When the Australian National Anthem played before the start of the All Stars match, the Indigenous All-Stars refused to sing along. It provoked a storm of protest, with captain Cody Walker and immortal Mal Meninga calling for change.
Walker recounts the uncomfortable feeling of the anthem being played, claiming it does not represent himself or his family.
His team triumphed to a 34-14 win over the Maori All-Stars in Melbourne, in front of 18,802 spectators. Whilst Advance Australia fair was being performed, the spectators were mainly silent.
This was a different case in contrast to the Maori Side, who gave an inspiring performance of God Defend New Zealand, representing both the native and inhabitants of New Zealand with performances in English and Maori.
Walker was asked if he was comfortable at the time, he told ABC:

"To be honest, no," he said.

"It just brings back so many memories from what's happened and I think everyone in Australia needs to get together and work something out.

"It doesn't represent me and my family."

Walker encourages Australians to reconsider the use of the anthem and make a decision that suits the interests of the Indigenous community.

"I don't have the answer, but we as a group probably need to come together and as a country, we need to come together and make some sort of decision together," he said.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, immortal Mal Meninga has called for a referendum, concerning the future of the anthem.

"I can't see any reason why we can't ask all of Australia once again what is a true and contemporary song for Australia now," Meninga said.

"Let's have a referendum."

Meninga says the anthem was enshrined to the public under the Nation's consent after it was selected as the national song from a survey in 1974. He says now is the time Australia should have another discussion about changing the anthem.

"That all came about through the nation's consent," Meninga wrote.

"And while the Indigenous population has been talking about Advance Australia Fair for a long time, I cannot see why there can't be a debate about it again now.

"Times have changed since the last decision was made. We've had major decisions around Indigenous Australia, such as native title recognition and cultural heritage being revived.

"We've had the national Sorry Day so Australians — all Australians — are very aware of our national history, maybe more aware than they were before.

"So we can have a national debate and let the people of Australia have their say.

"If we have a national anthem that offends our Indigenous people, let's see what all of Australia thinks.

Meninga and Walker have both been at the centre of divided controversy, but have gained an influx of support from the Indigenous community.


  1. Well it is nothing new. I have posted on here before asking why Aboriginal players never sing the National Anthem and was shot down in flames saying it was not true. Well I guess these facts prove I was true.
    Look why they don’t want Australia to advance and continuing to be the luckiest and best country on Earth is beyond me. They can not call the government racist because we have dark skinned people flooding our country with the Indian and African populations who are excepting of our beautiful national anthem “Advance Australia Fair” as their Anthem when they become Australian Citizens.

    Personally it is and indigenous battle that has been pass down from generation to generation to spray their prejudice against the white man. Remember some trouble makers of these wonderful Australians claim Australia day should be Invasion Day. We came in peace and showed them how the civilized world lives. We came in convict ships not with an army of unbelievable fire power that wiped them of the cotenant. Sure the White man made some mistakes in treating them with dignity but that is not the same in todays society. They have and are given as much respect as every other nationality that calls Australia Home. Mal Meningah your not even an Aboriginal so shut your protesting gob you silly Kanak.🎱🎱🎱🎱

  2. Disrespectful.
    They don’t deserve to have this game every year.
    Scrap it or change it to Maori v Island nations (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and PNG combined).
    Would make for a game worth watching.

  3. I don’t get it. The anthem says “Australians ALL let us rejoice”, surely the ALL part or the Australians part represents him, his family and his people who we call the first Australians.
    Don’t want to sound like a ignorant white blank but what am I missing? Can someone explain this to me.

  4. He says the anthem doesn’t represent him and it’s not part of his ” culture ” . Well before colonization there was no rugby league or money for that matter, so perhaps he can return the salary he collects.

