SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 23: Queensland coach Kevin Walters speaks to the media during the Queensland Maroons State of Origin captain's run at ANZ Stadium on June 23, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Narelle Walters, the wife of Broncos legend Kevin, has hit out at the club in a viscous tirade.

She has alleged that the club ripped off an idea put forward by Walters before he was denied the role of head coach, given instead to Anthony Seibold.

“Driving around the city today, I noticed the Broncos have launched their 2019 marketing campaign. The exact theme Kevin presented in his ‘interview,’” Mrs Walters said on a private social media account, per Fox Sports.

“What’s the collective term for a group of horses/broncos? A team? More like a pack of c***s.”

The club has been accused of stealing a slogan that Walters proposed during the interview process for the head coaching position.

Brisbane has denied stealing anything from their former player, stating that the slogan in question had been in use well before Walters was interviewed.


  1. This slogan was made popular by the GB Olympic Team, which the Broncos have acknowledged. It was not created by Walters, let alone his wife. The Broncos have used this slogan and others similar for a few years now.

    Walter’s wife is just upset about Kevin missing out on the Broncos top job. Maybe she should remember that no person is entitled to a position, even an “old boy” and that it has to be earned on merit, Walters coaching record is inferior to Seibold’s. She is doing her partner no favours by acting like a spoilt brat.

    I hope this is not a long term feud. Walters is a Broncos legend and one of the first four Brisbane Hall of fame players.

  2. To be honest tommy, i hope Seibolb and the Broco’s have a crap season, but i don’t think they will, i honestly don’t rate Walters as a coach, and the Bronco’s went down the right path here with Seibolb, i just didn’t like the way it went down and still leaves a bitter taste being a Souths supporter, anyway it is what it is, to be truthful i think the Bronco’s will be the team to beat.

  3. Bennett would have said the same thing when he was SACKED from Brisbane
    George Burgess would have said the same thing when Seibold said Brisbane don’t want the OVERRATED blob.
    Sean O’Sullivan will be saying the same thing when he can’t get a run in first grade at Ponyland or get a release while there is a VACANCY for a halfback at the Warriors.

  4. Mate f.. off idiot, every post you turn it into a long boring Easts thing, the Bronco’s have a really good young team where has Souths have an exprienced squad ,i believe Souths will take to Bennett’s coaching and will benefit from his wisdom.

    . Sean O’sullivan is a talent that Easts couldn’t be bothered waiting for to come good, as usual for this club,

  5. U can’t blame her 4 going off would been hard on the family the whole process , Kevin’s been a big part of the club 4 such a long time . He’s missed out 3 or 4 times to coach the mighty Broncos but hasn’t been f..K around abit and its been full of empty promises.
    Feel 4 Kevin but like what I see with seiballs sofar and mostly
    Rabbits 9th-10th
    Broncos 4th-5th

  6. I think both Souths and the Broncos will have decent 2019 – not so much due to the coaches, but the squads they have. If Maguire, Pay, or Brown can get their teams into the top 4 – that will be some achievement.

  7. The donkeys have been in the game for approx 31 years… hall of fame? Souths hall of fame goes back 111 years how can the new kid on the block have fame? Please explain?

  8. Oi penso the rorters are 7 premierships behind the pride of the league the south sydney rabbitohs lol@rorters for being “foreverinourshadow”

  9. And you have been alive to see Souths win 1 premiership who did you follow on 2000? Good clubs don’t fold.

  10. The pre requisite to getting a start at the Broncos under Paul White, is that you have to have come through the Rockhampton Brothers system. Unfortunately for Kevin, unlike present and former staffers he didn’t.

  11. Shadow the with a lot you souths you pull forever in our shadow crap I’m all for history one of the great teams ever to play was the 75 Roosters 🐔

    Since the National Rugby League was formed in 98

    Roosters 3 🏆
    Souths 1

    One club every season 🐔🐔

    And it ain’t Souths

  12. you’re off your scone WoodChook..pretty typical of the average Easts supporter, whenever one tries talking rugby league they may as well be talking about table tennis.

  13. Don’t worry about the WoodDuck, he is an unemployed KNOB, that get obscures pleasures from the ZT site!!!

  14. Considering Souths have 70 years on Brisbane yet we have as many Test Captains, only about 15 less Test players, Brisbane have almost triple your origin players. Brisbane have 6 players in the 100 best players of the last 100 years list., achieved in only 20 years of existence.

    I think the Broncos have plenty of players to fill a hall of fame and all of them are alive, remembered and pictured in vivid colour.

    Most of Souths hall of fame players are pictured in black and white, long dead and mostly forgotten.

  15. Tommy, , how can you fabricate history.

    Teams like Souths made the NRL what it is today, making the NRL great, in those days their were much less teams but the league thrived, with Queensland players,.

    Give clubs like Souths their due credit , remember the 1965 grand final between Souths and Saints, the biggest crowd ever at that time.

    Modern history will reconize the Bronco’s contribition but Tommy please give Souths , Saints their due credit, you are a fair minded person, your last comments , i believe are out of order.

  16. Time to cut 2 Sydney teams who offer nothing to the league.
    Bulldogs and the Sharks.
    Perth Sharks
    Adelaide Bulldogs

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