SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 23: Jake Friend of the Roosters warms up before the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on September 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The cashed-up Sydney Roosters have wasted no time since the departure of Mitchell Pearce, extending the futures of Jake Friend and Luke Keary.

Friend, Rooster’s co-captain, extended his stay for a further two seasons, whilst Keary put pen to paper on a new three-year deal.

Friend will see out his twelfth year in the tricolours, playing on until 2020, after he made his debut in 2008. Whilst Keary will remain until 2021, with the Bondi club solving their long-term halves puzzle.

The Roosters will wrap up an incredible signing coup this season, with James Tedesco and Cooper Cronk headlining their illustrious list of recruits.

The news comes two weeks after the Roosters granted Mitchell Pearce a release from the club.

Both Jake Friend and Luke Keary were facing an uncertain future – during the period of negotiations with Cronk – however, the final result has secured their futures on lucrative deals.

The Roosters have also re-signed young powerhouse Isaac Liu for another three years this week.


  1. Friend and Keary have re-signed for the Roosters so that means even less money should be left on the Roosters salary cap. Jake Friend is the club captain, has played for Australia (Four Nations ) and is part of the extended QLD SOO squad, while Keary finished 4th overall on the 2017 Dally M final standings. Both players should have a number of clubs interested in signing them I would think. So what is their “market value” I wonder? I guess when you play for the Roosters your market value is whatever Nick Politis says it is. Given the over-inflated state of current player payments in the current market I would guess around $1 mill for the two combined. Add $1 mill for Cronk and $1 mill for Tedesco and that is $3 mill off the Roosters salary cap just for 4 players. With Crichton expected to get in excess of $800K it is only natural to assume that the Roosters would have plenty of room left under their ceilingless salary cap.

  2. Let Crichton go SSTID, he has been offered future captaincy of Souths and a hefty contract, lets be real here, we are offering him everything to be a great Souths player and if he can’t fathom that i say get rid rid of him, no seriously SSTID, look at the offer Souths have put to him, the future captaincy of the greatest club in rugby league , the oldest most successful club is not enough to entice him to sign says to me, him, let him go to a club that has no respect through the league world, we will get by without him, PLUS, he is still not a provan player, only potential, nah, sorry, my feeling is let him go, if he doesn’t want to sign now then let him be a mercenary player in the future after Easts get rid of him when he doesn’t come up to their expectations.

    • penso, we still don’t know that Crichton isn’t going to end up taking this offer and be happy to stay where he is. If that doesn’t happen then we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Souths will survive as they have for 110 years (albeit 2 in oblivion) and still be “the Pride of the League” and covered in Glory, Glory to South Sydney. 😉

        • Don’t sweat it penso I “knock on” so much people call me “fumbles^. I hear that’s Tom Burgess”s new nicknames btw. 😂

          I just couldn’t miss the opportunity for the revolving door “let it go” return of serve. 😉

        • It will be your turn eels47 to supply the jokes when the “Hayne plane” goes into a nose dive and crashes in 2018 assuming of course that your covert little “agreement” with the NRL doesn’t spiral out of control first.

          Come on Elsa, start singing; “Let it go! Let it go!” 🎵🎶🎵 ⛄❄


  3. Just good managment of the cap and tpa’s by the Roosters .. nothing to see here.
    What’s the latest in manlys salary cap scandal ? Thats where you should be looking.. 😉

  4. Well it says it for several clubs re salary caps. There is no way Hayne went to the Eels for $500k, other clubs would have snapped him up for more than that… All deals are not just money deals now, Clubs can only afford players now with 2nd, 3rd and 4th party deals included… we will never hear about them tho.

    • But the argument is that the players fair market value has to be against the salary cap excluding TPA’s. At least the chooks paid both Tedesco and Cronk a fair “market value” price ($1 mill each) but something fishy is happening at the bottom of the Parramatta river with the eels and their “bottom of the harbour” scheme drawn up by the NRL as chief architect and key beneficiary.