  5. Yeah the indigenous fought by the whites side in both wars even though they were still considered fauna or floral the same as a dog or any animals. Despite fighting with the Australian army 170 aboriginals were massacred in 1926 because a white dingo hunter went missing so they blamed the indigenous…
    Aborigines weren’t considered human until 1968 think about that 1968 that’s not that long ago. They allowed us to vote and to earn equal wage. Even though it was law to pay equally to the aborigines our wages were taken by up to 80% because the whites hated the idea of a aboriginal getting the same as him..
    1976: Aborigines were legally allowed to own land. Think about that finally allowed to own our own land..
    I’ve seen to much racism in my life and I’m only in my 30s white Australia is very much alive just look at the responses on this article
    Sing our white song or we will take the game off you. Do what we say and shut up if that’s not racist I don’t know what is me I love white black brown yellow anybody who is a good person but I can’t stand closed minded imbecile. Maybe it’s just the way you were brought up but you owe to yourselves to look into the history with an open mind. Maybe you’ll feel some sort of pain for my peoples pain and suffering then you might think twice about whining because no one believed in a bogus anthem

  6. I can understand him saying it’s not part of his culture, Indigenous Australians have never lived with a national anthem nor a flag come to think of it. Each tribe lived under their own “totem”.
    But it would seem they have adopted a flag so why not give them the anthem they want.
    I don’t have a problem with that but what I do have a problem with is, if anyone, from whatever race, ethnic origin – whatever you want to call it, has a problem representing their country for any reason then step aside and make room for someone who is proud to represent ALL Australians. If the captain can’t do it, move him on, if the Australian coach has a problem, move him on.
    Look at the pride and emotion on the faces of the New Zealand players, call me deaf, but I didn’t hear one complaint, nothing but sheer pride on the faces of their players representing THEIR country under THEIR anthem, which was written by an Irishman by the way.
    We will never have reconciliation in this country until we ALL meet halfway.
    Give them their anthem, but until it’s organised, stand up with pride or get out of the team. This is a game, not a political arena. Here we are all Aussies together, but if you don’t want to be, then you know where to go. I reckon there’s a lot of guys waiting for a chance in the big time.

  7. Spot on. Rugby League was created by white man, so dont play the game if its not their culture.
    The Australian anthem was chosen in a national plebiscite by all australians at the time. It was for all to choose black and white.

  8. The last referendum for a national anthem, we almost ended up with Waltzing Matilda. You let current people vote for a song, and I guarantee we’ll end up with “Down Under” or “You’re The Voice”.

  9. It was written in 1878, when the spirit of inclusiveness for those of non-European descent was absent in Australia. While some might try to retroactively change the spirit of the song, they clearly think it’s better to start with a new song on a clean slate.

  10. We were not representing our country we were representing our people our culture just as USA represents itself at the olympics or China representing the Chinese japan representing Japanese. The indigenous were representing aborigines plane and simple

  11. It’s not a very strong message if it’s just for 1 day. Is Latrell Mitchell (the only dual representative) going to start proudly blasting the anthem when he represents Australia but be opposed to it when he represents the Indigenous All Stars?

  12. Advance Australia Fair doesn’t represent me either. I was born in England so should I sit and sulk before every game ? It doesn’t represent my neighbour – he has Italian heritage and what about my brother’s Chinese wife ?

    We are all Australians now and Australia chose Advance as its National Anthem so shouldn’t we all band together under the one banner that represents us all ? History is history, and a lot of bad things happened throughout history. My father was killed by the Germans in the second world war – should I sook and refuse to work with my German mates ? NO. Its high time Cody grew a pair and realised what being Australian really means.

  13. Well said Rucky 👍
    Everyone should just get on with life and worry about more important issues plaguing our world instead of crying about national anthems.

  14. Your not indigenous so you’ll never know how Cody walker feels. Why not be a decent human and try to understand where he’s pain is coming from instead of being a cynical knob

  15. Yeah how about forget everything who cares about the anzacs who died at Gallipoli. Could you imagine all the angry whites if you told them to get over Anzac Day and everything it represents. Commence the all whites whinging session in the comments below

  16. Todd you mentioned that the Aboriginal people were allowed to vote from 1968 onwards. The National Anthem was voted by all Australians Originals and Whites and was overwhelming introduced in 1984. So that matter has been dealt with fairly.

