Canterbury are keen on singing Raiders star centre Joey Leilua, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Joey Leilua is contracted until the end of next season, but has been given permission to negotiate with rival clubs and will be released early if he can reach an agreement.

The 27-year old's agent asked Canberra for a contract extension, but was instead told to look elsewhere as the Raiders struggles to accommodate for his $600,000-a-season salary.

Leilua would be a huge pick up for the Bulldogs, who desperately need to beef up their backline.

It would mark the Samoan international's fourth club, having played 200 NRL games for the Roosters, Newcastle and Canberra.

It is believed that the Bulldogs would need to offload a senior player to make room for Leilua.


  1. Apparently Rapana is thinking about leaving to rugby also. Having both these guys off the books probably almost frees up 1 mil in cap space.
    They they could make that closer to 1.5 if they let Aiden Sezer leave, with George Williams and Jack Wighton likely to be the starting halves.

    With Simonsson playing so well I’d expect him to take over from Rapana meaning the club needs to bring in a centre. Zac Lomax, Euan Aiken, Esan Masters and Joseph Manu are just some centre that come off contract soon.

    With Whitehead and Bateman definitely playing in second row you don’t really need any replacements there. Maybe they plan ahead Sia Soliola is getting older maybe they replace him with a big name prop, Daniel Saifiti and Christian Welch are both off contract soon. Jai Arrow was rumoured to be talking to clubs.

    I would definitely let Leilua leave and replace him with a young gun back. Lomax would be a good start otherwise I’d take Aiken on a cheap deal. Then for a forward Arrow would be really nice but Saifiti would also be good. Maybe they get a back up utility to cover halves and hooker for off the bench like Fa’manu Brown

  2. @swa9amuff1n

    I think what is happening is the Raiders are needing more $$$ to keep Rapana

    BJ hasn’t been missed this season with Simonsson and Oldfield doing well to cover

    G Williams


  3. Sutton? Think you mean Bateman at second row. Then have Sutton over Guler on the bench.

    Personally I’d let both leave. Rapana is 30 so I would be hesitant to pay him big coin or long term. Leilua I think has already peaked, Simonsson is definitely out playing him at the moment. I would let both leave and free up the cap space (if both leave about 1 mil space). Then like I said I’d try get a young gun centre (Lomax, Aiken, Masters, Manu) on a nice long deal. Then I would let Sezer leave and bring in Saifiti for about 600k for 4 years and get a cheap replacement for Sezer like Brown.

    1. CNK
    2. Cotric
    3. Crocker
    4. Lomax/Aiken/Masters/Manu***
    5. Simonsson
    6. Wighton
    7. Williams
    8. Pappalii
    9. Hodgson
    10. Saifiti***
    11. Whitehead
    12. Bateman
    13. Tapine

    14. Brown
    15. Liu
    16. Sutton
    17. Soliola/Horsbough

    Havilli would be a great captain for the back up team. Oldfield is the reserve back. Either Soliola or Horsbough is the first reserve forward along with Guler, Young and Collins. Keep Sam Williams as my back up half.

    Let’s say Leilua leaves (600k) they gets spent of Saifiti. Rapana leaves and you spend that on a young gun centre. Then let Sezer walk and spend that on Fa Brown and keeping Sam Williams.

  4. Manu is never leaving the Roosters. Besides he is still signed for next year.
    I think Souths still have a little bit left under the cap bur not enough for Leilua. Rget already signed up some old age pensioner from Pommy Land named Goodwin.


  5. Still signed for next year means nothing especially in today’s game. Literally clubs can directly talk to the play at November 1st but everyone knows managers and reps talk to one another. Can’t see Manu leaving either but the Roosters must have next to no cap space left. Teddy BMoz Tupou Hall Mitchell Manu Keary JWH Friend Radley Aubusson Crichton Cordner Liu all on the books, something’s got to give soon

  6. Cannot see a drama. Of the players mentioned Teddy Tupou Radley Crichton Cordner Liu and Keary are signed beyond 2020.
    Of the others Aubusson will retire next year and probley BMozz as well. Hall will be let go this year if not next.
    Their main targets for extensions and upgrades will be Mitchell and Manu.
    With 2 lesser lights gone already another one going next month (300k) Tetevano not yet been offered a new contract beyond this year(300k) An increase of 200k in the cap next year and Cronks 1 million freed up there is more than enough to keep the players they want to keep.
    And if the rumors true that Penrith are after JWH to replace RCG i dont think Easts would stand in his way and that would mean another 600k freed up.

  7. All that is most likely true but currently they still have Cronk Tetevano Hall and the rest on the books and I reckon they are definitely over the cap by about 800k

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