Jack de Belin

NRL legend Gorden Tallis and journalist Paul Kent have clashed on Triple M on Sunday after the pair argued about Jack de Belin’s involvement with the Dragons this season.

De Belin has been stood down under the NRL’s no-fault stand down policy, after being charged with rape earlier this year.

According to a column in the Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday, the Dragons privately believe de Belin has been “the anchor weighing down their season,” as they currently sit in 14th place.

Kent agreed with the comments in the SMH, and put in his two cents on air.

“I think emotionally it has taken a toll. They walked off, looked over in the dressing room and saw a fit healthy JDB and probably thought, if he played today we would have won this game,” Kent said.

“When it comes time to toughen up and be a professional and get through whatever rubbish comes your way, that’s what’s required.

“Many of the players today, because they’re identified as talent and picked up early … we overlook a lot of other areas in their development. Such as resilience and toughness.”

Tallis responded to Kent’s thoughts and said; “that’s not rugby league’s problem that’s society’s problem”, which saw Kent then take a swing at Tallis.

“Oh don’t give me that bullshit. It’s a rugby league problem. It’s not a society problem,” Kent said.

“Coaches overlook these players who are playing up and not toughing things out.

“Shut up before you sound any dumber. You say it’s society’s fault, seriously, cry me a river.”

De Belin is contracted for 2020 by the Dragons.


  1. Paul Kent has proven time and again that he is a dead set clown. To say de Belin is the deciding factor in the Dragons season is a joke. Publicly offering these poor excuses won’t help their situation either. Why wouldn’t it be anything but a society issue? Many young people my age don’t have mental toughness and fold too easy when the going gets tough. It’s a generational issue, not a rugby league one. Society in general is soft, and it’s only getting worse.

  2. Saints administrators have no balls! JDB is a dig and should be kicked to the kerb. Get him away from the playing group, he will not, and should not play again in this game that claims to be on a push to include women, and women’s rights. 2 points here,
    – if he did do what the 5 or 6 charges claim he is done, only French rugby left for him.
    – if he is found innocent and it is found to untrue, he still hooked up with a girl while his partner was pregnant with his baby. That itself is a dog act.
    He is never getting his rep jumpers back, should fade into the shadow and try to move on with life.

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