    You have put your own twist on the fact that Aboriginals were never allowed to own land before 1976, but you are misleading everyone with that false twisted fact. I know plenty of Aboriginal families that paid land and houses off during my life and they began to purchase those properties well before 1976.

    The truth is and you should have stated that land was granted to the Aboriginal people as a group who could prove before that their people lived on that land previously for generations and it was sacred land and as a group of people that land was returned to those tribes of Indigenous Australians. Nothing to do with Arthur Beetson could never purchase a house and land before 1976 if he wanted to. See the problem is trying to mislead people by giving an unclear description of facts.

    Yes the Aboriginals fought with the white man in both World Wars there was over 87 000 deaths combined in those wars for all Australians. I guarantee that’s a lot more deaths than any white people upon Indigenous people during the Australia’s History. I have been unable to find any facts about your story regarding the 170 Aboriginals who were murdered by whites when a white dingo hunter went missing. But I am aware there are many stories that have tragic endings for the Aboriginals of our land by white men. Some stories also go the other way also but no where near the same level as our bad past from many generations before me. All I know is I treat Aboriginal people equal as do almost everybody does in this day and age. A couple of my favorite players are Aboriginals including the legends Beetson, Thurston and new superstar Latrell Mitchell.

  17. We’re ALL a bunch of mongrel breads now anyway, we all have splashes of something else EVERYBODY in this country. Moving forward I don’t think it’s white Australians causing the divide I think it’s the complete opposite. The current generations are not responsible for actions of the past barbarism of European settlers so why dwell on the past how can we move forward as a country. Advance Australia Fair was written by a Scottsman I think the current lyrical evolve of the song represents us all equally.

  18. People alive today have nothing to do with what has happened in the past. Isn’t it about time players do not mix political issues with sport. What is offensive that 10 members or so of a team of half white Aboriginals can not sing our National Anthem. Regardless of what you think they are Representing all Australians. Do you think the majority of white Aussies where barracking for NZ Maoris❓❔

  19. Why you would not even know our wonderful National Anthem.

    The lyrics of “Advance Australia Fair” were officially adopted in 1984 as follows

    Australians all let us rejoice,
    For we are young and free;
    We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil;
    Our home is girt by sea;
    Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
    Of beauty rich and rare;
    In history’s page, let every stage
    Advance Australia Fair.
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    Advance Australia Fair.

    Beneath our radiant Southern Cross
    We’ll toil with hearts and hands;
    To make this Commonwealth of ours
    Renowned of all the lands;
    For those who’ve come across the seas
    We’ve boundless plains to share;
    With courage let us all combine
    To Advance Australia Fair.
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    Advance Australia Fair.

    From 1984 onwards when all Australians including Aboriginals voted this song in to be our National Anthem. We have from 1984 onwards as the song says “In history’s page, let every stage advanced Australia Fairly”.
    We have equal rights in Australia in 2019 and every person within Australia can make their own choices to live life as they please. Nothing today will restrict Aboriginals or any other person who calls Australia home not to Advance in life if they make that choice. What’s your problem and LIKE most people on here what is those players problem that disrespected the Australian Public. They are representing Australia. In Australia we don’t have different countries like in Europe. Isn’t it about time the Aboriginal People stop trying to separate themselves from everybody else. What’s their problem are they racist. They are the Original Australians and we are Aussies also.

