2019-04-21T06:05:00Z - GIO Stadium
2019-04-21T06:05:00Z - GIO Stadium


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14/4/19EelsW 19 - 0
6/4/19CowboysW 12 - 30
29/3/19KnightsW 17 - 10
22/3/19StormL 10 - 22
17/3/19TitansW 0 - 21


11/4/19Wests TigersL 16 - 22
4/4/19RoostersL 36 - 4
28/3/19DragonsL 24 - 25
22/3/19CowboysW 29 - 10
14/3/19StormL 22 - 12

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Nick Cotric 6'
N. Cotric 6'
Joseph Leilua 29'
J. Leilua 29'
Joseph Leilua 32'
J. Leilua 32'
John Bateman 60'
J. Bateman 60'
Ryan Sutton 66'
R. Sutton 66'
Kodi Nikorima 19'
K. Nikorima 19'
David Fifita 48'
D. Fifita 48'
Corey Oates 55'
C. Oates 55'
Jack Bird 78'
J. Bird 78'
Jarrod Croker 34'
J. Croker 34'
Jarrod Croker 61'
J. Croker 61'
Jarrod Croker 67'
J. Croker 67'
Jamayne Isaako 49'
J. Isaako 49'
Jamayne Isaako 57'
J. Isaako 57'
Jamayne Isaako 78'
J. Isaako 78'


  1. How the hell was that pommy grub not sent off for the stiff arm hit around the neck of the Broncos player. Faiders looked after by the refs again and gifted another win.
    They are fast becoming the top contenders for the biggest grubs in the NRL.

  2. A big lol@paulwhitethedonkeysceo+another big lol@supercoach/anthonysiebold and a big happy thank you to mr wayne bennett
    Whom has been laughing his head off since leaving the donkeys lolĺllllllll@thebrisbanedonkeys.

  3. Being a souths member for longer than the donkeys have even been in the rugby league competition i am so happy that the donkeys ceo paul white wanted anthony siebold as your coach it just goes to show you what poor foresight paul white your ceo has in picking coaches.i was smiling for a month when we signed wayne bennett glory glory #22 is upon us…

  4. It’s time Seibold, something big needs to change. The spine is spent, drop either The 1,6, 7 or 9.
    The team lacks direction and is struggling to keep pace in defensive work.
    Not the fault of the young forwards.

    TPJ should come in for Glenn.

    My choice would be drop A half to enforce the other to be an organising director. Have bird as a running 6 who can pass, make Isaako FB and second kicking option.

    1 Isaako
    2 Oates
    3 Staggs
    4 Jet
    5 Kennar
    6 Bird
    7 Milford just over Nikorima
    8 Ofahengaue
    9 Macca
    10 Haas
    11 TPJ
    12 Gillett
    13 Flegler

    Nikorima, Fifita, Lodge, Carrigan/Glenn/Sua

    The game plan should be get the ball, work it one way for a play, the string some passes together early in the set to spread the defensive line and get ball to jet/Staggs. Then go the other way before finishing up the middle.
    Early in half’s keep ball in play and kick deep early. Learn to tackle not bounce off.
    Poor excuse for a football team at the moment.

  5. Stiive U said it all. Poor excuse for a NRL team specially a team that’s from a club like the Broncos, think it’s time TALLIS spend a week at broncos training.

    They should b embarrassed and that’s not because they lost its because they are international players who have NO control of a game they have been playing there whole lifes, and with blokes like Lockyer an Alfy around the club how they don’t have a clue an how they have know idea how 2 run the game by now dose my head in . The coach should stop kissing ass an b a coach sometimes U have to make a big call one of the halfs has to go and if boyd really cares about the club and his captaincy of the team he will stand aside an do what’s better 4 the team , isaako to fullback an Boyd to the centres . He played there last year an set up 3 trys and scored 1 he’s lost his speed and not playing that good young Isaako can do the job and my pick 4 the flick is Kody he goes missing and puts pressure on Milford .

  6. The donkeys have a pack of nobodies i only rate pangai and the backs i rate jimmy the jet/oates the rest are qld cup players…great to see siebold and his clueless mate paul white fall apart brilliant just brilliant poetry in motion…

  7. Oates hands R sh#t and the jet gose missing all the time TPJ is very over rated and not one bit consisted so your rateing r 👎 brisbanes best player was Haas and a handful of young blokes. (Gillett, Glenn Boyd Macca milford an Niko I rate there efforts 3/10 and This has nothing to do with seiballs or white this is the fu#king disaster created by Wayne Bennett with him thinking Nikorima and Milford R play makers and Boyd playing on a year 2 long if Bennett knows what he knows now about Cody Walker he would of signed him years ago and got rid of Milford. Wayne done the same to knights team run them in to the ground. Yea the Rabbitohs r going good because of what seiballs done last years but now he has to fix Bennett’s rejects up.

