The NRL Finals Series was officially launched at ANZ Stadium. Watch the video above!

See what the players from the 8 teams had to say about the race to be the NRL champions for 2017.


  1. As an Eels fan, I can only dream of us winning our next three games.
    Clearly the Storm are the raging red hot favourites to win the comp this year. Does anyone seriously see any other team winning the comp?

    • As a Dragons fan, If it was to be someone else the Eels would be my choice. It’s hard to believe that 1986 was the last time that Parra won the Comp. They have done so well in 2017 in rising above all the past crap.
      S0 – Semi to snatch it with a 90 metre effort in the 79th minute? Yeah!
      BUT, the genius of the Melbourne Storm is not only how they play so well on the field, it’s also how they manage to fit all those champions into their squad. It is one amazingly well run footy club.
      So hard to beat.

      • @Drew Blood, Semi to score the winning try in the grand final, wouldn’t that be something special? Let’s hope your right.

    • Gotheeels, I obviously hope we can go all the way this year, but don’t expect to. This year was about getting game experience into our young guys, and on that front they (our young guys) have excelled. Next year should take us deep into the finals, and maybe all the way, and 2019 should be our red hot year.

      The young guys we were focused on excelled (French, Gutho, Kaysa) but, and due to injury, they didn’t get the game time we were expecting, but that provided an opportunity for some other talent (King and Smith) to shine, and they have.

      So my question to anyone, but considering Parra’s position is, should we continue to progress all of the young talent through, or use a bucket load of surplus salary cap. to buy in some established talent?

      Drew Blood, thanks mate, and for the record I was hoping the Dragons would make the 8, and not just because it could have knocked Manly out, but to get this far is a positive. It’s looking up.

      • @EelsAlmighty, I like your analysis and sure hope your right about 2019 being our year. We’ve waited 3 decades so what’s another 2 years…
        Re your question about whether we should go to market or progress the young blood, I really like what BA has done with his approach of buying ordinary players and bringing the best out of them, rather than target star players that take up a lot of space in the cap. My personal view is that we should continue down this path, definitely bring in some players to strengthen any positions that BA feels necessary, but also continue developing and holding onto our juniors is important. I wasn’t happy at all that we let Alex Twal go, he seems like a player with a bright future and I couldn’t understand why we’d let him walk away.
        So to answer your question, my view is that it should be a blend of continuing to develop our juniors but also bring in new players where required (no big stars, just your average players so the cap is evenly used across the roster).

        • I’m all for continuing to develop young talented players, especially as BA have been getting stella results, and I couldn’t agree more re giving the “mega stars” a miss, especially given our recent history with them, but how many young guys can run on the field at once?

          We have Gutho, French, Pritchard, King, Smith, that have played less than 50 games, and Brown, Alvaro at 50, which combined is less game experience than Cameron Smith alone, and we’re playing most of them in the starting 17. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worked an absolute treat this year already, and much better than I’ve expected, much better, but in the big games, like coming up against the Storm, they just can’t match the experience. That said, they’re all talented young guys, and I want them all to get game time, hence the dilemma.

          As for my Analysis, I’m very confident that is the plan. BA signed the core playing group until 2019 last year, and some of whom weren’t out of contract until the end of this year. That tells me 2 things. I. He is incredibly well respected by the players, to be signing last year when the club was in the poo, and 2. He wanted to lock his young players in for the medium term before giving them game time so the game time would benefit Parra, and not lose them. The danger, albeit a low probability one, is BA and most of core squad come off contract at the end of 2019. We will need to extend BA’s contract well in advance, or it could be an avalanche.

  2. I’m a Panthers fan, I honestly don’t see anyone winning the comp but the Storm…… but then again it’s the Final Series and anything can happen.
    Look how many times Melbourne finished in the top 4 in the last 6-7 years and look how many times they’ve actually gone on to win it. It just shows that it can be anyone’s trophy when it comes to the final 8.

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