NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 15: Ben Barba of the Sharks looks on during the round 10 NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Cronulla Sharks at Hunter Stadium on May 15, 2016 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

The Super League will block any potential attempt from Ben Barba to rejoin the Super League if the troubled star is banned from the NRL, per

The 29-year old played for St Helens last season in a bid revitalise his NRL career before signing with North Queensland in the off-season.

But the 2018 Man of Steel’s return to the NRL was over before it began after Barba was sacked by the Cowboys last Friday for allegedly assaulting his partner at a Townsville casino on Australia Day.

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has since revealed Barba will not be allowed to join another club if the CCTV footage proves he was guilty, and the RFL are set to follow suit.

“We will always uphold any ban imposed by the NRL under a reciprocal agreement between RFL and the NRL,” a RFL statement said.

“Independent to that arrangement, the RFL Board has the right to refuse registration to any player – and would also consult with the Super League in that process.

“We are bound to follow that process – but if the facts of this case turn out to be as reported, the RFL would condemn them as deplorable.”

Asked whether Barba could pursue other sporting codes, Greenberg said: “I won’t reach out to other codes, what other codes do is a business for them”.


  1. The lady belter can’t play halfback, matter of fact the only position he will ever get at the Mighty Chooks is Left Right Out.💪🏆👉🐓

  2. I am pleased that this Superleague bolt hole for NRL bad boys has been closed. Is this agreement something new because it hasn’t been employed in the past.

  3. Come on zt. Is it necessary to show him in a Cronulla jersey again. You’re taking the p!ss, surely.

  4. I reckon that the tigers are in for another 2006-2018 style season.

    No chance of finals again for the merged disgrace.

  5. It looks like we’re up to episode 3 of the Barba Saga, the SL banning Barba episode.
    Episode 1 being the hundreds of articles about the Cowboys sacking him.
    Episode 2 was hundreds of articles about Greenberg banning him from the NRL, subject to the outcomes of episodes 4,5 and 6, of course.
    Although I did see 1 somewhat misplaced article about Cowboy’s players and staff helping each other, incl. Barba and his family, and the broader community, through a once in a generation flooding event in their area, but, still to come are:
    Episode 4. Does Barba get charged, and if so;
    Episode 5. Barba pleads not guilty (no doubt), and trial date set for;
    Episode 6. The VERDICT.
    There seems to be hundreds of articles about each “episode” in the journey of a player’s poor behaviour, and there have been numerous, too many, but a handful, if that, about anything positive.
    I’m not defending any player, and we’ve obviously had a shocking off season, but it also feels like there’s an appetite for the negative/the drama, or at the very least, the media thinks there is, and that’s also not good for our sport.

  6. Cronulla are synonymous with everything bad and tainted. You have got to allow these media boys to do their subliminal messaging.

  7. Have to laugh, even the UK media (check out the BBC website) are showing him in a sharks jersey. He only left St Helens a couple of months ago.

  8. Possibly not, but the police still charged Walker, and in this case they have the CCTV, as well as (I assume) more witnesses.
    But bottom line, it does highlight some of the broader issues re DV.
    It’s easy for someone to say/post “ban him for life”, but these women have children to consider too. If Barba doesn’t play, she still has 4 children to feed. I’m not defending anyone’s actions here, not by a long shot, the cycle needs to be broken etc, but we won’t solve it, and I don’t even think we’ll understand it, by posting/reading comments on social media.

  9. I’m sure if the Roosters don’t go back to back they will have money in the cap for several marquee signings for 2020

  10. Let’s hope the Union follows the SL that will then cut Barba off.
    If Union does nothing he will just go there and earn some bucks…I guess…but also I’m sure he will snort coke or beat his wife again.

  11. I’m waiting for Bennett to come out and support Barba.
    He’ll come out and say he shouldn’t be life banned and he should be given another………………… chance.

  12. The problem these women have that get beaten up all the time is they stay in the vicious cycle because they rely on the big income and life style that is provided. But the kids grow up thinking its normal to belt women and the cycle continues to another generation of women bashers because of the silly women staying in the relationship

  13. Another reason is fear, WoodChook. It is not as black and white, as you are trying to make it out to be. Also why blame the woman? If the bloke kept a hold of his temper, then the violence will not happen.

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