  20. Go check the last recorded massacre fo aborigines in Australia pretty sure you’ll find it. Also judging by your views and comments I hardly believe you’ve never even talked to an aboriginal let alone know them to such an extent you would have knowledge of there land purchases and such??do me a favour say hi to the grand dragon at your next klan meeting. It’s bad enough your a roosters supporter but to be an out an out racist small penis knobhead that just tops it off. Keep dreaming of a white Xmas mate I love to see you go up to a few brothers and tell them your views. But you seem to be an old coward silly scared man

  21. Great little speech there woody let’s have another look at the words
    For we are young and free….
    So judging by those words shouldn’t Cody walker be free not to sing. Shouldn’t he be free to express he’s views and he’s personal feelings towards any injustice??? Or is that free part just for people like you

  22. toddy123, almost 2 years ago we moved to the city from a really little bush town. We lived among the Aborigines and there was absolutely no problems between anyone. This was an area where only 3 generations ago a fairly large massacre of the Aboriginal community took place. Some of us didn’t even live in the area at the time but we still felt the sorrow for the horrific act towards the great grandparents and grandparents of our friends and neighbours. But none of them held any contempt for us, our ways or our beliefs. They joined in with our friends and families as we did theirs. They wanted to move forward as one people, but they shared their culture , their love of the land with us. They would teach us so much about nature that no book or scientist ever could. It is difficult for me to explain but if you’ve lived on the land, you know what I mean. My Aboriginal friends didn’t want to always make whites feel guilty about the past, they felt it was time to forgive and move forward together.
    I see more racism from Aborigines living in cities that I never experienced in the bush and I never saw it from whites either. I often wonder if those who cry loudest about their pain, their culture and our disrespect for making them sing a “white man’s” anthem, have any idea what it is to live life in the bush practising their true culture instead of talking about it. I’m not too sure how many of them would manage, especially living harmoniously with whites – because when there’s only 40 people together for miles around, you need to rely on and trust each other – black or white doesn’t count – only mates.

  23. I have been looking for it TODDY, mate you should post the link so I can read it.

    There is one thing I always notice about people like yourself. When a discussion is on about real issues not just the stirring footy stuff that we all purposely attack each other about here on ZT just to get a bite, but real life issues like this. Is when somebody comes up with a fair point you people come out with dumb stupid false remarks of racist and such utter garbage of USA stuff like the KKK who we do not even have in Australia. You have been watching too many yanky movies mate. Your true character is showing with racist smart remark about White Christmas and say it to some of your Aboriginal brothers. Why what would they do, Get Physical❓❔❓❔ So you would love to see some of your brothers punch the crap out of a senior citizen because I said a few things that you do not agree about. Point proven Toddy. The propaganda that has been feed down to you from your ancestry wants violence because the bottom line is you blokes hate the white man. The whole problem is the true racist is people with your mindset.

    Like I stated before people like you are the real racist with false Aboriginal hatred passed down from generation to generation. Even when you have a white parent it still does not stop your hatred towards the white man. Mundine is a CLASIC example of this.

    With your last threat though Toddy I will say this mate. If I was 45 yrs younger I would knock port holes straight through you.🤣😂😁😆😂🤣 Your nothing but a disrespectful person full of hatred.

  24. Sport and politics don’t mix (at least shouldn’t), and that looked like an organised political/social, albeit silent, form of protest. Very poor form, and not very “silent” post game either.
    But whilst we’re on the topic, I’m a little confused. Most of those players would have minority Aboriginal biology (for lack of a better word), and therefore majority non Aboriginal, so how is it our national anthem doesn’t represent them, at all?
    It was an indigenous only game, so maybe their message is that I shouldn’t have watched it, given it doesn’t represent me, so I won’t in future. Message received, loud and clear.

  25. I did not realise that Cody Walker and the other team members who did not bother to sing had an issue with freedom. Every person in Australia is free, Free to make their own path in life. There is not one person in our great land that does not have an opportunity to get a job and live a normal happy life.

    I will tell you this though If us white blokes and a handful of Aboriginals scattered amongst our defence forces did not stop the Japanese from invading our shores then none of us would be living in freedom.

