BATHURST, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 30: Curtis Scott of the Storm watches on during the round three NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the Melbourne Storm at Carrington Park on March 30, 2019 in Bathurst, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Raiders recruit Curtis Scott has been handed his seventh charge by police in regard to his arrest at Moore Park.

Scott’s lawyer Sam Macedone – who recently took over the case from Danny Eid – said he didn’t “know why it was added”.

“I dare say it was added just before Danny Eid was replaced by me, so I can see where it sort of fits in with what the police are alleging,” Macedone told¬†The Sydney Morning Herald.

“However, legally, whether it can be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt is something else” Macedone said.

Macedone also revealed that the police have added to their description of the events that took place at the scene, including the latest charge.

The second statement includes the extra charge that has now been laid. Whether I agree with what’s in those statements of facts as opposed to what I see in a video is another thing,”¬† Macedone said. “That’s just the police version, the best guess of what they think happened. But what I look for is the evidence.

“Look at everyone’s statements, look at what people say, look at any video images that are available, and then make up your mind as to what actually happened.”

Macedone also revealed that he was directly contacted by Canberra’s chief executive Don Furner to take on the case after Scott split with original lawyer Eid last week.

“Look, I don’t know why there was a move from Danny to myself. There’s speculation around but I don’t deal in speculation,” Mr Macedone said.

“It’s just a matter of someone thought that I could do it. I think Danny’s a very capable person. I have no problems with Danny and his ability and I think he would have done a great job, but somehow it’s landed on my shoulders now. And I need to do a great job as well.”

Scott had allegedly been pepper-sprayed, tasered and handcuffed in Moore Park during Australia Day weekend. The police allege that Scott assaulted two police officers and were called to the scene by security at the SCG.

Macedone said he supported Eid’s decision to plead not guilty for all six original charges, but would look to review the charge against Scott of remaining on and enter Trust lands after a request to leave.

Scott was charged with two counts of assaulting an officer, remaining on Trust lands after being requested to leave and acting in an offensive or indecent manner.

Police have now looked to add an additional charge – behaving in an offensive manner in a public place or school.

With CCTV footage from the SCG reportedly seen as unhelpful evidence, the defense will rely on four body-worn cameras by four police officers involved at the scene.

Scott is currently waiting to hear from the NRL whether he will be stood down or allowed to play while the case remains ongoing.

“My main concern is to sort out Curtis’s playing future and then deal with the legal matters at another time, if that’s possible, or try and resolve it all together,” Mr Macedone said.

“I have to talk with the integrity commission next and see what, what else needs to be done to get this matter resolved. I mean, the season is about to start. So we really want to put everything in place that we can.”


  1. If he was playing for Russ Crowes rabbits I’d say he would have been free to play with a….. one on one Nana Glen…… face to face…… bag of money……. to the officer involved exchange, and it would have been swept under the carpet with all Soufths other offenders.

    Looks to me this young hot head needs to be stood down by the NRL while it continues through the court system. We do not want our children attacking Police Officers when they grow up. Time to ban this player now Greenberge.

  2. I thought you were banned woody.
    Also that’s funny hearing a Roosters supporter whine about another team getting favorable decisions from the NRL or the “integrity commission”.

  3. Another article that has nothing to do with Souths and mark.woody shows us once again just how big that chip on his shoulder has grown, some people just don’t get it, move on son get over it.

  4. Mark.mywords, verbal diarrhea is a serious condition, as is foot in mouth disease. I suggest you go and seek urgent medical treatment.

  5. I think mark is correct. This nobby needs to be stood down immediately. Its obvious his previous lawyer ditched him cause its a hopeless case and he is guilty as charged.

  6. And why isn’t it an automatic stand down mr greenterdler? Surely assaulting police should deserve at least the 10 or 11 yrs jail sentence required for this mickey mouse stand policy. How soft are we in this country. Try assaulting cops in some other countries and see if you even remain alive to stand trial

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