SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 01: Aiden Sezer of the Raiders celebrates after kicking the winning field goal in golden point during the round 24 NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the Canberra Raiders at Shark Park on September 01, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

With the Brisbane Broncos having lacked a game managing halfback since Ben Hunt went south to the St George Illawarra Dragons, reports have emerged this week that Anthony Seibold has his eyes on Raiders halfback Aidan Sezer to fill the halfback slot for 2020.

Having already been linked to Melbourne's Brodie Croft as well as the under-performing Ashley Taylor, The Courier-Mail is reporting that Sezer has seemingly put himself at the front of the queue after steering the Raiders to an unlikely Grand Final appearance.

While Sezer is still contracted to the Raiders for 2020, Ricky Stuart has signed much-hyped Englishmen George Williams to play alongside Jack Wighton for 2020, leaving Sezer on the outer.

While Sezer's kicking game and game managing abilities would be missed, his potential release, if the Broncos or another club were to come in for the former Titan would release much-needed funds, allowing the Raiders to potentially re-sign the off-contract Jordan Rapana or upgrade and extend John Bateman's deal.

While he may not be a long-term option, Sezer would prove to be a more than adequate quick fix for the Broncos, with their kicking game and a general lack of a game manager there for all to see in 2019.

A modest short-term contract for Sezer would allow Tom Dearden some time to develop more physically and skill-wise before being thrust back into the all-important No.7 jersey, or it could tie Brisbane over until they go to the market and chase a big-name halfback.

With Fox Sports already reporting that English powerhouses Wigan and Huddersfield had already expressed interested in the Bulldogs junior, The Courier-Mail contacted Sezer's management to confirm the interest from Red Hill.

“Aidan has proven he’s a quality playmaker and he’s the sort of half or five-eighth who would work very well with Tom Dearden at the Broncos,” Ayoub said.

“At this stage, Aidan is happy at Canberra, but in saying that the market can change quickly and the off-season can present offers and opportunities.

“We’ve had some approaches and they are genuine expressions of interest.

“I won’t name the clubs out of respect to them but there are clubs in the NRL and overseas that have made inquiries.

“The good judges will tell you he is safe, he has a great kicking game, he is an outstanding goalkicker and is up there with the best defensive halfbacks in the game. Aidan has a lot to offer.”

While the Broncos aren't short of attacking talent with the likes of Milford, Isaako, Fifita, and Haas in their team, a player with the less flashy three aforementioned attributes listed by his management could be just what the Broncos need to take them back to the top.


  1. He is exactly what we need. Sign him to a 2 year deal and let the kids learn from him. I don’t rate Croft, at least not at this stage of his career. We need experience and direction in the halves.

  2. I’m surprised the south Sydney stain is t after Sezer they need to replace there dud halves if they want to win a grand final

  3. I’m surprised that the Cluckers aren’t trying to buy him. They’ve been out buying half after half for the last year plus. Desperately trying to buy yet another halfback to replace their last bought half Cronk. Wouldn’t surprise anyone, even though they also bought Flanagan.

  4. Sezer & the other available halves now , aren’t that good. Brisbane is getting desperate to find a decent halfback. Not being that patient with their young halves , as they expect success every year

  5. Penrith we know will not get him even though they are in need of a decent pair of halfs.
    With Maloney departing early to get out of the dump and with two overrated halfs in Cleary and Lui, not even a million dollar offer would tempt him to go there.
    No player is interested in signing at Penrith after the treatment of a vast number of superstars, being axed half way through contracts

  6. Don’t think so this second time either WoodRotDave.
    Penrith doesn’t have any problems producing halves.
    Cliuckers love what Penrith have done with Cleary so much, that they tried to sign him. Before Brooks & before Johnson. True, that doesn’t mean much. As they try to sign every decent half around.
    Didn’t one of the better hookers around in Api Koroisau sign , for a second time?
    If players don’t want to have a go & aren’t happy. Every team would let them go.
    I think they should sign some of the better players from the Canterbury Cup. Many at North Sydney never get a real go In first grade for example. As they are just bought , for a feeder Team. The club connected with them just buys all the first grade team separately.

  7. Cleary is no locally born and bred junior Mr Parkes Spaceman. Cant you guys poach another junior WestOfTheDivide and call him a local junior? Surley the Spacemen have a half 5/8 to replace Maloney.