    So yes Toddy TODAY “We are young and free” Remember the first white Australians were not free, They were slaves (convicts) while the Aboriginals were free.💪🐔👍

  26. I’ve been to New Zealand several times.
    The first time I’d also accidentally walked into a Maori Pub. The few of us that walked in stopped immediately on entering, as we were receiving looks of death from the regular patrons . We had no idea before then, that there were seperate pubs for Maori people & other New Zealanders. To be fair, they treated us with kindness & respect . Once they heard our accent & knew that we weren’t white skinned New Zealanders. They allowed us to stay.
    Having said that NZRLFAN. Clearly all is not peaches & cream in the land of the Long White Cloud either.
    No one can change the past . All we can do is try for a better future together. Wherever you’re from.

  27. I think you’ll find that all the people who fought in the Wars wherever they are from , are represented on ANZAC Day. It’s inclusive.
    Do you think I shouldn’t talk to any Getmans now, or should protest against them if they sing their national anthem? As they killed my relatives on the Western Front?
    That would be pretty dumb.
    I know the Getmans now didn’t do it. So what’s the point?
    Still, I don’t have any worries about an Indigenous team wanting to sing another anthem . If the team feels it represents them better. What do you suggest?
    What language would it be sung in. There’s hundreds of different indigenous nations languages.

  28. Personally, I was disappointed to see the Indigenous team not singing the Anthem, I think it put a bit of a stain on what was otherwise a great night of footy celebrating 2 proud cultures. I think that it actually further divides our great country. As others have stated, the current generation are not responsible for the actions of the past. I acknowledge that certain atrocities occurred against the Aboriginal people and and sympathetic to it, but it does not make me responsible for it if my ancestors were the ones committing them

    My best mate is of Abroiginal descent, as is mother in laws family. They celebrate their heritage and remember those before them, but they are also proud to be Australian and are happy to belt out the national anthem at sporting, school events etc.

    Acts like this, which I agree with mighty, seemed to be pre planned, only further divide us, as evident by the comments on here and all over social media.

  29. I’m ashamed to have watched a great game and have its players that had disrespect what the anthem stands for, forget who wrote it, and don’t knitpick at each word or what you all think the word “fair” means, and make up your own context for it, for some historical hate mongering political dribble.
    Preston Campbell one of my all time favorite penrith players, worked extremely hard to get the All-Star game off the ground and now has gotten to the point where its a cultural exhibition of heritage representing both Australia & New Zealand
    celebrating the best of the best of both cultures, both Aboriginal and Maori. It is up there with State of Origin’s Passion.
    All now sullied by a stupid Anthony Mundine mentality of hate preaching to the non existent collonial “white man” putting us all down! Shame on all of you who preach this rubbish, hate begates hate, and if rugby league’s next generation of koori players and leaders keep listening to that dribble, the All-Stars will just turn into a joke, if you want to be inclusive be a part of Australia and its Anthem, if you want to Exclusive keep on trucking this political garbage under the mundine hate banner.

  30. Good one back2back19 or wood sook. Go eat some bugs I bet you learnt that one from your daddy while the two of you were hanging around the barn playing penis butt

  31. When did I bring up violence. I think you should go finds some brothers to talk to about your views it would give you a better understanding I’m sorry you’ve been lead to believe by merely having a conversation with a group of aborigines you’ll be assaulted. Seems to me you’ve been feed false information about indigenous peoples. I could guarantee you no harm would come of you. Come talk with my family I’m not writing crap for no reason I’m not trying to say we are perfect far from it. I’m also not trying to change your mind I’m just trying to open your mind up a bit. As a nation we take time to remember the men who died in war over 100 years ago lest we forget but when we try to get people to remember the aboriginal people who were slaughtered on our very own shores no one seems to care. People these days say we should just forget about it get over it. It was in the past stop complaining. How on one hand we can say lest we forget but on the other say let’s just forget about the indigenous sacrifices and atrocities. Sorry this has become a white or black thing. I guess I would like to see more compassion not because we are black but because we are humans

  32. Toddy I forgive you. I’ve been around long enough to know exactly what you was implying to take my so called racist views in your opinion and tell then to some of your fellow Aboriginal brothers (cousins) Of coarse there is a threat of violence there from you, do you think I was born yesterday Toddy?? and on top of asking me to mouth off with your words to your brothers, you hit me with verbal abuse to go with it. Remember you said this and these are your views trying to make out I said them, not me… and I quote.

