cody Walker, who used his experience in the Queensland Cup to kick on in the NRL a little later than most.

“We’ve seen plenty of middle or later aged players lately come out of the Queensland Cup and in the NRL and carve out good careers, none more than Cody Walker, he didn’t hit his straps until he was 25, 26.

“Cody has shown that for players who don’t get themselves sorted early in their careers, if they get themselves sorted and knuckle down and train hard, if they’ve got the talent they can make it.

“We’re quite hopeful with Jayden, but we’re prepared to be steady and slow with him.

“He’s training well at the moment and he’s very keen, so there’s no reason why he can’t be a mature aged player who comes back from nowhere and forges a career in the NRL.”