SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 13: Esan Marsters of the Tigers is tackled during the round 23 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Leichhardt Oval on August 13, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Updated Team Lists: Sea Eagles v Tigers

The Manly Sea Eagles and Wests Tigers have both finalised their lineups for the match at Lottoland.

Second Row
Second Row

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  1. Me thinks we will do it tough tonight injuries and all, but i believe we have a top 8 team, this talk of Walker fullback and Douilii 5/8 is not good, Walker hates playing fullback, no need to change at this stage , if Reynolds doesn’t aim up then drop him to the bears until his form comes good, that is what should have happened in the first place, he has played little football and perhaps a stint in reggies might have been better, having said that he is a premiership winning halfback and SOO player so he does deserve respect.

    • Surely we’re not going back to the dumb days of playing Walker at FB, don’t think Seibold is that dumb (at least hope not). I think it’s only a matter of time before Douie replaces Reynolds (unfortunately Reynolds has no running game), although Douie is going to fill up so not sure if the halves are going to be his permanent position…

  2. Two forwards and two backs on South’s bench, I can’t see that working against the Roosters. I would rather have seen Kyle Turner get a run before Hunt in this situation.

  3. Congrats rabbits and roosters. That was an enjoyable game.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you both in the eight.

    • + 1 Kelby.

      How do u go from being a creative star to mediocre? Is it coaching? I dunno.

      All the Roosters seemed a bit lost tonight. So many passes landed on the grass rather than in the hands of a keen competitor. I’m
      certain Easts will pick up over the season, but that effort was absolutely dismal given their player currency.

  4. Very proud of our teams effort tonight, it proves that we no longer rely on our name players to win, to beat Easts is our most important game, need to settle down so i can sleep.

    To Holmsey, Cook has to be SOO hooker after that performance.

    • Cook was excellent there is no denying that but I stil think he is behind Koroisau and Mcinnes. While Cook was emense it was due to his only weapon, speed. He was dynamic off of offloads and made a lot of breaks, but his only asset is that speed and it was all off broken play. If Souths forwards dont provide neither does Cook. But you look at Koroisau who can do set up any plays despite his teams performance and he always capitalizes, Cook failed to acheived that as all of his breaks created field position but not tries. Thats the difference between he and Koroisau, Koroisau has the ability to create from nothing and capitalize while Cook cant and relies on other parts of the game. And I am a strong believer that koroisau is a better, tougher and more aggressive defender that Cook and the blues need aggression. Cook to me is firming for a utility spot for the blues, his speed would be excellent at the end of halves.

      • You have just proved how much of a much of a moron you are. Seeing you were so fond of throwing stats around the other day I’ll send some your way. Cook leads all hookers in meters per game, line breaks and tackle breaks. You’re grasping at straws trying to justify your call that Koroisau should be origin hooker. After that performance they’d be mad to have anyone else other than cook.

        • Now a Moron for my opinion?😂😂 And I’m not really grasping at straws to justify Koroisau playing origin, hes dominated 2 years straight now, leading the way for the blues. Heres a big stat for you Cook has no linebreak assists, try assists or try involvements in which Koroisau leads all these stats. Hes justifying his position on his own. Speed isnt everything, Cook still doesnt posess what NSW need and Koroisau is still a better player and a more complete player, he has more layers to his game, in attack and defence. And with Turbo firming for a fullback spot wouldnt you pick his 9 to use the combination they have which is deadly around the ruck.

        • A bit harsh don’t you think. We all know holmesy places his Manly boys a bit higher than most of us, but he is still allowed an opinion isn’t he? He is just very passionate about his team.

          As for the stats, a quick look at Fox Sports, and taking away last nights game to be fair they look as follows

          Runs/game Api 5.4 for 41 metres, Cook 8 per game for 94 metres
          Tries are 1 each
          Try assists Api has 3 and Cook 0
          Line breaks Api 2 Cook 3
          Line break Assists Api 3 Cook 0
          Tackle breaks Api 12 Cook 20
          Offloads Api 0 Cook 4

          Tackles Api 37.6/game with 3.8 missed Cook 40.6 with 2.6 missed
          Errors 6 each
          Penalties Api 2 and Cook 5

          So it depends on how you look at it as to who is performing better. If you want a player who is more creative then you will go with Api, if you just want a distributor and someone who will run the ball then it is Cook. Both will do the job for the Blues, and as Ennis said on 360 earlier in the week, it will depend a lot on who plays in the 1, 6 and 7 as to what is needed at 9.