      Artfully done by the “NRL managed Titans” though who were able to free up around $700K plus on their salary cap and get a more consistent player (Michael Gordon) for less than half price! All in all the Titans (and the NRL) came out pretty well in all of this.

      What do you think about this Geoff Toovey?

      “There’s gotta be an investigation into this! Someone’s gotta be accountable for this!” – Geoff Toovey

      Ask the the NRL to investigate who? Themselves? Now THAT’s revolutionary Geoff, here have a blue pill and go back to sleep. Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • I understand Kev. “Nothing to see here. Smile and wave boys! Smile and wave! Gottcha. 😉

          So how does this work Kev, do I lift while you sweep or visa versa? As a Souths fan I have no experience to draw on so you have to help me out. 😂

      • Ok, so I got in trouble for attacking Souths, but you can attack Parra at will. You say that as Souths were kicked out of the comp they do everything by the book now as they appreciate being back. I say that Parra learnt from their mistakes and would not be silly enough to try and skirt the rules again (at least not this soon, they will eventually). You constantly call for FACTS, so provide to me the FACTS that Parra have done anything wrong here. They believe that Hayne’s value is $500k (or 600, depending on what you read), and offered him that. Please explain how they have done anything wrong here?

        • “Ok, so I got in trouble for attacking Souths, but you can attack Parra at will.”

          Now you get it. Yes that’s it exactly. 😂

          I think it is the NRL that has done something wrong but we have been over that ad nauseam already.

          Just having a laugh mate. Stand down. A chooks supporter tried to divert the spotlight away from the Roosters to the Eels. I saw an opportunity to bait rwo birds with one barb.

          I never got that song btw. 😉

  5. The issues the Roosters have next year is that they will have no reliable goal kicker..
    Another player they let go before his contract expired…
    Having no kicker could come back and bite them… it has done so in the past.

    • “no reliable goal kicker”

      Poor chooks must be doing it tough then. Don’t worry with the Roosters bankroll and limitless cap you will probably sign Lionel Messi. It may cost the Roosters upwards of $70 mill a year but I’m sure they have the cap room and you won’t have to worry about scoring goals any more! Bahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. Sick and bloody tired of you jealous bastards rubbishing the Roosters because we have good management and good corporate support.
    FFS If the Roosters were really cheating the cap the NRL would be fools to ignore it!!
    We don’t have all our players on Million Dollar Contracts or have to pay OVERS like a lot of clubs do to attract players, take Mitch Aubason, he is on only $280k and other players on less than that.
    I for one would love to see all TPA’s eradicated from the game but until such times some teams will always be in a better position so why not use the system, if the NRL want to control then STOP IT ALTOGETHER….

    Well done Roosters on a couple of good signings and to all the so called financial experts take a good look at what your club is doing, buy their merchandise and memberships to give them the $$$’s to compete against good clubs or just stop your whinging…

    • Souths have the $$’s (unless you think Uncle Nick can outbid James Packer and Russell Crowe). It’s just that Souths are restricted by a salary cap and the Roosters clearly aren’t. Souths also have triple your membership and crowd attendance so I wouldn’t go crowing too loudly if I were you. The chooks may have bought a premiership in 2013 and think they are about to do the same 5 years later but it hasn’t happened yet so don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

      • @SSTID_1970

        Just a couple of facts I thought you might find interesting:

        Souths 2017 Average Crowd Attendance – 10,903
        Roosters 2017 Average Crows Attendance – 15,387

        Souths 2017 Membership – 30,454 (hardly three times more than the Roosters)
        Roosters 2017 Membership – 16,002

        Non South Sydney NYC Players who featured in their 2014 NRL GF Win – 7
        Non Roosters NYC Players who featured in their 2013 NRL GF Win – 9

      • Your ignorance is next level.

