The NRL has continued its crack down on hip drop tackles, with all of Marata Niukore, Dale Finucane and Jayden Okunbor facing time on the sidelines for offences committed on Sunday.

All three players spent ten minutes in the sin bin for the respective tackles, and have all been hit with Grade 2 dangerous contact charges.

Because they all have different numbers of charges on their records however, they face differing suspension lengths.

Finucane, who now has three offences on his rolling record, faces the longest charge of the trio for his second half hip drop on New Zealand Warriors' fullback Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad.

He missed the end of the game - and the Warriors' incredible victory - but will now spend three weeks on the sideline if he takes the early guilty plea for the tackle, or four weeks if he heads to the judiciary and loses.

Niukore, who was sin binned for a similar tackle during the first half for his tackle on Siosifa Talakai, only has two offences on his record and therefore will be able to escape with a two-week ban should he take the early guilty plea. That will increase to three weeks if he loses at the judiciary.

Okunbor, who was sin binned in Sunday's late game for a tackle during the first half on Jason Taumalolo, has no prior offences on his rolling 12-month record and will only face a single week on the sidelines with an early guilty plea. Again, the penalty increases by a week if he heads to the judiciary and loses the charge.

All three players will make a decision on whether to accept the early guilty plea or fight the charges by midday (AEST) on Tuesday.