      • Cook can defend also holmsey, he saved a certain try with a great tackle near our line, it is noted that Souths seem to have an uncanny ability to produce hookers, McInness, Koroisau, Peats or juniors i think plus Cook who we know came from St George, all i want to point out Holmsey is that stats can actually lie and don’t always prove how good or bad a player is, whether it’s Koroisau or Cook NSW is blessed to have these players.

        • Exactly, stats only paint half a picture and people generally will quote those stats that support their argument and ignore others. I only posted the stats above to give an overall picture, but as I stated on another article, based on watching games, to me Cook looks in better form than Api at the moment. I do agree though that Api is probably a more complete player. Agree that both are good options for the Blues and it is nice to have quality competition in key positions for a change.

        • Its all good gents, excellent to have a discussion about competition for spots finally with the blues, something we usually cant find is quality play makers but their is an ubundance of players now puting their hands up. As for the Koroisau and Cook debate it depends on what style and the players Fitler has and chooses as Eels47 stated. Regarding stats I do see they can lie but not in the areas we have discussed so far. If it was missed tackles the stat would tell you Api is horrible but we all know that he is a fine defender and very strong in that department. My summary is if Tom is fullback then you have to pick Api due to that combination. And to others stop with the name calling, its a facet I use to be excellent at😉 but its uneeded as everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        • You’re on drugs, trust me, cook will be the hooker for the blues and rightfully so and he’ll do a great job. You carry on about Koroisau and his assists but your forgetting that’s actually the halfbacks and 5/8 job. If Koroisau is running around trying to be the playmaker instead of providing good service from dummy half then he’s getting in the way of DCE and Croker – hence the reason you’re 2 our of 5

        • Brissydragon im happy someone has figuered out manlys problems😂😂 Maybe you should call Baz😂 This revelation needs to be adressed😂

        • Nah, I’m happy to watch you guys keep losing, better get used to it. So what’s your reasoning behind why your team is sucking harder than a toothless prostitute at the moment.

  5. A positive for the Roosters tonight was Latrell Mitchell’s game, so long as he can string a few together things will improve. Keary struggled a bit but will bounce back.

    I bet you bunnies boys were happy to see the Burgess boys step up tonight without big brother there. And Cook showed us why he is being spoken about as a chance for SOO, what a game, very Cameron Smith like how he took advantage of poor marker play.

    • You picked it there. The Burgess bros dominated without Sam, which let Cook carve em up.
      Ingls of old

    • Sure was eels47, Souths have invested heaps on the twins and it now appears to be paying off, they dominated the Easts forwards tonight, i remember saying at the start of the year that if the twins fire up we will have a good year so hopefully they keep their form up.

      • Spot on. Sam can’t carry the forward pack alone, if the twins fire you guys will go along way towards September footy

  6. Great game overall. Shinnning light for the roosters is Mitchell. Cronk, Keary and friend were awful – where were their passes going….so many loose passes, hospital passes in their defensive 50 and friends lazy passes out of dummy half are taking away the speed of the play.

    Tedesco cannot be the NSW fullback. His performance this year has been ordinary – to be nice. He needs to play his own game instead of trying to be Billy slater.

    Cool played well but can’t be the NsW hooker – needs to be korosiau. Much better defender and attacker – stats to back that as well

    • If Fitler picks Tedesco, wow. I think he will pick Tedesco regardless of form as he is a chook. You can see when people say is Tom getting the one to Freddy he will immediately defend Tedesco and talk him up, while talking down Trbojevic.

  7. Good win by South’s last night, my highlight was Burges stepping straight around teddy.

    Woodchook has been a bit quiet with the roosters recently haha

  8. Another pleasing fact about our win is that GI still hasn’t fully hit his strides, Gagai also a bit down on last year. Our attack still a bit clunky, the slickness we showed in the charity shield (I know it was a trial) hasn’t been able to be reproduced.
    Also thought Clarky was solid – hope he continues to have a good season and gets another contract.

    PS Someone needs to be around Cookie at all times (and that someone needs pace) !!!

  9. Where are all the Rorts dribblers?

    Sam Burgess, Murray, Musgrove, Fuimaono,
    4 of our guaranteed Top 17 ALL OUT yet the SCUM couldn’t get close to us!

