With the 2018 season drawing nearer, we will begin to look at how each team is shaping up for the season ahead. Today, we dissect the defending premiers; The Melbourne Storm – and what their best 17 looks like.

Melbourne Storm 2018 Player Movements

2018 Gains
Tom Eisenhuth (2020), Ryan Hoffman (New Zealand Warriors, 2018), Cooper Johns (2018), Sam Kasiano (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2020), Patrick Kaufusi (North Queensland Cowboys, 2019), Kayleb Milne (2020), Ryan Papenhuyzen (Wests Tigers, 2020), Junior Ratuvu (2018), Marion Seve (Brisbane Broncos, 2020), Albert Vete (New Zealand Warriors, 2020), Billy Walters (2019)
2018 Losses
Jesse Arthars (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Dean Britt (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Cooper Cronk (Sydney Roosters), Charlie Galo (released), Slade Griffin (Newcastle Knights), Tohu Harris (New Zealand Warriors), Jeremy Hawkins (released), Vincent Leuluai (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Jordan McLean (North Queensland Cowboys), Nate Myles (retired), Mark Nicholls (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Robbie Rochow (Wests Tigers), Jake Turpin (Brisbane Broncos)
Josh Addo-Carr (2021), Nelson Asofa-Solomona (2023), Cheyse Blair (2020), Jesse Bromwich (2022), Kenneath Bromwich (2020), Will Chambers (2020), Brodie Croft (2020), Dale Finucane (2021), Jahrome Hughes (2021), Ryley Jacks (2019), Felise Kaufusi (2022), Billy Slater (2018), Brandon Smith (2022), Joe Stimson (2019), Suliasi Vunivalu (2020), Christian Welch (2019)
Off Contract 2019
Tino Fa'asuamaleaui, Tui Kamikamica, Patrick Kaufusi, Joe Stimson, Billy Walters, Christian Welch
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2018 Predicted Lineup

  1. Billy Slater
  2. Suliasi Vunivalu
  3. Curtis Scott
  4. Will Chambers
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. Cameron Munster
  7. Brodie Croft
  8. Jesse Bromwich
  9. Cameron Smith ©
  10. Tim Glasby
  11. Felise Kaufusi
  12. Ryan Hoffman
  13. Dale Finucane
  14. Brandon Smith
  15. Sam Kasiano
  16. Kenny Bromwich
  17. Nelson Asofa-Solomona

Reserves: Pat Kaufusi, Cheyse Blair, Jahrome Hughes, Ryley Jacks.

Coach: Craig Bellamy

The Big Question: Is Brodie Croft a ready-made replacement for the departing Cooper Cronk?

Predicted Finish: 3rd

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  1. Why do all these ‘experts’ have Klemperer playing lock ? Him and woods are the new and aus frontrow but they all have tolman starting at 10 before him. Just wondering your guys thoughts on this

    • Wow posted in wrong article and can’t find the one I was on lol sorry but yea still would like anyone’s input

      • Thats easy and I’m a Storm supporter. Tolman has been a strong and reliable No10 for so long but is not suited to No13 It’s called having your best on the field

        • What Billy says, plus Tolman wouldn’t add much from the bench and I’m not sure one f our bench would make a better lock. The way we played last year was really a middle 3 forwards anyway

        • I still don’t think tolman is in our best 13 tbh. Offers nothing in attack at all except a waste of a tackle ( which was good for desball). I’d have him at lock and tell him to just tackle kind of like a David staff type of player or I’d get rid of him completely. Last year he was shocking but in saying that our whole team was under des Hasler. Tolman was a good player at Melbourne just hope he can get back to that

  2. No need to get all Kaufusi about it. You can sing ‘My Bellamy’ in your Croft, or Chambers, but you Munster agree as I Addo-Carr you do that to with the selected team? Just be Glasby you got Asofa to sit on pal.

  3. I can see by the end of the season it being an all Kaufusi second row with Stimson on the bench
    Hoffy is a legend but is getting older. It is awesome to have him help the next generation transition

  4. Yeah I was thinking near that hole list
    1 Slater
    2 Vunivalu
    3 Chambers
    4 Scott
    5 Addo-Carr
    6 Munster
    7 Croft
    8 Bromwich
    9 Smith
    10 Asofa-Solomona
    11 Kaufusi
    12 Hoffman
    13 Finucane

    14 K Bromwich /B Smith
    15 Stimson
    16 Glasby
    17 Kasiano
    I Love hoff but I really hope By the end of the season Stimson makes 12 his own. And I think we will have 3 Blues this year Addo-Carr, Scott an Finucane. Let’s go Melbourne 🤙🏽

    • Don’t worry anyways, won’t need the depth you think. Cause none of those blokes you baked are playing for nsw.. and don’t deserve it. Ado-Carr be the closest, but won’t make the team

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