SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES - APRIL 03: Bryce Cartwright of the Panthers celebrates with team mate Dallin Watene-Zelezniak after scoring the winning try during the round five NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Penrith Panthers at Pirtek Stadium on April 3, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

With SuperCoach now open for 2018, we have set up a series of competitions.

Following the incredible response to last year, we have seven 20-team competitions for the season including a comp for first-time players and a competition for those who like to interact and banter.

Use the league codes below to sign up for a league:

Zero Tackle League 1 – 654645

Zero Tackle League 2 – 799136

Zero Tackle League 3 – 274338

Zero Tackle Rookies (first and second-year players only please) – 714906

Zero Tackle Pros (experienced/serious players please) – 532229

Zero Tackle Twitter (people who want to interact on Twitter please) – 459978

Zero Tackle Trash Talkers (those who want to banter) – 346838

Throughout the season I’ll be providing updates on how my side istravellingg, offering any advice I can and generally proving that I have no idea when it comes to the platform.

Below is the very early draft of the side I intend to run with in 2018. It will likely change, especially as young players are named closer to round one, but for now this is the side that will leave you all playing for second spot.

Please feel free to share any comments, challenges or snippets of your side in the comments below.


J. Tedesco ($599,700) C. Watson ($286,700)

Tedesco was literally the first player I chose and an absolute no brainer. I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t end up in at least half of the SuperCoach sides before round one. Considering his incredible record in a struggling Tigers side, his points now have unlimited potential. He’ll score more tries off the back of more experienced halves and don’t be surprised if more like breaks turn into tries also.

Connor Watson is a personal favourite of mine and should see some consistent points early on, but if a cheaper option becomes available I’ll certainly look at it. My hope is he starts his Newcastle tenure on absolute fire, goes up to around $350,000 and I can upgrade then.


L. Mitchell ($483,100)
D. Nofoaluma ($563,600)
J. O’Neill ($297,600)
T. Milne ($192,800)
P. Hiku ($297,100)
D. Whare ($257,400)
J. Isaako ($192,800)

The line-up here is almost certain to change as cheaper players are named closer to kick off. Latrell Mitchell and David Nofoaluma are absolute locks here though. Both will have huge seasons with Mitchell set to benefit from Cooper Cronk’s arrival, as well as likely kicking duties.

If Taane Milne is named, as expected, then he’s an absolute must have at such a cheap price. He’ll score reasonably well and will skyrocket in value. Justin O’Neill looks incredibly cheap at that price after a low scoring 2017. Surely that improves this season, although he may be moved out if a cheaper option presents itself.

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Hiku and Whare also look very cheap and look set for starting positions. Either Whare or O’Neill will make way, although I’m liking Hiku at that price. Isaako is the most likely to win the wing spot vacated by Corey Oates. If named, another must have as he’ll see a huge price rise.


M. Moylan ($526,100)
B. Cartwright ($260,300)

Without a doubt, the most controversial choice in the line-up is the largely untested (in the halves) Matt Moylan. I’ve been very vocal in my belief that he will have a career-best season and I’m putting my SuperCoach money where my mouth is. Expect plenty of try assists and tackle breaks as increased workload will see his base stats fly. There are undoubtedly safer options available but I’m riding this wave.

Bryce Cartwright, if named in the starting side come round one, will be in almost every SuperCoach side in the competition. Do not miss out. Don’t let a horror 2017 worry you, this is 100% worth the risk. Remember his incredible 2016 season and take into account the injuries and off-field distractions that saw his minutes and output harshly drop last year. If he fires he can literally double in price.


J. Thurston ($536,300)
L. Croker ($164,600)

I’m backing the returning Johnathan Thurston to out-point Shaun Johnson, although I suspect many others will go with the Kiwi ace given Thurston is returning from injury. On the back of Jason Taumalolo and Michael Morgan brilliance, as well as the returning Scott and the newly arrived Jordan McLean, I expect the Thurston-led Cowboys to fly in 2018. Thurston will top 20 try assists and will kick a mountain of goals. Pretty much a must-have player.

If Lachlan Croker is named as the five-eighth for Manly, then he’ll be owned by the majority of SuperCoach teams. He’s a freakish talent who will likely play 80 minutes in a side who can score plenty of points. No-brainer.

Second Row

P. Gallen ($674,900)
J. Taumalolo ($668,400)
J. Trbojevic ($651,000)
J. Arrow ($308,800)
N. Butcher ($192,800)
L. Leilua ($177,300)

Last season I tried to find value in the back row and paid the price. I’ve loaded up on the three best players in the position. Paul Gallen, Jason Taumalolo and JakeĀ Trbojevic are pick and stick. I’ll rotate the captaincy between Gallen and Taumalolo based on matchups, but if there are no injuries (and assuming Trbojevic is ready to go in round one) then I won’t even look at these. If Jake suffers further injury set up, then Sam Burgess is an option.

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Jai Arrow has moved to the Gold Coast and is likely to be handed the lock role. He will make a mountain of tackles and runs and at just over $300k looks like very good value. Butcher and Leilua will be two of the most popular players in the game if they are named, as expected. Both have huge wraps, incredible talent and are set to see their value go through the roof.

Front Row

R. James ($530,100)
A. Fifita ($570,000)
M. Lodge ($209,900)
B. Uele ($177,300)

Ryan James is set to move out wide into the back row and I expect to see his attacking stats rise as a result. He probably won’t make as many tackles as he did in the middle of the park, but you’ll likely see more offloads and tackle breaks. I’d be surprised if his try tally didn’t go up being that he’ll be target running at smaller defenders as he did in 2016.

Andrew Fifita is the most destructive forward in the game. On his day he can record three or four tackle breaks and an offload in one run. Another risky one as he can get give away penalties and possession but another wave I’m willing to ride. I enjoy the dizzying highs that will hopefully make the lows more tolerable.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll run with Matt Lodge yet. Time will tell. In Uele I’m chasing a bottom dollar bench forward. He has the size and talent to push for a spot in the Sharks 17 but if a more reliable option comes up, I’m very much open.


D. Cook ($378,100)
C. Garvey ($177,300)

I’ve committed the number one sin in SuperCoach by not selecting Cameron Smith. I will regret it, I know it and you know it but I’m hoping Damien Cook goes ballistic early on after being named the sole number nine for the Bunnies. If he isn’t then I’ll have to move this around to bring either Smith or another 80-minute player in.

Whoever the Canberra starting hooker is, that is the player I’m placing on the bench. Craig Garvey looks the favourite but whoever is chosen will be a near automatic selection. Even if he only plays 40/50 minutes, at that price it’s worth a shot. He’ll have some early price rises at very least.


  1. Is it just me or do others find “supercoach” an impractical I.T application?

    It looks pretty and high tech, but has less features and is a nightmare to operate from an IPad (mine at least). I set up an account last year for the purpose of joining a ZT group, but pulled out (closing my account so as not to affect others) before the start of the season, because it was horrendous to operate (at least compared to the NRL fantasy comp). I set an account up again today (on a desktop) and I can’t even get into it on my IPad tonight.

    I’d join a ZT NRL fantasy comp. but I’m not going to play “supercoach”.

    P.S, ZT if you’ve got affiliations with the DT, I’m sorry, wipe this post and I will understand, if not will you be doing an NRL fantasy league?

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