    Nicholls and Tatola really stood up for us, George and Tom are back to their 2014 Premiership winning form and Damien Cook, what can we say about him?
    There just isn’t enough superlatives to describe him!

    Reynolds was extremely solid
    GI is warming to the task.
    Jason Clark on his 150th game… Magnificient.

    • Hey boy latte.
      Do you ever get on here and write something constructive? You always jump on carry on like a pork chop then off again…
      Also you say Fuimaono, amd Musgrove amd Murray missing like that’s a loss, they are 3 players who don’t play first grade at most clubs, maybe Musgrove gets a run.. so it’s hardly claiming missing them was a hinderance

  10. Spat my tea out when I learned Cook was a dragons junior. Cook is on fire and a must IMO for SOO, he also cut dragons up last week but against the choking rorters was brilliant, with what 5 or 6 massive runs.

      • Pull ya head in redv. You had a lynch mob after Mary for years. Gone all quiet lately, ya hipocrate.

        • You must have me confused with somebody else you dopey manly supporter.

          And I didn’t say anything about your coach was simply laughing at 54 nil crying about the refs. So jog on and finish watching your team get rolled by tigers hahaha

        • Redv, your tissue comment came up after @manlywse’s comment. It wasn’t obvious it was for someone else.

        • Dragons boys show a bit of respect and decency for your selves, all your doing is wrecking your own reputations and putting other fans of your club on this site through the mud. Ive been taught how to change and respect others, by a souths fan of all people. Just cut the name calling and personal attacks.

        • Dragons boys show a bit of respect and decency for your selves, all your doing is wrecking your own reputations and putting other fans of your club on this site through the mud. Ive been taught how to change and respect others, by a souths fan of all people. Just cut the name calling and personal attacks.

        • Go and read above holmesy all I did was laugh at the fifty4nil guy for crying about the refs then all these manly fans start attacking the dragons.

          Or what you didn’t see that?

        • Redv, you didn’t reply to 54nil. That is where the confusion started.
          I read your tissue comment when it was after @ manlywse’s coach comment.

        • Why doesnt everyone just walk away and talk footy instead of taking shots at each other. This he did it first mentality is silly. Be the better person and walk away from the convo.

        • You are so biased haha somebody called me a “hipacrit” for some reason and another called me a “tool” and you feel the need to say something to me?

        • Your embarrassing yourself..
          Because manly got beat doesn’t mean anything for api and nsw.
          Played 66mins ran for 75 meters and 60 tackles..
          With no go forward at all.. think he holds his head very high..
          Yor showing your lack of knowledge by mouthing off from 1 game.
          Cook had a blinder, but on the back of the twins killing it and with quick play the balls, McInnes went ok, behind Vaughan, graham and sims having big games.
          So don’t be a wank and mouth off when you don’t know what your on about

        • He rarely plays 80 minutes am I wrong?

          You are a joke with all yoir claims. We will see at origin time.

        • No he often plays 80, or atleast 75. So yes your wrong…
          It’s a long season, played take rests, it makes the end of the season easier, the comp isn’t won in April, but being a dragons supporter you wouldn’t realise that…
          So because your team has won a couple games, don’t carry on like a fool, and think you know anything.. Winx doesn’t come back from a spell each year and race 2000metres, she builds to it

        • I expect a apology around origin time when you are proved wrong.

          He has played 3 games for 80 minutes this year so how am I wrong?

        • Why would I apologise for my opinion??? Well I wouldn’t…
          So easy played 3/6 full game.
          Last week he played 76 I think, today 67, ( no point stay long longer) not sure about other game but would of been atleast 65..
          So 50% is not rarely as you said, so yes you are wrong…
          We can see what you want at origin time, but McInnes isn’t playin for nsw and if he does, once again nsw get beat.
          I’d like to know how many games last year and maybe this year, McInnes didn’t actually take a run from dummy half, I know it happened atleast twice I’m last 6/7 games last year… that isn’t what nsw need, someone to stand and pass

        • I can see you don’t watch many games you just look at the stats.

          Have you watched dragons play at all this year?

