A new video has emerged on social media allegedly involving a Penrith Panthers player.

A report from the Sydney Morning Herald does not name the player involved but does hint that a tattoo on his forearm does make him recognisable.

The NRL integrity unit is investigating the issue and the Panthers have reportedly rested the player from this weekend's trial match against the Parramatta Eels while that takes place.

The Panthers have issued a statement and say they are cooperating with the NRL.

Read the statement below:

Penrith Panthers has been made aware of a video allegedly involving a Panthers player.

The club is cooperating with the NRL Integrity Unit and will be making no further comment at this time.


  1. He has a tattoo on his forarm to match the details provided. Either way, we’ll know within a few days. The name along with the tape will no doubt be released in the coming days, it always is with these things. At least that won’t impact on the Panthers too badly in terms of a suspension. Really depends how this case came to light. The difference between self-reported and a leak could be huge

  2. I have a feeling it’s a players or players from the u21s I don’t think it’s in the main squad but still…….

  3. It is the player from this group who will be rested

    Panthers Team List
    Dylan Edwards
    Josh Mansour
    Waqa Blake
    Dean Whare
    Malakai Watene-Zelezniak
    James Maloney
    Nathan Cleary
    James Tamou
    Sione Katoa
    Reagan Campbell-Gillard
    Jack Hetherington
    Isaah Yeo
    James Fisher-Harris
    Wayde Egan
    Tim Grant
    Kaide Ellis
    Hame Sele
    Tyrone May
    Liam Martin
    Jarome Luai
    Tyrell Fuimaono
    Tyrone Phillips

  4. Such a grubby club, kick em out of the Comp already .. nah I’m just joking fellas. Just remember panther fans shooting the tigers while we were down thought I’d do the same haha

  5. These incidents from players past and present are the results from poor standards and weak leadership from within the NRL and NRL Clubs, this is what happens when you try to sweap incidents under the carpet, players up the ante on their poor behaviour and the NRL and Clubs have the hush hush mentality until it becomes public, then they scramble to minimise damage to both the NRL and Clubs image, this is only going to get worse, for mind the NRL hasn’t dealt with the drug culture issue yet, obviously there’s the link between ex and current players who’ve been caught out doing drugs it’s a you know who if you need the crap, plus the inconsistency on deciding who to penalise and who to let off, the NRL has a knack for handing penalties to certain clubs while some clubs are treated like the chosen one’s can never do wrong in the NRL eyes, regarding salary cap

  6. Just seen the videos can’t see the blokes face. And as for the tattoo it looks like may but there are thousands of blokes with that type of tattoo. The women in the videos are very aware they are being filmed so at least there’s that.

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