        Souths wouldn’t of even been close to winning in 2014 if it wasn’t for the players they bought in the likes of Australian international and NRL superstar Inglis, English international Sam Burgess and his brothers (when Tom & George could actually hold onto the ball), Queensland rep Te’o etc

        Fact is most teams have to buy success in some way, that’s just how sport works.

        If Souths didn’t go and buy some current rep players to bolster their squad which peaked in 2014 then you 100% still be waiting for them to end a premiership drought that would most likely of exceeded 50 years 😂😂😂

        And before you reply with “but there were X number of juniors in the grandfinal team etc” the fact is those juniors alone would not of won you your long awaited premiership.

        The already rep players you bought were directly responsible for the 2014 premiership and that’s a fact.

        Be grateful your club was able to buy a premiership to end their drought and move on.

      • Oh looky I’ve got mail. And 2 new profiles that have never posted on ZT before have gone to all the trouble to create an account and send me a long love letter for their very first post.

        “Deidre Chambers. What a coincidence.”

        Pity I won’t be reading them as experience has proven tr0lls hide behind new profiles that seem to always follow me around.

        Is that you 3chooks? Couldn’t you decide on just one profile name for your new club the Roosters? I thought 3chooks was the one we decided on?

        Look MW47, 2 new “groupies”. Mate it’s beginning to feel like we are in a rock band! 🎤🎸🎶🎵 😂😂😂

        • @STD (knew that’ll get your attention)

          Just because I don’t comment as often as you do doesn’t discredit anything said.

          In fact I’ve been visiting this site long before the comments section got infected by a 47 year old STD.

          I was reading before “foreverinourshadow” was a thing but at least he was kinda funny.

          Your constant crying, complaining, whinging and one-eyed ignorance has gotten very boring and I’m sure like most other readers, I skip over most of your crap when reading over comments.

          Some people have better things to do with their lives than write paragraphs on every article whinging about the same thing.

          So excuse my lack of activity in the last 7 odd years here but I just like to clear up facts that your ignorance blinds your from because you really embarrass yourself sometimes with how you carry on.

          PS I’m sure we can agree the NRL needs to reintroduce Roosters vs Rabbitohs as a round 1 fixture and keep the rivalry alive

          PPS I’d love to see Crichton in the red, white and blue… running off Cronk and setting up Tedesco to score… that sounds a lot like the premiership ring Gus is after to me

        • 3chooks is easier to type so I will stick with that then. Sorry but I still won’t read your dribble. You’re not worthy of my time. Now disappear “shadow”. 😂

        • I would have had more respect for you 3hats if you at least had the guts to face me head on, or is it your voldemort overlord this time? How do you keep track of SO many fake profiles. Pity neither of you had the guts or tge ability to make your stand consistently behind tge same profile. Only cowards hide.

        • SSTID: Presume you are referring to me. Why is it you get so upset with “name calling,” yet you yourself feel perfectly justified in routinely doing the same, even when I & others haven’t even posted?

          No surprise, I totally support this assessment above. Can’t take credit for it though.

          Letting paranoia get the better of you yet again.

        • Why would you presume that danielle? Guilty conscience? It stands to reason though that anyone who was deceitful enough to hide behind multiple profiles would lack the scruples or intestinal fortitude to admit to it. Your lack of credibility on this site makes it hard to believe anything you say.

          As for siding with an opinion you already posted, well that’s a little redundant don’t you think? Now back to the shadows with you, there is still daylight left and no one here (real profiles) hasany intetest in anything you have to say. Bye!

        • Mmm I asked you some questions last week , you didn’t answer one , from the tone of your post it appears your receiving counseling great start now all you need to to is let go and ignore those who post that grind you , but you only ever respond to one person who posts , forget everything I’ve just stated , your hypocrisy is mind blowing , does this web page only displays SSTID’s posts , ? There the only poor victim you constantly go for

        • I have no reason for a guilty conscience. You’ve been calling me that childish name for a long time. More often than not when I haven’t even posted.

        • MW47: SSTID mentioned me, yet again. Not the other way around.

