SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 29: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks on before the round three NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on March 29, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters shopped star centre Latrell Mitchell to Toronto Wolfpack, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The reigning back-to-back premiers approached Toronto’s head of rugby Brian Noble, who was down in Australia last week scouting potential recruits.

The Roosters are looking to solve what is growing into a headache for the club as Mitchell’s decision on his future drags out.

According to the report it is unlikely that he lands in Toronto, with the club not available for comment.

Wolfpack chief executive Bob Hunter told The Sydney Morning Herald: “I have had several discussions with Brian in the last few days and Latrell’s name hasn’t been raised at all.”

Toronto recently signed Sonny Bill Williams on a massive $10 million two-year deal.

This new development adds to what has been a circus regarding Mitchell’s decision, with links made to several different clubs.


  1. and in latest news Latrell Mitchell to take $300k pay cut to stay at the Roosters. Rooster’s cap space increases allowing them to sign Josh Addo Carr who also signs on for just $250k per season, quoted as saying “Its just a club players want to play for”..

  2. What is so poisoned about this bloke. He’s refused to sign a contract extension which would commence in 12 months. Not sure where the faux pas is there. If you believe media reports it’s the roosters who are acting infantile in trying to push him out the door just because he hasn’t acceded to their apparent demand. That’s 100% normal in Rugby League and in no way disrespectful. Other than that I can’t think of anything he’s done to deem himself distasteful in any way.

  3. “Roosters shop Mitchell to Wolfpack.”
    Only problem is Latrell doesnt know anything about that.

    BTW sombrero wombats, have you read the announcement on Jai Arrow to Souths yet that I have been telling you will happen 3 week ago on ZT like I told you about CJ Mundine a week before his signing?

  4. Kev December 3, 2019 at 10:15 am
    “Mitchell has turned himself in to a poisoned chalice.
    No one wants him.”

    Kev, if you have read my post above then put a little credibility to me telling you that Latrell is going to Souths and will be announced once Sam’s cap money is available.

  5. Madamhoward November 29, 2019 at 5:20 pm
    Souths are struggling to attract anyone. Fifita, Ado-Carr, Arrow and Mitchell have all palmed the team that has poor support, poor defence, poor coaching, no forwards, no home ground and no social gatherings at a Leagues club of their own.
    Well, got that one way wrong. What’s arrow doing? 🤣
    poor support? Already 26,000 members to sombreros 8,000 🤣
    no social gatherings at a leagues club after a game? You mean like the sombreros who depend on the pokie gambling addictions destroying families in order to pay for their players fees? 😥
    No thank you.

  6. TwentyOne don’t Rabbits take money from pokies to?? Just a question not a dig I thought they did. No arguing how impressive members numbers are

  7. Madamhoward December 2, 2019 at 4:24 pm
    “I have heard it on extremely good authority that Latrell Mitchell is not going anywhere. He is staying put at the Sydney Premiers where he is contracted for 2020.”

    Madamhoward is this the same “good authority” that told you Jai Arrow won’t be signing with Souths? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. isdonisgood December 3, 2019 at 11:50 am
    “TwentyOne don’t Rabbits take money from pokies to?? Just a question not a dig I thought they did. No arguing how impressive members numbers are”

    Ok isdonisgood seems like a fare question.
    No, Souths dont raise money for players fees from pokies like the roosters depend on.
    Souths have already raised $4m this year from 25,000 memberships and predicting to surpass 30,000 once Latrell is announced after sam’s cap release.

  9. Naveenisgod. December 3, 2019 at 11:24 am
    “why do souffs bulk up there membership numbers with dogs, cats and budgies ??”

    Well NaveenisaWombat, thats a lot of dogs, cats and budgies to get to Souths current $4m compared to the sombreros current membership revenue of 320k derived from 8000 x $40.00.
    Why do you think the sombreros rely so heavily on poker machine revenue?

  10. The bit that is distasteful is rejecting a great offer to stay in probably the best team in the NRL (or close to), so he could get a couple hundred thousand dollars extra a year of some overpaying poor sap of team’s money (thus distorting their cap, considerably) to fight to just getting into the top 8. This is on top of barely looking like he cared about the game for half a premiership winning season. Basically turning into a mercenary for the top dollar, ala Jarryd Hayne. All things he is completely entitled to do, but equally so for the public to start to see him as more of a mercenary. Again, he is entitled to do it – as we are to think less of him for his choices. Life isn’t about sucking up every dollar at the expense of having a great experience, after all.

