NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 24: Boyd Cordner of the Sydney Roosters looks to pass the ball during the round 11 NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Sydney Roosters at McDonald Jones Stadium on May 24, 2019 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have applied for salary cap relief due to the extent of multiple concussions captain Boyd Cordner suffered in the 2020 NFL and Origin season, Fox Sports reports.

Cordner is likely to miss the first 12 weeks of the 2021 NRL season, with the Chooks having already requested the maximum $350,000 relief fund from the NRL.

The Roosters have previously implemented rest on the sidelines for players who have suffered concussions and it appears this time will be no different.

The 28-year-old has been given wavelengths of support by the NRL community after his decision to remain on the sidelines for the remainder of the 2020 Origin season after suffering a fourth concussion.

Teams are able to apply for salary cap relief of up to $350,000 if the respective player has injured themselves playing NRL or representative football.

If granted the relief, Cordner will be sidelined for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Cordner will be assessed by a number of experienced medical professionals provided by the club and is likely to return to the playing field if approved by the doctors at hand.

If sidelined however, it is likely the Roosters will drop back Angus Crichton and Sitili Tupouniua, filling the void left by the retired Mitch Aubusson.

Cordner has scored 50 tries in 181 appearances across his 10-year career with the Roosters.


  1. Of course the Roosters will get this relief. Also, they will be granted the exemption to play Joe. Typical scum of a club.

  2. Absolutely Crap!
    Many clubs have lost their star players during the playing year. Due to them getting injuries whilst playing for their state. Also losing their players for a year or more, when they get an injury playing for their country. After the season has ended.
    Didn’t Penrith lose Mansour for a whole season, a couple of years ago. When he did his ACL , in training with the Australian squad in England.
    It’s exactly the same thing. Penrith didn’t get any salary cap relief when that occurred. No other club has either!
    Just new rules for some clubs.
    As you said Panthers 18. New rule to allow a 17 year old to play first grade for the Roosters.
    Now a new rule to allow the perennial cap over spenders , to spend an extra $350,000 inside the cap.
    Isn’t it enough that they are one of the clubs that have wealthy backers. That pay Independent Corporate Payments to players, outside of the cap & are allowed to do that?
    That would then allow The Roosters to go out to another club. Then say , we want to buy your second rower ( or whoever ), for this season. To play first grade. For $350,000.
    Or to top up other players pay at the club, to be able to keep them there.
    It’s all shite!

  3. Just a thought for other clubs. If the Roosters get away with this con job.
    Go back some years & see who exactly your club has lost in rep games, due to injuries.
    Prepare the lists & take them to the NRL.
    Just put it to them that your club didn’t get any salary cap relief at that time, for your player being injured.
    So you want that salary cap relief available to your club now, to make up for it.
    There’s no fair argument against being given the same treatment, as the Roosters get.

  4. he was getting knocked out all year , if it happened during origin or country representation what difference would it make ? isn’t that on the club ? they let him play on even though he had concussions all year .. no doubt they will give them the compensation which is bs .. , and as eastofdivide said you could go back over the last five years or how ever long the ruling has been around and im sure you will find a list of players who have been injured during the process of origin and representative and have not been compensated , and they will definitely get the exemption for Suaalii

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