          You are also awfully sensitive about people “getting personal” & “name calling.” Why is it the pair of you think it’s fine for you do it?

          I was merely responding to yet another false accusation.

          You want me to stop posting after SSTID’s posts?

          How about you stop posting after mine?

        • @STD funny how you are so quick to dismiss legitimate comments. I know you read everything I wrote and glad to have a reasonable conversation but you’re too childish, stubborn and ignorant to acknowledge anyone with facts that go against your extremely bias and one-eyed views.

        • Just before a thunderstorm there’s a smell in the air , similarly just before you post , that smell being “new” handles , it’s so obvious there’s a theme every single time , you can’t deny it , New handle , provocation, then you pop in , same routine, now is there anything about football your prepared to contribute? An opinion maybe ? A view on possible direction? Nah , same ole out of tune trumpet , lucky there’s enough wind in you 😂

        • I know how much the pair of you want that to be true; it’s simply not. I have only one username & have never felt the need to post under another.

          But, believe what you want – I really don’t care. In fact, I started to find your jointly shared paranoia comical quite some time ago.

          How many usernames am I up to now? 20? 30? 150?

        • “believe what you want – I really don’t care”

          Yet you continue to interject over and over again without your profile name being mentioned. Why?

          “have never felt the need to post under another.”

          That at least seems consistent. You barely find the need to post under the one you use now and when you do it is an acrimonious diatribe full of vitriol and almost exclusively aimed at myself. Never one word of relevance concerning RL or the current story and nothing of substance in any case.

          “How many usernames am I up to now? 20? 30? 150?”

          I can’t believe you actually lost count! 😂😂😂

        • “Acrimonious diatribe full of vitriol” – rich coming from YOU.

          Stop the name-calling when I haven’t even posted & I might just back off. It is just a tad provocative, wouldn’t you say?

          MW47: You want my league-based opinion on all your posts over the last few days? If I truly believed the NRL was corrupt to the extent you two do, I wouldn’t support it. FULL STOP.

        • Dan , my views on the refs “interpretations” and what I viewed during semi series GF and WC were 2 weeks ago 😂, it’s quite obvious you don’t read what I post just read what you want to read then attack , you must live in darkness , underground like a “naked mole rat” ! You just proved how shallow you really are , I said last week I felt sorry for you and nothings changed

        • Just like I said MW47, “acrimonious diatribe full of vitriol… never one word of relevance concerning RL or the current story and nothing of substance in any case.”

          Your honour, I rest my case! I ask that for a directed verdict in this case as the accused has damned herself with her own words!

        • I ask for a directed verdict… sorry your honour (first case), didn’t think it would be THIS easy. Bahahahahahahaha

        • I haven’t posted over the “ last few days” 😂😂😂
          My last opinions where based around Hodkinson, Carney , Groupies and memberships , 😂😂😂 next time research before you answer , just like your capacity to recite Shakespeare, fraud 😂😂

        • Actually MW47 I believe the term mole-rat is hyphenated as it a compound noun joining two disparate creatures. The naked refers to the fact that the poor creature is completely devoid of hair or fur and to be quite honest, once I googled it, I have to say I think we found our match! No wonder it hides from the light in a dark little hole. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • You don’t have an opinion, you can’t deliver your opinion unless it’s to me or SSTID, you don’t engage unless it’s to shoot at me or SSTID, you don’t ever state a view or opinion on your club / state of the game , you just linger like a pilot fish , you have nothing you are nothing, your an empty vessel , if SSTID or myself left today you to would disappear, without us you can’t survive, you have nothing 😂😂😂😂😂

        • ??? I just gave you my opinion. Was it too succinct for you to comprehend?

          Or was it that I directed my opinion to you, having been requested it? Was I supposed to preface it with: “Dear ZT Readers.”


        • Your thoughts then “Alex Forrest” (“Fatal Attraction”) on this story, the re-signing of Luke Keary and Jake Friend by the Roosters (in case you had not even bothered to read the story just scan the posts for my profile name).

