2019-04-04T08:50:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground
2019-04-04T08:50:00Z - Sydney Cricket Ground


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29/3/19EelsW 18 - 32
23/3/19Sea EaglesW 18 - 26
15/3/19RabbitohsL 16 - 26
30/9/18StormW 21 - 6
22/9/18RabbitohsW 12 - 4


28/3/19DragonsL 24 - 25
22/3/19CowboysW 29 - 10
14/3/19StormL 22 - 12
9/9/18DragonsL 18 - 48
2/9/18Sea EaglesW 48 - 16

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Matt Ikuvalu 8'
M. Ikuvalu 8'
Angus Crichton 13'
A. Crichton 13'
Mitchell Aubusson 32'
M. Aubusson 32'
Daniel Tupou 38'
D. Tupou 38'
James Tedesco 63'
J. Tedesco 63'
Mitchell Aubusson 66'
M. Aubusson 66'
Joseph Manu 78'
J. Manu 78'
Matt Gillett 54'
M. Gillett 54'
Latrell Mitchell 14'
L. Mitchell 14'
Latrell Mitchell 33'
L. Mitchell 33'
Latrell Mitchell 65'
L. Mitchell 65'
Latrell Mitchell 18'
L. Mitchell 18'


  1. Holy crap.
    Did anyone see Cronks back on the massage table after the TPJ dog shot?
    Half his back was bruised black.

  2. Plan B Seibs.
    Adjust your game plan for the team your putting on the field, or play the team that suits your plan.
    This is not working.

  3. Get nimorima out of the halves.
    Get Boyd out of fullback and into 5/8. (He will complimented Milford well)
    Issakko to fb .

  4. Chooks have a club dentist.
    Infusing their teeth with 100000 candlepower incadesant smiles.
    I’ve never seen teeth so white.

  5. Slippery field, no Wearea-Hargreaves or Friend, Pangai Junior dirty tactic to smash Cronk which ended up putting him out of the game, which by the way is the same dirty tactic souffffths were instructed to use by Seibold in last seasons Preliminary final. Now the grub Seibold is panicking and instructing his players in GRUBERY.

    The Sydney Roosters played a brilliant defensive game tonight and are starting to get used to wet conditions. The Roosters showed tonight also that Pangai Junior is not needed with Taukeiako playing his brilliant usual great all round game with good support from Tetevano. Young players coming through the Roosters development program are really staring to blossom with very enthusiastic performances from young giant props Lindsay Collins and Poasa Faamausili who are really hard runners. Radley is cementing his Origin position week after week with his brilliant 80 min performance in defence and versatility and owning the hooker position while the other young gun Butcher ran well tonight also. 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

    Pangai Junior is a good player but the Roosters kept him quite tonight. definitely will never be a million dollar player, unless Newcastle or soufffths with their multiple TPA deals.💪🐔👍


  6. Nah, I’m thinking Boyd dropped until he is willing to take any contact, probably drop Milford out to learn to put his body into a tackle, bird to 6, Staggs to centre, Joe O to bench, one of the baby halves onto the bench.
    Or simply adjust the game plan. Tackle hard, try to stop legs and aim to give them the ball back in their 10m zone.

  7. Now that was a thrashing wooden keg. Unlike the very lucky 8 point win the chickens had against the mighty sea eagles a fortnight ago.

  8. Early days duckman, you couldn’t beat the RABBITHOS and had Bennett still been coach you wouldn’t have won last night. The problem with broncs is the myth they poached from the mighty RABBITHOS, how privileged we are they did this, as for the gronk to bad, you spent a lifetime perfecting your grubbiness at the dirtiest club in the comp , a little karma is going to return

  9. I hope the Broncos keep picking Boyd, Milf and Niko.
    They aren’t going to do nothing this year with that lot.

  10. Yep a dog act that I’m sure will at most attract a 1 week suspension from the NRL clowns.

    As for the Brocnos what a disgraceful effort or should I say lack of effort. Seibold is a dud. Broncos need new halves.

  11. Coach needs to grow some balls and drop million dollar baby. Nikorima doing enough to stay, Milford to hot and cold.
    And it seems that there is no direction, or the plan is too hard for them to follow. Nikorima may be suffering the Hindmarsh effect that the eels had.

  12. Milford and Pangai aren’t million dollar players, they are the best HOT N COLD players of this generation.
    Tevita took the easy way out via suspension because he knows he can only play one good game then be cold for the next five games.
    Milford couldn’t kick a cat in a telephone box.
    This team is so hard to watch and it’s so frustrating.
    Need to release Milford,Pangai and Nikorima before June 30 and start investing into Tom Dearden, Sean O Sullivan and Tanah Boyd.

  13. I wish Tevita had the work ethic like Cam Murray, but then again Cam is miles above him.

  14. Possibly the worst Broncos team ever. Time for some new halves – enough is enough. Boyd, Nikorima, Milford should have played their last game. Complete grub act by Pangai, should get 2 weeks.

  15. The Broncos are not working as a team all have great talent but u need to gel as a team first so u get a chance to use that talent. I kodi Nik been playing better than milf but has no kicking game so he needs to go to bench n he can come on for Macca because Macca has no attack at all bring O’Sullivan in at 7, see how he goes Pangai into number 10 Joe O to bench. Bird to lock staggs to center. Would love to see milf as FB but we need him at 6 because we have no else with a kicking game.

  16. 1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Roberts
    4. Staggs
    5. Isakko
    6. Milf
    7. O’Sullivan
    8. Lodge
    9. Macca
    10. Pangai
    11. Glenn
    12. Gillett
    13. Bird
    Joe O

  17. Isn’t it just dandy that the Broncos have gone into damage control🤣😆😂🤣😆😂😁🤣 That win last night was almost like defeating soufffths with the traitor coach Seibold coaching them. Defeating Brisbane is second only to defeating soufffths.💪🐔👍 OK Pony fans let a smart Roosterman tell you how to pick your team. Just like I predicted before the season kicked off that Ponga would be back at fullback before round 5🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱 The Rooster Darmus has spoken more prophecies😁.
    1. Isakko
    2. Oates
    3. Roberts
    4. Staggs
    5. Boyd
    6. Bird
    7. Milf

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