Alright, folks.

You should all know the drill by now.

There are 16 teams playing in eight games this weekend, and because nothing in this life is either perfect or complete, we here at Zero Tackle still believe each of these aforesaid combatants come with a question marks.

So, before the third month of the regular season kicks off on Thursday night, we have sought to answer the most pressing queries ahead of Round 9.

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5. Can Wests go back-to-back?

After shutting me up last Sunday and leaving me with nothing but lint in my back pocket, sure, why not?

With their opponents - the Gold Coast Titans - proving unable to win a football game since the 10th of April, the Dragon slaying Tigers would have to be a chance heading into their clash at Campbelltown, wouldn't they?

In the eyes of the mathematically gifted, Wests - who will run out on Saturday in the Magpies' famous black and white chevrons -  are still seen as five point outsiders.

Still, for a side that has been as consistent as pre-refrigerated jelly, I can see their point.

When you cast your eyes across the team sheets for this weekend, it is evident that Justin Holbrook will be commanding the classier outfit.

However, between the fact that Rugby League has never been played on a sheet of Reflex and the pair's juxtaposing form last week, this clash could be as close as the 2011 Melbourne Cup, with Wests potentially playing the role of Dunaden.