TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 27: Manly coach Trent Barrett looks on at the post match media conference at the end of during the round 16 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Manly Sea Eagles at 1300SMILES Stadium on June 27, 2016 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

Manly Sea Eagles chief executive Lyall Gorman says he does not feel coach Trent Barrett wants to leave the club to head to Penrith.

A report from News Corp said Barrett’s manager Wayne Beavis was instructed to send a legal letter to Gorman speaking of his concern about Manly’s level of resources.

Rumours have begun to circulate that Barrett would be interested in returning to Penrith as the head coach, having served as an assistant to Anthony Griffin at the Panthers, although that was denied by GM Phil Gould.

Gorman declined to confirm if Barrett would coach the Sea Eagles next season. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Gorman said “We’re not going to speculate either way. We’re not going to give this energy to continue in the public forum.”

“If we’ve ever got an announcement to make about an individual to do with our club, we’ll make it at an appropriate time in conjunction with that individual … no matter whether it’s me, Trent, the chairman [Scott Penn], whoever it is.”

Barrett’s Manly side sit 12th on the NRL ladder, just two points off the bottom-placed Cowboys with three games to go in the season.



  1. Easy decision, Trent don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out…Welcome back Tooves!…who was ridiculously sacked while trying to steer Manly out of the mess that Des Hasler created with the same lack of resources that Trent is whinging about. What happens if Trent gets a gig at Penrith with all the trimmings he desires and still doesn’t get results…it will be a very short coaching career

    “Geoff Toovey has put his hand up as a left-field candidate for the Manly coaching position, and suggested Des Hasler would also be interested.”
    Welcome back 2v (or Des)

  3. The only coaches with current employment in the NRL with proven success are Bennett, Bellamy, Robinson, Flanagan and Green. The rest are unproven and lack experience and consistency with one club. Maybe Barrett, Cleary and MacGregor can coach – but not from where I sit.

  4. The way I read it, both parties know Barrett is extremely unlikely to be at Manly next year.

    Barrett wants a head coach job to go to, and if he could get that he’d ask for a release, and Manly wouldn’t have to pay him out, so it’s in Manly’s best intrests too.

    Barrett’s chances of being offered a head coach position from an NRL club would have to be very remote, so maybe SL, or an assistant NRL coaches job, in either case with a partial payout is the answer.

    If he’s genuinely really dirty on Manly he may well wait for the sacking, and take the enevitable demotion at the end of the payout period (assuming he has the “can’t work during the period payout period clause in his contract”, otherwise that would be the “and bring it on option”).

      • “Truck him”. You know you could lose the Kleenex contract, and it would upset Holmsey.

        Are you sure?

        • Righto boys haha enough with the banter bout me being a sook haha. If I came across like that I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, it was more so to a couple of select d.ckheads I won’t name. You Eels boys are pretty good and knowledgeable. Went a bit far with that rant as I said was not aimed at the majority just 2 or 3.

        • All good Holmsey.
          I was just having a bit of a dig mate. Friendly banter. I know you’ll back Trent, because he is / maybe has been, a part of Manly, but I do think he’s gone.
          The dig was sort of a compliment too. I know, as most on ZT do, you’re about as loyal to Manly as any supporter could be, but at the same time it does make you a tad too optimistic at times, hence the dig.

        • P.S Holmsey, the “Kleenex” comment wasn’t aimed at you. It was an old reference to Barrett’s presser after your loss in the finals last year, which I’m sure you remember.

  5. He should be sacked immediately. Once you threaten the club in the manner that has been reported (possibly wrong too), the club needs to sack him. He is setting a bad example for the players.

    ‘If you’re not happy about something, call a lawyer or threaten them you will quit’

    Barrett’s position at Manly should no longer exist.

  6. If this news about Barrett is true that’s really disappointing. I respect that he has bad a rough induction to first grade coaching and a big mess thrown at him but still as perfectly put by Tooves this club has had the same resources as it did during the golden era and won premierships and made countless finals. Resources are not an excuse and neither is our roster because it’s a bloody good one and shoukd sit a lot higher on the ladder. Especially with 3 origin reps, 2 new Zealand internationals, 2 of these guys being a part of our spine. It’s not good enough and I believe Barrett is a good NRL but not a good Manly coach.

    I badly want Tooves back, watching him on fox he wants the job and sounded like he knew what the club needed which was some more leadership. Des as a back up plan but we need one of these two. Put some passion and pride and some manly back in this jersey. Tooves please come home!

    • Tooves is your answer, assuming he and Manly can get passed the history, which I think they should be able to do.
      I like Tooves, even though he was good for Manly, but Des? I had a lot of respect for him, and I’m not saying I don’t know, but when I look at the Dogs situation, if he had a serious part in that, and it’s hard to think he didn’t, then that’s just too over the top.

    • “On topic I hope Baz doesn’t leave. Personally I think he has the makings of a great coach but he suffers from a club who have poor management and can’t get away from the papers even when winning. Good on ya Trent for sticking solid. We will be premiership bound in no time you’ve built a strong squad.”

      You said that 4 days ago about Trent. Make your mind up.

  7. My mail is Des will be back. He gets on well with the Penns and will work off a shoe string budget as he has done in the past. Excluding his salary of course.

  8. Personally happy if Barrett stays, but not the end of the world if he leaves..
    I feel it’s just a way Tibet better facilities around the place, which certainly won’t hurt..
    If baz is to leave, there is only 1 person that should be chased..
    Tooves has to be back.. yes des is a good coach and would probably help, but he left badly, with his announcement and the salary cap, and that’s not without what he done to dogs cap.. we can’t go through this again..
    Tooves will bring that passion back and has the respect around manly that is needed to succeed..

  9. As a long term Penrith tragic I would be ahgast (that’s flabbergasted to you roosters fans) to have a manly reject at the base of the mountains.
    Not sure if it is Barret himself or the fact that he coaches the seaswans but I could not bare the thought of my beloved panthers being molested in this way. 🤓🤓🤓

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