        • Do you have any thoughts about the Roosters salary cap in light of their recent multiple marquee signings?
          Do you think that they are salary cap compliant or are they over the salary cap?

          Do you think Todd Carney should be allowed back in the NRL? Do you think Carney is worth the risk, can he help Manly? Which 10 players do YOU think failed to live up to their potential and why?

        • Let’s discuss Jarryd Hayne’s return to the NRL, your evaluation of his form and which is his best position IYO and why?

        • Oh, give me a moment to scan for your profile because I couldn’t possibly develop an opinion without it.

          &, seriously? Have a look back over your posts. I gave an opinion quite a few posts back & look how the pair of you responded.

          You’ve made yourself perfectly clear. And, in doing so, you’ve illustrated mine perfectly.

          Don’t worry though – I wouldn’t dare “get personal” or resort to “name-calling.”

          I’ll leave that to you two seeing as you both share a patent on that.

        • Do you think the latest Jarryd Hayne signing by the Eels was fair and reasonable given the conflict of interest for the NRL who control the Titans and found a way to free up salary cap room for a more consistent player?
          Is it fair that the Eels paid less than half the salary of Hayne’s existing contract with the Titans? Either answer, explain why?

          I have tried to keep these questions “succinct and easy for you to comprehend”.

          The ball is in your court and the clock is ticking. Both MW47 and myself (and most other genuine profiles) could answer these before going to bed. The ball is in your court and the clock is ticking… tick tock, tick tock

        • DON’T avoid the questions. This is your chance to PROVE you are genuine and not just a tr0ll that is only here to stir up trouble. MW47 is right, you don’t seek to engage with any other profiles but ours and you have only criticised and attacked us both from day one. Do you have ANY clue about RL and if not and your only interest is to provoke others then just go. This is a genuine opportunity for you to show all of ZT that I am WRONG about you. Up to the challenge?

        • Good start, now elaborate. Is it fair that a player can walk out on a legally binding contract and if so what is the purpose of having a contract in the first place?

        • You keep using words like “attack” – can you not see what you do almost on a daily basis when someone disagrees with you???

          Oh, yeah, sorry – they are ALL me.

          I don’t have to prove a thing to you. This is not your personal chatroom.

          As for tr0lling, look back over YOUR posts.

        • Put simply, in real world terms, if you make an offer on a house and sign a legally binding contract for $1.2 mill (signed by the vendor as well) is it fair for me to come along and make an offer for $500K and take the property from under you?

        • Players have the upper hand with contracts: who wants a player who doesn’t want to play for them.

          I sympathise with clubs when this happens because they don’t have a choice really but to try to maximimise on what’s left of a disappointing outcome.

        • Stick to the questions danielle and don’t vacillate. You made a good start now continue and prove me wrong. Isn’t that always your ultimate goal? So am I right about you or not? My youngest child could have given the same response as your previous answer. You will have to work harder than that. Are you up to the challenge or was that only a token effort? I am not calling you names, I am giving you an opportunity to prove me wrong. Isn’t that what you want?

        • So is it RIGHT that a player can break a legally binding contract on a whim? Is it right for me to “reverse gazump” you and buy a property for half it’s value if you have a legally binding contract in place? Are players above the law?

        • We posted at the same time so “My youngest child could have given the same response” was for this answer:

          “I think Hayne has had an ordinary year so, yes, I think the signing is fair.”

        • It becomes legally “right” when both parties agree to terminate.

          You are in fact asking me if it is morally right that a player forces the hand of their club.

        • It is not such a good idea to compare a service based contract to property based. The latter is way more black & white. The law recognises that people are not property & circumstances, even if not written into legal contracts, carry weight in any post-contract agreement legal proceedings.

        • As you say “both parties agree to terminate” only because one party (often the player) decides they want out and uses substandard performances to twist the clubs arm. In the end the clubs have no choice but to make the most of it but it is not legal IF contract ARE legally binding.

