Brisbane Broncos assistant coach Lee Briers has admitted that he has the ambition to one day earn a head coaching position in the NRL.

As multiple coaches fight to keep their position as their team's respective head coach, several vacant spots could soon open up across the competition

While the likes of Mal Meninga, Josh Hannay, Michael Maguire, and Ben Hornby are just a few names that have been linked with a head coaching job, another individual has put their name in the hat.

A former Super League player turned assistant coach, Lee Briers has disclosed he wants to become a head coach in the NRL in the near future.

Beginning his coaching career as an assistant at the Wigan Warriors, Briers joined the Brisbane Broncos as their attacking coach ahead of the 2023 NRL season - he was a key member in seeing them make the Grand Final.

“With coaching, there aren't many jobs out there but my ambition is to be a head coach whether that be in the NRL or Super League,” Briers told the BBC 5 Live podcast.

“All I can keep doing is keep getting that experience and wait until that job comes. I'm not in a rush, I could be an assistant for the rest of my life.

“But I'm ready now, I'm ready to be a head coach if that's now or in a few years time. I love it at the Broncos and I'm learning how to manage.”

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Before his coaching career began, Briers played 432 games in the Super League from 1997 to 2013, with 425 of those appearances coming from his time at the Warrington Wolves.

Having made an instant impression at the Brisbane Broncos, Briers revealed the difference between working in the NRL and the Super League.

“There are a lot of big stars in the NRL, it's a different beast so you are dealing with a different type of player," he added.

"With superstars comes egos and there are different things you've got to manage.

“I know how to coach rugby league but the key being any boss in any environment is the man management of your staff and the people you employ so I'm learning loads about that.

“The jobs has to fit me, I'm not going to walk into any job. It's got to be the right one because at the moment I'm in the best place to learn.”