BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: David Fifita of the Broncos is tackled during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on September 9, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The Broncos are in the process of forming a $3 million deal set to make David Fifita the wealthiest teenager in club history, after the youngster's Bali saga places Brisbane in prime position to secure his talents.

As reported by The Courier-Mail, the Broncos are on the verge of giving the rising star an extension worth $750,000 per season, built around a minimum four-year term.

The juicy contract would make the 19-year-old the highest paid teenager in club history, surpassing the $3.4 million deal that was given to Payne Haas across a six-year span.

Fifita's signature was sought out by several rival clubs, including the Roosters, Rabbitohs, Warriors and Titans.

The news comes after the youngster found himself imprisoned for three days in Bali, after it was alleged that he assaulted a local security guard.

Fifita, who has set a high playing standard during his 35-game career, returned to Brisbane after a financial settlement of around $50,000 was given to the alleged victim. The Broncos organised a lawyer to broker the compensation and have Fifita return home.

Before the tumultuous situation occurred, the Broncos knew they could safely secure the Queensland Origin star's signature, despite learning that he could be offered close to $1 million per season if he went to the open market.

The club's actions in a dire moment would have given the rising star plenty of confidence to return to the Broncos.

Broncos winger Corey Oates preached, "I hope Dave doesn't go to Sydney".

"I don't know what it is about the Broncos but it's a great club for players. It's hard to move away from a club like the Broncos with their professionalism and what they do for their players.

"Everyone is going to throw massive coin at an up and coming star like Dave, he has shown a lot of talent, but hopefully he sees what I see at the Broncos and stays here for a long time.

"He would be appreciative of what the Broncos have done for him the last few days. Putting Bali aside, you get looked after in every department by the Broncos.

"I honestly feel this group is getting on well together too. We are similar ages and if guys like Dave stay, it will help us win a comp."

While featuring in all three State of Origin games for Queensland this year, Fifita became the first player born this century to feature in the NRL when he debuted last year as an 18-year-old.

Fifita's teammate at the Maroons, Felise Kaufusi said he hoped the dynamic forward continues his career with the Broncos.

"I think Dave should stay at the Broncos," Kaufusi said.

“I’m not too sure what clubs are chasing him but the key for Dave is where he feels comfortable and happy playing his football, and if that’s at the Broncos, he should stick around.

“If he feels he needs to get out of his comfort zone, then he might look around, but he will only get better as a player at the Broncos.

“He is going to be a superstar of the game. I had time with him in Origin camp this year and I was really impressed with his attitude and his willingness to learn.”


  1. Bwhahahah……Bwahahaha.!!!!!
    BennyHill have you confirmed his signature yet?

    David’s manager has put an off to Souths which Souths have agreed to and all that remains is when Sir Wayne returns from o’seas will sit with David to make sure he is making the right choice.
    Unlike the sombreros, Sir Wayne always puts the player’s welfare before anything else which is why he is respected so highly.
    David Fifita will sign with Souths.

  2. BennyHill , BTW Latrell Mitchell will no longer be running out wearing the the french copied coloured clown suit with the petrified turkey emblem.
    His career at the cap sombreros is finished.
    Sayonara suckers.

  3. Broncos winger Corey Oates preached, “I hope Dave doesn’t go to Sydney”.
    Sombrero poster and resident ZT nutcase BennyHill preached “Bwhahahah……Bwahahaha.!!!!!”

  4. You’d have to be extremely naive to think that Fifita was going anywhere, once the Broncos bailed him out of that Bali business. That was playing right into their hands.

  5. As the Balinese security guard has suddenly become the richest man in his village, & goes shopping locally for some gold bling (made in china) The police superintendant quietly counts his paltry $10k slice of Aussie cash & rues the decision of not asking for $50k +.

  6. So my take from that story is Fafita got in trouble in Bali so the Broncos told him we will make it go away if you re-sign with us.
    The Broncos shell out 50 grand that won’t go on their cap and get to keep Fafita for far less than what other clubs are offering him.
    The usual Broncos/Greenberg action of lift sweep repeat.

  7. do you listen to the rubbish that spews from your mouth kev? do you honestly think the broncos would lower themselves and say “we will make it go away if you re sign”? only a moron would believe that ANY club would do that.

  8. Clever Broncos management play on Fifitas heart strings making him feel obligated to resign after being saved by the club from a Bali jail. Not a great msg to young RL players, smack over a bouncer from a scooter then get a monster contract


  9. Look at TWlT.0NES comments above, a CL🤡WN is still in denial of facts.

    Get it through your thick melon, that no good players are attracted to the sinking rabbit organisation.

    Fifita and Mitchell 100% will not be in the cardinal pell red and snot green colours ever…..Guaranteed.

  10. The way payments are heading in the NRL Fifita and his manager would have rocks in their heads to sign a long term deal at only $750K per year.

  11. BennyHill who are you trying to convince, me or yourself?
    Do you think if you post the same nonsense 100 times it will happen?
    Repeat after me……
    Latrell will never play for my redneck sombreros ever again.
    Latrell will never play for my redneck sombreros ever again.

  12. I do not expect Mitchell to put on a Roosters jersey again. But you thi k he is going to Soufths when he is Not.

    Repeat after me……
    Latrell will never play for my dud transitlounge Soufths sombreros ever again.
    Latrell will never play for my dud transitlounge soufths sombreros ever again.

  13. Bwahahahahaha……Bwahahahaha

    Like I said soufths only by dud players and good players stay well clear of rabbit contract conversation.


    Get it in your Melon TWlT0NE, Mitchell and Fifita will 100% not be playing with Soufth.

  14. With Fifita and Mitchell signing with Souths the already massive membership is expected to surpass 35,000 and possibly beyond 40,000 as many pundits confidently predict.
    On the other hand we have the membership struggling, undesirable roosters who despite fumbling 2 recent premierships, were unable to lift their membership above 3rd last in the NRL past 5 years.
    Now with Cronk moving on to head coach and Latrell Mitchell (2 biggest drawcards) walking away the roosters understandably are in stress and panic mode with their already dismal following to be further decimated to have them sitting at the bottom.
    Desperate measures are required and work should be put in to improving the image of this sad organisation.
    Relocation would be a sensible option.

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