Cameron Munster's manager Braith Anasta has confirmed that his star client wants to remain at the Storm, but is more likely to hit the free agency market come November 1.

Munster's contract negotiations have been one of the NRL's biggest stories this year, with reports emerging on Wednesday afternoon that the latest offer from the Storm has been knocked back by Munster.

The star five-eighth, who plays for Queensland in State of Origin and is a certainty to be named in Mal Meninga's Australian squad to travel to the Rugby League World Cup in October and November, is off-contract at the end of 2023.

That means he can field offers from other clubs from November 1 this year, and despite the fact the Storm are doing everything they can to keep Munster, Anasta admitted that may well not be enough speaking on Fox Sports program NRL 360.

"Matt Tripp is doing everything in his power that he can to keep Cameron at the club," Anasta told NRL 360.

"But, as it stands right now, it looks most likely that we will go to market in November, but things could change between now and then."

Reports have strongly tied Munster with the Dolphins and Wayne Bennett, who have chased Munster hard for an early release ahead of 2023 and the club's inaugural season when they enter the competition as the 17th team.

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The Storm have knocked back any such request, and Munster himself said he is committed to the Storm for 2023, however, Anasta admitted that while Munster would take under his market value to stay in Melbourne, the Dolphins weren't the only other club who have made a play for Munster already.

"He'd definitely take slight unders, there is no doubt about that," Anasta said.

"There's probably 3 or 4," Anasta added.

Anasta went on to explain that the signatures of other star players have limited the Storm's potential to compete in a financial sense for Munster, despite his love of the club.

"I think ideally on the cap, Cameron and myself would like them to move more on the cap than they are right now," Anasta said.

"Unfortunately, when they signed [Ryan] Papenhuyzen, [Jahrome] Hughes, [Harry] Grant and [Xavier]Coates, that limited their potential to move on the cap because they prioritised those players.

"That is where we are at right now. Hopefully they may be able to move between now and November, and it doesn't mean he won't sign before then because he loves the club. He may sign after November."