GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 19: Garth Brennan speaks to the media after being announced as the new Gold Coast Titans NRL coach at Titans Centre of Excellence on October 19, 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

Speculation continues to circle around the future of Jarryd Hayne and Gold Coast Titans coach Garth Brennan fronted the media this morning to offer up his comments on the current situation.

Reports emerged on Monday that Hayne was to remain a Titan until the new year before taking up an offer with the Parramatta Eels but Brennan said no discussion of that nature had taken place.

“Until I speak with Jarryd or his manager, I’ve got to expect that he will be here in the new year ready to rip in for the Titans,” Brennan said.

“I’m not worried about it to be honest, I’m worried about these guys here that are training at the moment.

“If Jarryd has some circumstances where he needs to be somewhere else, I’ll deal with that if it happens but my primary focus is the group here.”

Brennan was questioned on why he hadn’t reached out to the Fiji representative but insists he wants him to focus on his current job.

“I’ve left him to concentrate on Fiji. They’ve done really well and I want him to focus on that. I’ve done the exact same with Konrad.

“We’ve exchanged texts with him making sure that he got through (the game) ok and to make sure his body is in good condition.”

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With the prospect of Hayne potentially departing, Brennan also offered up a number of players who could slide into the role of fullback.

Brendan Elliot has played a bit there for Newcastle and Tyronne Roberts-Davis has spent time there. Dan Sarginson is another one, he won an English Super League title with Wigan in that position.

“If Jarryd did depart that would obviously free up some salary cap space as well.”


  1. New coach Brennan…

    Brennan sounds like a coach who has his head screwed on straight. His focus is where it should be and he respects his players space when they are on representative duties. There is not much more someone in Brennan’s position can do in any case, the ball appears to be well an truly in Haynes court. It is not a good look though leaving a team without warning over the off-season with no quality players in his position available on the market.

    Old coach Bennett…

    Who said that Pappa Smurf couldn’t crack a smile. The photo for this story looks like the poster from “Gone With the Wind” with Gordie Tallis as Scarlett O’Hara and the old man himself as Rhett Butler. Classic! Bahahahahahahahaha

  2. Looking forward to Round 4 in 2018, Broncos v Titans. Wayne and Garth are reunited once again! I haven’t seen “Wayne’s World” in ages!

    “Waynes World Party Time Excellent!”, “Party On Wayne! Party On Garth!”

  3. As a coach I think he’s handled it well, but I’d also bet he is hoping the rumours are true.

    I’d rather not pick up Hayne, but it looks like we are, so semi resigned to that likely outcome I’m thinking:
    BA, who I back 100%, is prepared to re-sign him (if this proves to be the case) so that gives me some comfort, and our new board, who I also back based on progress to date, are prepared to re-sign him, so I can only assume they have conviction.
    If Hayne is ever going to reignite his former self it will be at Parra.

    But if I was Brennan, I’d have my fingers crossed Hayne wanted the release.

      • Nuh SSTID i dont think parra would have to worry about the cap for a while.They got caught so the NRL would of pulled BA aside and said…Mate Mate Mate,these are the mistakes you are making dont be caught again,youll be ok plus you have BG running the club now and he knows from the Roosters days how to rort the cap properly.The Nrl will act like they are looking into Manly next season the year after that id say maybe Canberra depending how Ricky is behaving or maybe Penrith if they look like they are going alright

        • Like he said ParraMatt. Nevermind mate, next time try not to stumble over my punchline. 🤜💥 😉👍

          Remember boys, it’s “silly season” so not everything is meant literally. Someone else has started up the “serious season” if you want to jump on board that train. No stops for funny’s and no punchlines to trip over. You will sleep through the whole trip and wake-up just in time for kick off for the 2018 season! 😂

  4. i think we all realise its the silly season.Rothfield an Co get on there lil laptops an try to generate paper sales with garbage and whispers for us little ppl to feed on like bait fish

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