It has been revealed that notorious nuisance James Maloney once 'bombarded' Israel Folau with gay porn via a Catalan Dragons players' WhatsApp group when the controversial code-hopper first joined the French Super League club.

Folau joined Catalans in 2019 after being banned from Australian rugby following a homophobic post made to social media and was linked to St George Illawarra this week before the move collapsed due to fan uproar.

Maloney joined the Dragons ahead of the 2020 season after leaving Penrith and immediately looked to cause mischief when meeting Folau.

Speaking on SEN's Morning Glory, rugby league reporter Andrew Webster revealed Maloney had sent Folau gay pornography when he first joined the group chat.

“When he first joined Catalans, he joined the players’ WhatsApp group,” Webster said.

“And Jimmy Maloney, god help him, couldn’t help himself and just started bombarding him with gay pornography.”

Following on from Folau's shock link to the Dragons this week, Maloney told The Sydney Morning Herald that the former Wallaby would make a great signing for the NRL.

“I think he would be good for the NRL, and you want the best players playing in the competition. He’d only make the NRL better,” Maloney said.

“All the boys got along with him here, and when he told us why he wasn’t coming back we all understood.”


  1. I love how everyone in the journo world, have double standards. Condem Izzy for his actions then laugh and encourage jimmy’s actions, both actions are unacceptable.
    Pete v, is also guilty of this, he supports the nrl excluding Izzy for his actions claiming this is an inclusive sport, but what izzy done does not support inclusion so we will exclude him! ? This is a confusing message.

    I can’t imagine with izzys strong religious beliefs, that having a shit tonne of Gay porn thrown in his face was a plesent experience, if it were a woman or if izzy threw straight porn into the face of a guy player the reaction by the same people laughing at this would be different.

    Sort your shit out and if it’s a topic of inclusion then align your moral and values to keep it fair and consistent.

    Stop condemning one act of exclusion yet lead and encourage another

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