    “do me a favour say hi to the grand dragon at your next klan meeting. It’s bad enough your a roosters supporter but to be an out an out racist small penis knobhead that just tops it off. Keep dreaming of a white Xmas mate I love to see you go up to a few brothers and tell them your views. But you seem to be an old coward silly scared man”

    See Toddy I’ve been outback and I know how dangerous some of those places can be for a white bloke who is not street smart. Your problem is I am street wise, I’ve been to Wilcannia, Tennant Creek, Bourke, Walgett etc.etc and if I said the stuff you accused me of saying, then I would be buried in a shallow grave and eventually eaten by the crows and Wedge Tail Eagles

    Any way I and all Australians have never said Aboriginals are not Human. It does not matter about the colour of a mans skin, we all feel the same hurt and pain when we lose someone special we all cry and laugh we all bleed the some coloured blood we are all humans with love and hate and joy and forgiveness Where do you get that garbage from that I am a racist, I have an open mind and if you bothered to read what I really wrote you would plainly see. I have compassion towards the situation but I believe the national Anthem should be sung by all Australians

    In 2008 Didn’t Kevin Rudd the then Prime Minister make a public apology to the Aboriginal people and say sorry for the crimes committed and also apologised for the stolen generation❓ It works both ways you no. Aboriginals need to accept the apology offered if they are going to forgive.

  33. Although it is ignorant to simply believe there is no racist undertones to our Anthem, protesting anthems is only one aspect of racial based protesting. Such protests are meant to draw attention to further underlying issues. I believe Cody Walker wasn’t strong enough as an Indigenous leader in supporting his not singing of the anthem by highlighting such issues. To be honest i think this shows Walker wasnt actually trying to make a protest at all. I think he just didnt sing the anthem due to its racist undertones and simply answered the question when it was put forth to him.
    For those unaware of what racist undertones i refer;
    for we are young – disregards about 40 000+ years of Aboriginal history.
    and free – as former convicts, early Australians understood what it was like not to be free, but at the time of writing (1878) Australia was no longer a ‘prison island’ for white Australians but a prosperous new country. For Indigenous Australians at the time, few were free. Many were imprisoned in missions and the few who werent had none of the liberties associated with freedom.
    Advance Australia Fair – how could the advancement of Australia be considered ‘fair’ by the Aboriginal people in 1878. Even in today’s society the inequalities experienced by Aborignal people as a direct result of past injustices cannot be considered fair.

    Now im not gonna call you or anyone else on this site racist as i dont know any of you. But to not take the time or effort to consider that maybe Cody Walker and other Aboriginal people might have a point is just ignorant.

  34. Toddy , you shouldn’t be talking about eating bugs because if not for European contact thats exactly what you and your ilk would be doing along with wondering where your next meal comes from.
    Up the Tigers.

  35. Ok so what exactly is it that Aboriginals want❓

    We live in 2019 and everybody has a free choice to live as they please. Every Australian red, yellow black or white and every shade of colour in between is not being attacked by any government powers within Australia today. Any Australian can get a job and prosper in our great country. Could you please explain what they want the non Aboriginal Australian population what to do to make them happy and feel loved❓

  36. To have the dominant discourse of white Australia to be one of compassion and understanding rather than derision and disregard. To live in a community where racial issues can be discussed rationally, rather than label someone who brings up racial issues as a whinger, disrespectful or ungrateful. Many of the comments in this post show that the majority would accuse the Indigenous players in such a way rather than consider their complaints, you may still not consider them justified but at least given them some thought first. You are right that the current government is not racist but as we all know past governments were. To say that as the current government is not so the problem has now been resolved disregards the legacy of the past governments that directly leads to the current poor life outcomes for a higher percentage of Aboriginals.

