Tom and Jake Trbojevic are set to earn big paydays when they sign their new contracts. It’s just a matter of how much they get paid and who ends up paying them.

Manly are keen to retain the services of both players, with Jake set to be offered around $900,000 a year and Tom upwards of $1.1 million per season, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, the Bulldogs have reached out and indicated their desire to secure the signatures of both brothers.

They are rumoured to be willing to make Jake a million-dollar player and offer Tom $1.4 million a year.

Regardless of where the duo sign, they are set to earn a payday that will put them amongst the best-paid players in the league.


  1. Why would anyone go to the dogs to ruin their career and play in a loser club just like Foran did. His value will be zero after his current deal ends. The brothers aren’t stupid. Money is not everything.

  2. Both very good players and although I am not a Manly supporter, I hope they stay at the eagles as they are local juniors and were developed by Manly.

  3. 200/300 less will mean nothing to these guys, they are royalty on the northern beaches, they just become players with high price tags and expectations if they go elsewhere, pretty much zero chance they are leaving, also the chance in 2020/2021 to play with their younger brother also, and besides what can they do with 1.3mil a season they can’t do with 1.1 plus sponsors….
    This is a media beat up

  4. Manly are offering 1.1 Tom and 930 Jake,
    I promise you they aren’t leaving for 250-300, especially into a team that aren’t competitive and with a coach who is constantly on life supports. Don’t think people realise what type of guys these are and how much they love their town.

  5. The way I see I it you’re probably right Bob, in that they won’t end up leaving Manly, and will probably accept a bit less to do so than a rival club/s offers, but it (rival clubs offers) will probably end up costing you more. As loyal as they are / maybe they drove a hard bargain for their current salaries, and they can command a lot more this time around.

    EWW1, I think you’re right too, in that Manly won’t be able to afford all 4 players you mentioned, hence they lose Taupau as he comes off contract at the end of 2020.

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