    The Roosters have never wanted the overrated Cleary. It was fools like you that beleived the false accusations displayed through the media. Every player on the open market is linked to the Roosters but 98.9 % of the time they know nothing about it and certainly have no vacancies for them. Roosters always wanted Flanagan to fight it out with Lam as Keary’s halves partner.

    Penrith will be in the bottom four next season. Now that is 99.9% certain.

  8. Did I call Cleary a local junior above? Nope….Though he’s been there since he was 14. So closer to a Penrith local junior than 90% of the players who are ever at the cluckers. That 90% is being generous!
    You’d think getting young players from the Central coast makes them French Dressed Chicken juniors.
    I know your cluckers wouldn’t win a chicken raffle, without continuously buying a team. That’s an undeniable fact
    Players being linked to cluckers. Maybe that’s because they buy almost all of the squad? You wouldn’t know who is or isn’t really being chased either WoodRot.
    About the always bought halves in Chicken land. Bought Keary ,Cronk, Lamb, Hutchinson, Flanagan , Walker. Probably missed some! Five at least in two years.
    Stories about the cluckers trying to buy different players are just fabricated! Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha… Go buy another half WoodLouse.

  9. Next year there will be no denying that Cleary is a dud, all the pathetic Penrith fans will dribble out some excuse tho.

  10. You constantly dribble on about Penrith juniors but what have the won for Penrith? NOTHING. Where are all these “good halves” that Penrith have apparently produced? Penrith will not win another premiership with there loser grown locals. Time to start another failed 5 year plan

  11. Oh yes… A couple of months ago . You lot were saying everyone connected with the Cluckers knows that Lam will be one of the new Hookers next year. Now he’s fighting it out with Flanagan to be the next halfback next year? So I guess everyone connected with that club, has no idea either?
    What great faith shown in one of the rare almost juniors there. Buy five halves in two years. He ( Lam ) can be hooker! No we’ve bought Verrills. He can be halfback? No, we’ve bought Flanagan.
    Ever feel like you’re being overlooked Lam?
    Go to Brisbane, West’s or a couple of other clubs!

  12. The Roosters develop players, here is a classic example of what Taukeiaho said on the Nine NRL site last night.

    “After playing one Nrl game for the Warriors they forced me out of the organisation, my mamanager received only one offer and that was from The Roosters. Trent and the club have developed me personally”

    Unlike CL0WNS like the spaceman Penrith fan EastsOfParkes believe. Roosters developed Taukeiaho after the Warriors didn’t recognize his potential. Therefore Today Taukeiaho is the best metre eater forward this season all thanks to the Roosters great development programe.

    For this reason it is well known by all managers of young kids that if they want a successful Nrl career, the Roosters with their junior development coaching academy are the club that will acheive that aim. Flanagan and Walker recognize this fact and that is why they sign on the dotted line at the mighty “Pride Of The League” Sydney Roosters. The most successful club this 21st century.

  13. Again you dodged the question eastofdivide, where are all these so called “good halves” that Penrith have produced?

  14. No need for an answer Back2Front.
    Penrith aren’t in the market to buy 5 halves in 2 years. Or 6 in 3 years, if you add in Keary.

  15. EastOfParkes Penrith Spaceman. Your xats are to busy letting players go because they realise their local juniors are duds. They are freeing up cash to become like Sourhs and go on an import buting spree.

    Anyway I’m at the grand final on the 49m line to witness the World Champion Sydney Roister Premiers win back to back. Enj ou y your tv telecast with that hopeless fool Johns calling all the wrong insight views.

  16. An import ‘buting’ spree hey.. That would be your style of thing!
    Don’t know why you sign in as two of your alter egos ,to argue about your club buying all of its players? That’s just what they do. What’s to argue about ?
    Johns is as bias to the Cluckers , as Fittler & Gould , WoodHeap.
    He did & possibly still does do coaching there. Fittler works for them & Gould did for ages.
    So why do you keep knocking one of their coaches that’s helped them win & favours them in all he says?
    Anyway … Buting spree, xats, Sourhs, Roister Premiers, Enj ou y…
    Too many drugs there ‘buting spree’ boy! Yeah , everyone else is the Fool!
    Where do you get off Calling your own team the ‘Roister Premiers’? Leave that to everyone else to call them names !👍

  17. What , no retort? Not after the absolute dribble you wrote last . I bet your team is ‘buting plenty of xats’ . There’s no come back from all that gibberish you ‘buting spree, Roister’!
    ‘Enj ou y’ your day Woodrot ! Ha,ha,ha…

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