    A couple other replies I made to other people further down didnt get through so ill rehash them here.
    In regards to questioning their ‘Aboriginality’, ill summarise the feelings of many. A racist person does not care if you are 100%, 50% or 20% Aboriginal. They will still be racist towards you based on that percentage. As such this becomes the percentage you most identify with as it is what has differentiate you in life to this point.

    Many Aboriginal people are somewhat to blame as for segregation as a form of reverse racism does exist as many have you have pointed out. To any Aboriginal people who feel they are encountering excessive levels of racism I encourage you to know the difference between racism and ignorance. An ignorant person is not racist by nature but cannot see the racial inclinations of what they are saying or doing, typically as racism has been mainstreamed into our culture as a legacy of our past. Use this as an opportunity for a rational discussion rather than get angry and simply label someone a racist. Their respone to such a label is typically to get angry and defensive which eliminates any opportunity to learn any different.

  37. I think the last few generations of non Aboriginal people have given many Aboriginals compassion. In 1998 John Howard did not find it necessary to say “sorry” for the current generation of people for crimes committed from a generation of a time long gone. But in 2008 Rudd made a clear attempt to heal the wounds and close the gap and officially said sorry. That’s it how many times do we need to say sorry for the past. Once is enough so ALL Australia unite. Why keep bringing up the past. Its over We live in a new world today

    Many Australians that are not Aboriginal just cannot understand why the indigenous do not do more for themselves in this current day and age of equal opportunity. Why throughout most country towns do they choose to live in shacks on welfare payments and get plastered with alcohol abuse. Why do they continue to never leave their sacred land that is given back to them that white people need a permit to enter, or when they do they get drunk and drop in the streets like I have seen in Mt Isa or in the Alice. Why are they so aggressive towards white people and want to rob them.

    We don’t see that behavior from people that are so dark that they look purple in colour from Africa or the massive influx of Indians and Islanders from the South Pacific and NZ. they are all brilliant great workers who choose to work for a living and not get a hand out. They all get on with life make a commitment with a house and work to own it one day.

    See non Aboriginals just can’t get their head around the fact that large groups choose to live on their land in a backward environment in poverty with abuse from predators on children alcohol and drug abuse wife bashers and violence like you can’t believe and it is just among themselves on their own land. The white man is not doing it to them, they are doing theses horrors to themselves. The Government attempts to help them by they stay and fight with each other.

    The bottom line is if they do not do the Australian thing and “HAVE A GO” and HELP THEMSELVES by living in society like every new arrival does and working. Then nobody else can really help them. Its like an alcoholic or a drug addict or a gambler. If they do not make a commitment and want to change, then the result is they die early in life with an addiction. They need to help themselves