  11. Sorry TwentyOne, but no team uses pokie money to pay “player fees”. The NRL grant more than covers the cap, from which players are paid.

    Pokie money makes up the club grant given to NRL teams by leagues clubs, but that money is not allocated to player payments. Maybe a technicality, but if you are going to attack a team, at least get the facts right.

  12. Who is making these stories up now ?

    For a fact, Toronto have 1 marquee player space available, they want a high profile player who is going to enhance their name in CANADA, is going to attract new fans and sponsors. They want someone who is going to help make their broadcast rights more attractive and if they can play footy then that is OK too.

    They don’t want a player who nobody outside of Australia has ever heard of (like Mitchell)
    They don’t want a player with attitude ((like Mitchell)
    They don’t want a player who will whinge about the Canadian National Anthem and won’t sing it (like Mitchell)
    They don’t want a player (like Mitchell) who will give them even the slightest bit of bad press
    and they don’t want a player on $1 mil plus simply to play football.

    I can pretty much guarantee that Mr Mitchell will not be playing for Toronto in a few months time no matter who shops him around.

  13. Wont be going to Toronto but just informed Souths pulled the pin on Latrell after what is believed to be a request to meet titans offer.
    Anyway as I said 3 weeks ago Arrow done deal.
    Fifita looking good for Souths now.

  14. Hahaha how funny is this.

    TwentOne has just changed his story on Latrell’s “done deal” with Souths. Just like all Rooster fans have been trying to educate your thick mind TwentyOne, Mitchell ain’t going to be a rabbit.

    Arrow is not going to Souths either. His prefrence is to win a premiership on the beautiful Gold Coast, the GC have upped the ante and increased their offer. No top shelf players are interested in the slums and industrual area of souths pathetic neighborhood.

    A true fool braggs about his predictions before they actually happen, undoubtedly just as TwentyOne has.

    Hahaha a true TWlT ninkinpoop is this fool of all fools named TwnetyOne. Hahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  15. ….HOW FUNNY IS THIS…..

    First TwentyOne said Latrell at Souths is a done deal and not even four hours later like the old woman that she is has changed her mind to Souths have pulled the pin.

    From this…….
    December 3, 2019 at 11:22
    “Latrell is going to Souths and will be announced once Sam’s cap money is available.”

    To this……
    December 3, 2019 at 3:29 pm
    “Wont be going to Souths who pulled the pin on Latrell after what is believed to be a request to meet Titans offer.


    You are the laughingstock of ZT with your utter insolence and madness.

  16. Toddy

    Its not about who he is, its about who they are and its about respect !

    If he is playing for the Wolfpack, he would be expected to show respect to the club, to Toronto and to Canada and as part of that respect would be the expectation that he would sing the Canadian National Anthem.

    The Wolfpack are about big business and about showmanship. Sonny Bill is being paid 10 mil not for what he brings as a Rugby League player but for what he brings as a showman and as an entertainer and I will bet the tv cameras will be trained on Sonny when he sings the C N.A. If Laterell were to join the Wolfpack, he would be expected to do the same.

    And Toddy, just because you do not understand my post does not make it stupid!

  17. Looks like butters is well behind the eight ball. Mitchell is treating all club officialdom with contempt and disrespect.

    Roosters were bluntly told by Mitchell that he wants a million and the fullback job, Roosters said theirs the front door. We have Teddy best fullback in the known universe.

    Canterbury said we will pay you 10m over 10 years, Mitchell said I want to play fullback, Canterbury showed him the front door.

    Tigers said come to us for 950k and play fullback. Mitchell did not even have the decency to get back to them. Showed himself the front door.

    Gold Coast say we want to talk and will make you fullback and a million but go quite after concentrating on retaining Arrow.

    Wests just announce they want him to ring them for the fullback spot. But he dont give to hoots. It has been reported by felliw Aussie rep players that he is burnt out, claiming tge presure is to much and the season is to long.

    Robo got the very best from a lazy player, I feel sorry for the club that signs him, he will take the money and take a back seat until he is 30, then retire.

  18. Madamhoward December 3, 2019 at 4:17 pm
    “Hahaha how funny is this.”
    No second prizes, now just admit you have made a fool of yourself with stupid insider rubbish yet try to overlook my 2 correct ones with more fairy tales.