          Let’s not get bogged down on this one issue. I have asked a number of other questions relevant to the recent stories and events in the game. Chose your next question…

        • “It is not such a good idea to compare a service based contract to property based. ”

          True, but I was attempting to make this “real world” to make it more accessible to discussion. Next question…

        • There were a number of questions asked and we were stuck on one that was not too in depth on the actual game to be honest. I don’t intend to be up ALL night. Pick another question or should I open the mystery envelope?

        • Make this the last one but it is BIG and encompassing. It is not a question about the technical aspects of the game or the rules but rather the bigger picture.

          What are your thoughts on the current salary cap/TPA system, is this fair for struggling clubs or designed to force them into oblivion? Do you agree that the game (RL) needs to expand? Can it support more teams IYO or do some teams need to go and how would that be best decided?

        • I sadly think my own beloved team is headed for oblivion in the next 20-30 yrs. Tradition means zilch now because, while it may contribute HUGELY to community spirit etc, it doesn’t do the same for profits. In fact, the essence of that history is that there were to be NO profits.

        • “I sadly think my own beloved team is headed for oblivion in the next 20-30 yrs.”

          Sadly I think the number of Sydney based clubs will be halved, either merged into a hybrid like the West Tigers, relocated to Perth (like I am guessing will be South Sydney) or consigned to oblivion. The Broncos are the safest team in the competition in terms of the NRL needing them (and another Brisbane) club to keep the competition a national one. I don’t believe the Warriors have a place in an Australian national competition which is now seeking to include teams like PNG and Fiji… it won’t work.

          You have not addressed the current salary cap and TPA system, or voiced an opinion on whether it is fair or just favouring clubs with larger demographics (i.e. Brisbane) and more corporate backing (i.e. the Roosters). You didn’t answer before whether or not you thought the Roosters were playing fair by the salary cap. Too late tonight perhaps but perhaps something to address in the future instead of waiting for an opportunity to feel outraged and snipe away.

          If you want to make a positive contribution to the site then you have the means at your disposal. It all depends on your attitude and your application.

          These are still only tentative steps but they are in a positive direction. “One small step for danielle, one giant leap for Zero Tackle!”

        • “TPA’s are equivalent to legal tax dodging.”

          On THAT at least we can agree. The system will always be an ass (in terms of TPA’s AND salary cap) as long as there is a lack of transparency and a lack of consistency in contracts and cap rulings).

        • Who ever was dictating the answers to your question went to sleep 😂 ,
          More time with there tutor may just calm things down , small steps 😂😂😂

  7. Crichton will play at the Roosters next season as will Sony Bill Williams, the Roosters will still have 1.2 mil to play with after those two. Inglis I here wants out and may head to the Roosters also. He is sick of those smelly rabbits

    • You bugger WoodChook! Foghorn Leghorn, I get the feeling you are enjoying all this limitless cap room a little too much!

      “I say it’s like a Rooster runnin’ around free without pants on. No one wants to see your giblets floppin’ around everywhere son. It’s indecent! Now gets some pants on and make sure you have a cap as well before your head gets too big boy!”

      • SSTID, I’ve read these comments too, and I’d bet they are not from a Rooster’s fan/s.

        They’re winding you up, and disgracing an RL club.

        It’s pathetic, but just let it go, and so will he/she, or maybe even they.

      • I’m just playing with them mighty, I KNOW it’s a stitch up. When it comes to Roosters supporters WoodChook is the “Foghorn Leghorn” amongst a peep of “old spinster hens”. Btw a “peep” is to chickens what a “gaggle” is to geese.

        “he/she, or maybe even they”

        I get a LOT of that on here and IF that is indeed the case then at least this one has a sense of humour. The others barely have a pulse!

        mighty, WoodChook likes to make an exhibition of himself in Mackay I here. Just google “WoodChook” and see for yourself. Bahahahahahahahahaha

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