SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 31: Adam Reynolds of the Rabbitohs in action during the round 21 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canberra Raiders at ANZ Stadium on July 31, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images)

With Greg Inglis secured, South Sydney are on the verge signing halfback Adam Reynolds to a long-term deal designed to ward off interest from a host of NRL rivals.

The Australian understands the Rabbitohs have had fruitful talks with Reynolds and are optimistic he will extend his current deal, which expires at the end of next season.

That news is likely to disappoint several clubs with an interest in talking to Reynolds, most notably Parramatta.

The Rabbitohs star is regarded as one of the best halfbacks in the game, having made his State of Origin debut for NSW this year.


  1. “Close to securing” and “has secured” are two different things but at least it is a step in the right direction. Souths should have moved to secure Cook as well but that may now be too late. If left unchanged (judging by how they finished 2016) Souths spine would be one of the best in the competition next year. If Farah steps in to Cook’s shoes, it will take time for combinations, understanding and timing to develop, something Cook by years’ end had already overcome. If Cook does move on I will be a little less optimistic about Souths chances next year (but in any case I am sure they will be a top 8 side).

  2. Don’t know what to make of that, but reading through it i have no doubt that Inglis is committed to Souths and will become a legend of the club, at least he was honest about his thoughts which is refreshing.

    Reynolds staying is crucial for our long term success lets hope it can be finalised, and with Cook, if nothing happens with him before the start of 2017 season, perhaps he will change his mind once the season gets going.

    Bring on 2017 can’t wait, why does the off season take so long it seems to drag, and once it starts it fly’s along so quick it’s finished before you know it.

    • penso

      It took the wind out of me a bit, as I thought talk of him looking to go elsewhere was just the media. At the end of the day he had to look at what other options were on the table for his family’s sake and now he has made his choice he seems committed to Souths for the remainder of his career. Inglis did finish by saying; “but I couldn’t be happier that my future is settled.”

      So bring on 2017 (but hopefully with Cook as starting hooker).

  3. On Souths website Richo says that he didn’t try and get Peats back when he left the Eels because he was happy with Farrah and Cook (I thought Peats left the Eels before we signed Farrah). He also confirmed that Cook was signed till the end of 2017, and that Reynolds was his next priority.

    I suggest all Souths supporters read ”Ask the bosses” on Souths website.

    • Richo didn’t say that at all.

      South Sydney Rabbitohs At the time we had no room in the salary cap and we’re happy with our hooker choices currently of Cook & Farah – Richo.
      13 · Like · Reply · 12 October at 17:10

      Farah was mentioned in the current form, NOT in Past tense!

  4. Yes sharks will take captain cook thanks . Souths can have mr happy although he could do an ennis and win a comp.
    good luck to souths if he does .

    • blackieshark

      I’m more concerned about the long term picture at Souths and no hooker on the horizon should Farah up and leave. He is only there for two years at most in any case, then what?

      • Well, SSTID_1970 shall I give you an exclusive right NOW?
        FACTS: Brad Deitz has been added to Souths Full-Time squad for 2017.
        Norths Player of the YEAR.
        Our U20’s Hookers Maia Sands and Phoenix Hunt may also be retained.

        • 3hats

          I must admit I haven’t been able to focus on the lower grades a lot this year so I am a little out of touch there.

          Someone on ZT was talking up Phoenix Hunt a little while ago as being like another Issac Luke. If that is the case I would hope that there would be less speculation and more confirmation from Souths that he IS being retained.

        • I run a Souths Facebook Group.
          I regularly write articles on Souths up and comers.
          My own work, not copied!
          I wrote a detailed piece on Phoenix Hunt and his history.

          That someone you mention is in my group and mentioned it on here.
          I responded to it, But without us using our correct names it is difficult to know who it is.

          I run a tipping competition and the name used was one that I am familiar with.

          Above I mentioned Hunt and Sands “may be retained” because there are other clubs chasing those two.
          Sands, a hooker was Souths U20’s Player of the year.
          Hunt, a hooker played S.G. Ball this season and was promoted to the U20s and played from the bench.

  5. ZERO TACKLE is a bit SLOW
    DEAL is DONE
    Rabbitohs Extend Contract Of Adam Reynolds Until At Least The End Of 2021 Season

  6. Yeah i read ask the bosses and basically what Richo said is happening, so all good, also 3 hats was right, Musgrove was already signed for 2017 confirmed by Richo.

    Hey Blackie hope you right about Farah, i believe that he will be good for Souths but Cook has to there somewhere.

    • WOW at least someone on this site remembers my predictions and updates.
      YES, I do know what is happening at Souths
      Did I tell you that Siosifa Talakai is also signed up for 2017

    • penso/3hats/chalky

      Souths also need Cook as a back up for the halves as well as hooker. If Reynolds is unavailable it will be too big a disruption to swap too many players around to cover this.

    • 3hats

      Reading ”Ask the bosses” on Souths website:

      Q: When does Madges contract end and will we re-sign him as our coach? (Josh Stuart)
      A: Madge’s contract is until the end of 2017 – Richo.

      Richo completely side stepped confirmation of resigning Madge beyond 2017. I just hope this isn’t going to be an issue down the track as I feel it Madge is a BIG part of why Souths has been successful and I for one don’t want to see a change in our head coach.

  7. Souths are in trouble for depth in the halves. Souths recently signed exciting young half Connor Tracey but he has suffered a serious knee injury which will require surgery (this is his third knee reconstruction in three seasons!!).

    Meanwhile Souths are expecting to sign Eels halfback Luke Kelly as a back up for depth. Kelly also had a knee reconstruction in 2016. So ATM when it comes to a backup for Adam Reynolds, Souths literally don’t appear to have a leg to stand on! If Reynolds is unavailable my tip is Cook will move into the halves (if he is still at the club) or Sutton will shift back to 5/8.

    • Yes, that is the talk about Kelly, I speak regularly with the Author, Nathan Barnes and he asked me a few days ago if there was any truth to the Kelly Rumours?
      I mentioned that there had been a few murmurs but nothing concrete.
      Then this story came out, Kelly will be Cheap and 2nd tier, around $38k to $52k
      but Eli Levido from Balmain originally but playing in Our U20s then for Norths, I expect that Eli may end up in our full-time squad.

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