  19. Honour your Roosters contact Latrell then join Souths or Cowboys in 2021 . Either club would be your best fit.

  20. I highly doubt SBW will be singing the Canadian national anthem. A foreigner does not need to sing the anthem to show respect.

  21. So all the Tonga Samoan Fiji Maori and English players should be singing the Australian anthem? Did all the English players from the raiders sing the Australian anthem on grand final day??

  22. Toddy

    I am not making a comment on the situation with Australian clubs just about Toronto where the situation is very different. If all the none Canadian Toronto players refused to sing the Canadian N. A. because it wasn’t theirs, there would be a deathly silence. That would be a terrible look on tv when you are trying to build a new sport from nothing. So the club would be unlikely to permit that sort of boycott.

  23. Rucky… It isn’t a boycott if players who aren’t from Canada don’t sing the Canadian national anthem. It would be disrespectful to SBW to make him sing an anthem for a country he doesn’t represent.

  24. Mark.mywords
    Regarding singing the Australian national anthem, what are they singing about?
    You say they walked around bare footed and eating raw meat?
    A little hypothetical given you we eating baked beans on toast and jam sandwiches for dinner until the Europeans came and showed you what real food looks like.
    How often do you sing the greek national anthem?

  25. C’mon mitchell please leave the mighty roosters now. We will be better off without you. Please go to souffs. Please!!!

  26. C’mon mitchell please leave the mighty roosters now. We will be better off without you. Please go to souffs. Please!!!

  27. So should you be singing god save the queen still? Or should you be singing the American anthem. USA stopped the war with the big bomb. You do realise markmywords that the indigenous fought in both the war too. Only to come back home and be told they weren’t allowed to vote or own land

  28. TWATyone you were WRONG about ado carr….very quiet about that now hey? Nice to see the vermin paying out overs for another “soufs junior”….but no, that can’t be!…..
    soufs are beyond reproach when it comes to poaching other team’s players….because they have so many of their own young forwards to chose from…you’re full of crap girlfriend….when are you going to realise your dump of a club is no better than any of the other 15….league is a business nowadays. BTW, BIG turn around there on latrell going to deadfern…awww and you were sooooo sure 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  29. timtam
    December 4, 2019 at 8:13 am
    “TWATyone you were WRONG about ado carr….very quiet about that now hey?”

    Really timtam? Stay tuned.
    Any update on Jai Arrow?🤣🤣🤣
    I think you should go easy on the gefilta fish and the matzoh ball soup heeby.

  30. Well yeah…REALLY! ….cos you’re always banging on about Easts poaching players and having to pay $$$$$$$$ to get anyone to our club…..seems to me Arrow is only going to the deadfern because fat rusty is parking a F tonne of money under his nose as a “carrot” to lure him into becoming the next overpaid (non soufs jnr) wabbit…..😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  31. timmah December 4, 2019 at 12:31 pm
    “Well yeah…REALLY! ….cos you’re always banging on about Easts poaching players and having to pay $$$$$$$$ to get anyone to our club…..”

    timtam its no secret your easts whatever they call themselves for now are known not only as the poach kings of the NRL but the cap sombreros as well.
    Believe it or not, Souths are actually capable of securing quality talent, the difference being in doing so remain within the cap limit space.
    Regardless, coming up against a club that the majority of NRL fans view as cap cheats will always be hard to compete against as we have come to witness.

  32. A senile old git of a coach, having to BUY other club’s juniors, players only coming to your stain of a club because crowe BUYS their loyalty, a 5/8 who doesn’t even want to be there and forward pack as soft as a koala’s underbelly- all adds up to the toothless vermin, and their toothless supporters having to suffer another miserable year of CHOKING in 2020!!! I can’t wait to see that priceless look on Rusty’s face AGAIN, when his beloved wabbits bow out of the finals ….if they even make the 8, that is. 😂😁😂🤣😂

  33. Timmah that silly girl TwentyOne has been made to look very foolish by himself after her out of form Nostradamus prophecies.
    Really satisfying watching her trying to squirm out of her garbage predictions.
    Keep up the unbiased fair chastising of this ignoramus dunderhead clod.

    Also on news tonight Latrell Mitchell appears to be coming down from the famous Taree .magic.mushrooms. He has posted how he wants the Roosters to take him back.

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