  38. It’s not about continually saying sorry. You are right the 2008 apology was a big deal and it is unnecessary to continually repeat it. It’s not about bringing up the past its about understanding how the past impacts the present.
    To an extent I agree that there is an issue with many Indigenous people not ‘helping themselves’. It is a problem, like you I have seen it myself too and am less inclined to sympathise with anyone who is not willing to put the effort in to help themselves. Although part of me wants to, I’m not going into the issue of distinguishing between some Aboriginal people and labeling this as a trait of all Aboriginal people because you are obviously intelligent enough to know the difference.
    The problem with the narrative you described is that it is a cycle of poverty. Its not specific to Aboriginal communities in Australia, it is common in the poorest areas everywhere in the world. They arent choosing to not leave their land (and the very real associated issues you address) its they havent an option to go elsewhere. The reality is if you are from such a community, all the family you know is also from that community, youve no education as the community is neglected and there is the very real possibility that your physical and mental health may have suffered due to the environment you were brought up in.
    Ok, sure they could literally just get up and walk out but where would they go. They would literally be homeless if they chose to do that. Now not also considering any prejudice that may exist by possible would be employers in towns surrounding such a community and the lack of employment opportunities in such areas, who is hiring an uneducated, homeless person.
    So the reality is they cant just leave and ‘have a go’. So they are stuck in this communities with unbelievable violence and high drug and alcohol use and worse. The next problem is that every study shows such behaviours are ‘learnt’. So as these neglected and abused kids grow up never leaving the community they repeat the behaviours in the same community as adults, hence the poverty cycle.
    The key differences are that to migrate here you must be either quite wealthy, skilled labour or sponsored (ability to attain wealth) or a refugee. If you are a refugee however at least you are placed in Western Sydney where the employment opportunities are ample you are already on the right path of seeking a better life. but this is definitely a problem among poor migrant ghettos in Western Sydney as well. Despite this there are ghettos in Western Sydney where similar poverty cycles among refugee communities are developing similar poverty cycles. Similar trends are often seen among ‘Whites’ however its typically family trends rather than community trends however it is reportedly increasingly becoming a problem (for Whites) in country towns where employment opportunities have ‘dried up’.
    Anyways back to why we (I and other left-leaning individuals) continually bring up the past is because White Australians (back then not the people of today as everyone rightly likes to specify) caused this poverty cycle. Aboriginal people were denied land rights, denied education and denied employment. Then they were essentially put in a community with no resources, left there for 50 years whilst the rest of the country flourished, then got told oh you can have all the rights the rest of the country has now. Now 50 years on we (white Australia) cant understand why Aboriginal people arent prospering even though weve apologised and given them equal rights. Its because when they were given equal rights they were starting from such a marginalised place.

  39. Why apologise to the Germans, They are currently having a crack at taking over Europe for the third time lucky. The first two World Wars they tried with military force. but this third time they have got control legally via the EU.🙃

  40. For all Australians to be aware of this sad issue. Not singing the National Anthem will make 20million Aussies plus aware of this predicament. What do you suggest needs to happen❓

  41. Not singing the National Anthem unfortunately will not make 20million Aussies plus aware of this predicament which is why in my initial post i explicitly stated protesting anthems is only one aspect of racial based protesting, I also said the failure to not raise these issues shows that Walker was not actually going out of his way to make a protest but simply answered the question when asked why he didnt sing the anthem.
    As to what needs to happen? The sad reality is there is no easy solution. The government has poured millions of dollars into trying to tackle the issue with minimal results. Having said that colleagues who know significantly more about how the government allocates their funding then i do often complain about such funding ignoring suggestions of research in the field.
    To me education is key, but not though tokenistic scholarships and similar programs that currently exist but investing more in schools right from primary to the HSC in areas such as those identified above. This is limited to just having more/better schools there but increasing access such as more school buses, increasing motivation and nutrition through programs such as breakfast or lunch programs for needy kids and providing various after-school programs to avoid at risk students falling into trouble outside regular school hours. Involving Indigenous community leaders in such programs to encourage the community to support the schools would help as well. This increased schooling should be followed by pathways into genuine employment opportunities.
    Id also like to see the media highlight some of the issues ive discussed, particularly when reporting on topics such as Indigenous players not singing the anthem to increase non-Indigenous awareness of Indigenous issues.

  42. If the government is pouring millions into helping them with little result then we are at a dead end once more. See this is the entire problem. They are aware of the situation and they are helping in big ways but the people receiving the help seems not to take advantage of it.

    Aboriginals in big towns like Tamworth, Dubbo, Moree, and such live in society and like white folk need to move to the suburbs of the capital cities to find employment. They can adapt in towns they can adapt in cities. However the real problem is the sacred land people who choose to be stuck in the time warp. The Government needs to send teachers to those reserves and the children must be forced to attend. Problem is they might cry racist and rebel. The second thing is NBN must be installed in these communities with free internet so the next generation can watch how the rest of the world lives and for these children wanting to be motivated to want the things in life that everybody else has. This will motivate them to want to do good in the education department. If they only sit around skipping school and watching the parents and neighbours doing nothing then they grow up thinking that it is normal to do nothing but survive. The NBN will show them the new world and that this world is open to all.

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