  8. Whether that Sutton try came off the other players head or not. The side view showed Sutton was clearly in Front of the kick & falcon. What are the guys in the box even watching. That was no try.

  9. What ?
    AND Raiders getting the help from refs ‘again’ …? What NRL have you been watching the last 5 years. OMG you are delusional.

  10. Out of the teams that could possibly be near the top of the competition this year. Probably most neutral watchers would prefer Canberra, Parramatta or Wests to win it. Or anyone playing against the Roosters . ( Wood Rot on here would make sure of that part ).
    However , watching the Raiders play I just can’t see them winning the whole thing with the halves they have available . Who knows though? Anything is possible.

  11. Bahahaha rate the jet. Bahahaha. When does he go looking for the ball. When is he not puffing and catching his breath after a 20m run. When does he not Jersey grab. Paaaalleeeasssseee.
    Pangai. Hah. Just another hype train. Angry man will keep costing Brisbane penalties. And at whatever age he is now would any team pay 800k for a pair of shot hamstrings. To big for his body at such a young age. Hammies, knees, then shoulders issues for his career.

  12. The Neutrals would probably not think much of that either shadow. Like the Chickens supporters , Souths supporters become almost unbearable when they win a competition.
    Then we have to hear about the Chickens versus Rabbits over & over again. How many we’ve won to how many you’ve won.
    The other teams I mentioned . Their supporters are quite bearable in comparison.
    The only proviso to that. Is if your Rabbits are playing The Chickens , Melbourne or Brisbane in a Grand Final. 👍

  13. Your a dead set goose…typical Broncos supporter. Would rather winge at the refs then face the facts that his team is going terrible. Just like Darius, puts more effort in winging at refs then attempting to tackle. Love how BJ ran straight over the top of him…such a good watch that was. Suck it up Kev ya sook…

  14. Nothing makes me happier than watching the nrl’s golden child fall from grace. The Broncos are getting what they deserve…enjoy the fall

  15. If it doesn’t happen for the wabbuts this year it won’t under old man Bennett.
    He turns strong teams into marshmallows.
    And then it wall take a year or 2 to get it back.

  16. Don’t worry ChocolateSoldierOf Divide 💩🤣. Penrith have got no hope. Shadow the CLOWN🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 a lot like yourself are two CLOWNS who all you can talk about is how if any team wins the comp they must have an ex Penrith Junior, 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣 while the other idiot goes on about his 21 soffffffffffffffffffffths premierships from an era that most people were not even born when the won the other 20🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤡🤡——–💪🐔👍

  17. What will these floodgates hit Wood Wax?
    Do you mean you’re waiting for the Flood Gates To Open????
    If you’re going to use a saying, at least try to get it Right!

  18. Yes souths back line is decimated since inglis retired sadly his form was diminished this year and with robert jennings being released to the tigpies has not helped our back line along with braiden burns being out injured.adam douehi is expected back in rd10 i would not let him back till after rd12 for recovery purposes from his (acl) reconstruction.we are so light on in the back line this can only derail our season unless a marquee player is signed soon desperate times calls for desperate measures.our last 3 games have been very very very poor thats becoz we had a non fit inglis plus jennings was released and douehi has not played since last year and the upcoming burns is still out injured.i feel each game is scary becoz of our poor back line we better snag 1 or 2 big signings before june 30 or this year is over fact…

  19. We need to replace turner and allan fast if only we had jennings and a fit greg inglis believe me we have problems here.i prefer burns over turner and douehi over allan but in saying that we need 2 marquee backs or at least 1 marquee back or fall short this year fact…

  20. Oh yeah i forgot when is the nrl going to stop the rorters from being millions of dollars over the cap for decades.has the nrl got an investment in the rorters club??? Cmon nrl we all know that the rorters are way way way over the cap why do you allow this to happen for many decades please explain nrl???

  21. Oh yeah i forgot souths are (7) premierships in front of the rorters lol@rorters “forever in our shadow since 1908/2019 rorters…

  22. Well put a line through the Broncos best case scenario they can I think 12 games from here & with there 1 win already they will finish with 13 wins 26pts #DONE. I think Broncos looked better than the raiders & there was a few unlucky calls like Glenn getting called offside at the beginning of the 2nd half which cost the Broncos a try. But all in all when the game was on the line after the 40/20 the Broncos on line D was rubbish & they let a 2nd rower in Bateman to throw a dummy & go straight over, very poor D when the game was on the line, That’s the lose right there. Oh & Joey leliua try in the 1st half… talk about pathetic defense he went through bird 800k than Milford $1m & straight over Boyd $800k thats 2.6m he went through FML line them up.

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