SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Sam Tagataese of the Sharks looks on during a Cronulla Sharks NRL training session at Southern Cross Group Stadium on September 26, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles have responded to rumours by denying the club has had discussions with Cronulla forward Sam Tagataese.

It had been reported yesterday that the Sea Eagles were looking to bolster their pack for 2018 and were targeting Tagataese.

Manly released a statement confirming the club has held no talks with Tagataese or his manager.

The club also expressed surprise, citing that they had no idea where the story had come from.

Read the statement below:

Manly Warringah Sea Eagles have held no discussions whatsoever with Cronulla forward Sam Tagatese as incorrectly reported in the media today.

Manly are completely mystified as to the source of the story. No media outlet contacted the Sea Eagles to check on the club’s position concerning the Sharks utility.

If they had they would have been advised that no discussions with either the player or his manager have taken place.

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  1. Wouldnt mind him, good solid player for depth or bench. We do need a big name forward to partner marty in the forwards with Lawrence gone now. Also think the bench is a bit thin but the squad for 2018 looking good just missing a winger, prop and some depth.

    1 T Trbojevic
    2 ?
    3 Walker
    4 Parker
    5 Uate
    6 Green
    7 Cherry-Evans
    8 ?
    9 Koroisau
    10 Taupau
    11 Winterstein
    12 Sironen
    13 J Trbojevic

    14 ?
    15 Perrett
    16 ?
    17 Fonua-Blake

    Really like our winger to be a goal kicker, wrights doing a good job but we need a game breaker with speed. Although DCE has been kicking goals well, a bit more practice and hed be averaging 80-90%

    • Come on, Taufua has to be in your line up. His carries was so massive and really helped us get out of our 20, his work rate is high with his carries. He’s a great finisher as well, he’s scored some unbelievable tries for us. I really do hope Baz re-signs Jorge IMO. Also like to see Manly target Klemmer, he would be massive with us.

      1. Tom Trbojevic
      2. Jorge Taufua
      3. Dylan Walker
      4. Brad Parker
      5. Akulia Uate
      6. Blake Green
      7. Daly Cherry Evans
      8. David Klemmer
      9. Api Koroisau
      10. Marty Taupau
      11. Frank Winterstein
      12. Curtis Sironen
      13. Jake Trbojevic

      14. Jackson Hastings
      15. Lloyd Perrett
      16. Addin Fonua Blake
      17. Toafofoa Sipley

      • Why is everyone forgetting Brian Kelly all of a sudden. He just needs a rest, I said on here bout month ago he looking a bit tired, he’ll be back bigger and better next year. Parker has been real good too but might just have to wait a bit longer. Hoping they resign taufau also he was greatvtjis year. We do need a big forward, yep klemmer be great and another impact forward yep paasi be good also. And just add some depth on backs and and good to go. Thought bloke from parra that debuted for us on Sunday went well to be given another shot, and also taniela paseka from 20’s

    • I’ve heard that you guys were thinking of signing Agnatius Paasi. He would be a great impact forward off the bench for you guys should he stay clear of injury. But hopefully he re-signs with us.

      • Paasi would be great! Start Taupau then bring on Paasi to take over the charge!
        My guess is Tagatase would fill a bench forward role, but that still leaves us without a quality starting prop to replace Lawrence.
        I’d love to see Paseka get a run too .

  2. Havent heard much about Paasi but he would be an awesome addition.

    1. Turbo
    2. Wright (if Taufua is moved on)
    3. Kelly
    4. Walker
    5. Uate
    6. Green (Tom wright in a year)
    7. DCE
    8. Graham (buy him for cheap from the dogs)
    9. Korosiau
    10. Taupau
    11. Winterstien
    12. Sironen
    13. J Turbo

    14. J Lussick
    15. Paseka
    16. Fonua Blake
    17. D Lussick

  3. Ok since we all seem to be doing it I’m in
    1. Turbo
    2. Taufau/ ( kelly) if taufau goes
    3. Walker
    5. Uate
    6. Green
    7. Dce
    8. Klemmer ( in house Lussick)
    9. API
    10. Taupau
    11. Winterstein
    12. Sironen
    13. Jake
    14. Hastings
    15. Lane
    16. AFB
    17. Paseka/ tanginoa/ paassi.
    We prob need a big name forward signed another decent prop signed for depth and a first grade quality wing/centre for decent depth. Haven’t heard much on us signing anyone, but would be happy if we through a good wad of cash at klemmer or would love RCG doubt they will happen and feel we will have to wait til 2019 for some big signings.

    • Your forgetting Sipley as well. The u20 kiwi prop.

      Still would have in excess of $1m to spend so there has to be a couple of big names coming. Think Bozo is just waiting for the fire sale to begin…

      • Yeah don’t know much about sipley to he honest.. has to he money to spend, I know trobovics got upgraded big but really snake matai and killer money should be around still. Hoping we can grab a couple with the sales that will have to come, but the right ones. Not James graham he’s over it. Definetely not tagatese. Klemmer is ideal, just don’t think he is available, just a waiting game now, apart from knights we must be under the cap the most once snakes and matais money is free

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