Former Brisbane players are championing the appointment of Kevin Walters to be the new Broncos coach.

The Brisbane side are looking to bring new staff for the 2021 season after an unsuccessful run this year, with Queensland coach Kevin Walters and former Cowboys coach Paul Green in the running for the position.

Former Broncos players continue to push for Walters’ appointment, who was overlooked in 2018 when Anthony Seibold was appointed.

Fox League’s Paul Kent believes the constant calls for Walters to be made coach could be ruining his chances of getting the job.

“I actually think that the Broncos’ old boys who have come out so fiercely in support of Kevin Walters have actually caused him some damage as far as seeking the job (goes).

“There’s a bit of kickback from within the club, they’re clearly irked by the likes of ex-players coming out and so heavily supporting Kevvie that they’re being dictated to by the old boys,” he said.

“Part of the pushback is that they’re not going to be dictated by the old boys, therefore Kevvie is not a lay down misere for the job that Paul Green is firming.

“Whether that comes to fruition, that can all change. I just think that’s where the mentality is at,” Kent said.

Journalist Phil Rothfield said the Broncos are also looking to poach Cowboy’s general manager of football Peter Parr in a bid to bring the side out of its losing slump.

“I think we all know that apart from a new chief executive, they are going to restructure their football department. The guy I hear they want to lead that is Peter Parr.

"[He] is so highly thought of in the game that Freddie [Brad] Fittler brought him all the way down from Townsville to run the NSW Origin campaign as his manager and to look after the younger [players],” Rothfield said.

“I think it’d be a great appointment.”

Former Cowboys board member Ben Ikin agreed with Roothfield, saying Parr is “as good as it gets in the game.”

“Parr was the general manager of football during my time there. He had formerly been the CEO.

“He knows every aspect of the business, and was key in working with Paul Green to build that roster which took the Cowboys to their maiden Premiership,” Ikin said.


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