        • Redv
          What did you say??
          “ he can’t even play 80 for manly how can he play origin ha haha”
          You are a tool…

        • No I don’t look at stats at all, and yeah I watch plenty, although not obsessed like some footy nerds on here, I have a life. When I watch the dragons; he doesn’t run that simple

  11. The tiggs were on fire – everything stuck. Manly have a good team it just needs to gel. Tiggs have the best defensive stats in the game so Manly played to the average.

    To all the Saints fans – stay humble … fire the shots when we get to the finals.

  12. Really disappointed but if I’m honest I expected this. Our team just isnt a team as a whole. We have done this for 3 seasons now with Barrett, massive roster overhaul each year, inconsistent and he takes stupid chances on players that havent been proven eg. Croker, Walker at 6 a crucial position! And he is taking this chance! Its poor coaching and Ive a got weird view on our game plan but Barrett focuses on his other players over his stars, Cherry was playing secind fiddle to Croker.

    Anyway I Paseka looks a player! Wow cant wait for him to get up and go with his career played really well. Gosie (Cant spell his name) in the backrow and tried all day long. The trubos despite their mistakes produced all they could, Tom in particular who is still injured was solid and kept revving the boys up, and Jake was devestated and loved his passion. Koroisau who played as well as he could with the ball we had in attack and tried his best in defence but its obvious that he has fallen behind Mcinnes for origin, and its not mainly his fault our team performance is going to effect his chances but there is still a number of games in which he can perform as best he can for an origin spot.

    Congrats to the Tigers, cleary doing wonders for them.

    • Looked like your team has been training with my team holmsey. Lol
      Don’t worry. Your boys will be back in the winners circle next week when you play our boys again.
      Don’t think you will thump us by 50+ points this time but your boys will still get a comfortable win.

      • Haha kev I dont think we are a shoe in for that game, Parra will eventually turn and with Manly on the slide it could be this game. Hopefully both teams turn up desperate and ready for big games, both needing a win. Hoping its a good with a close finish.

        • It’s all we can ask for holmsey.
          I will take a close loss. As long as the effort is there this time as last time we played you we were diabolical.
          In all honesty I can’t see anyone beating the Dragons and at this point in the season I am hoping for a Dragons v Tigers GF.

    • Mate I’ll tell you what, Paseka was the most talented forward to come out of our junior system since Fifita and Woods, he’s gonna do wonderful things for Manly for the rest of his career.

      • Yeah im in love with what paseka could be, looks a really good talent, bends the line on every run.

    • Don’t listen to these clowns about api, nothing ha changed for him, he can’t run a ram getting beat badly like today.
      He is still clear top pick for nsw

      • I still believe Api is the best option for NSW but I think Freddy will go with Mcinnes based on club form.

        • Api is the best option.. McInnes is a goat, he won’t be in nsw team. If he picks turbo at 1, like he should api is 9, if they go useless Tedesco cause Tom can also play wing, then they go with cook. McInnes offers nothing in attack most games..

        • To say McInnes offers nothing in attack is down right stupid.

          Surely I’m not the only person that thinks that?

        • I said offers nothing in attack in most games… that’s correct… he doesn’t run or create anywhere near what cook or api does.. he plays like peats, can run but don’t know when to and just happy to tackle and pass to someone

        • Hahaha, crowy your even dumber that holmesy (if that’s possible), Mcinnes offers nothing in attack? So you obviously missed the 40 meter run away try he bagged on Friday night? Manly supporters, is there anyone more delusional?

    • All the Turbo’s produced today were mistakes hahaha. No point being dissapointed like you say Jake was if he decides to try and play like a 5/8 all the time instead of running the ball.

  13. Good game from the boys and the manly boys also, tried their hearts out til the very last whistle. As for Api, he tried hard but yeah he’s fallen behind McInnes and Cook imo. Brooks and Marshall looked so good today tho. Manly imo should bring in Wright, although a runner I believe he’d go really well with DCE. He reminds me so much of a young Foran, good luck for the rest of the season lads.

  14. We don’t need Des back. We have Barrett who is a good coach. As someone above mentioned – he wasn’t out there dropping balls, sitting offside, attempting touch footy instead of tackling or even just starring at the sky while the ball is in play.

    We got beaten in tackles and we stopped and watched instead of continuing the chase to tackle the player – even if you can’t make the tackle, you have a few less yards to get back on-side and help the team defend.

    The attitude from the Manly team is extremely poor – they just need to turn up and they get paid – we/potentially other clubs need to have an incentive system so players are kept on their feet each game.

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