2019-03-21T08:50:00Z - Netstrata Jubilee Stadium
2019-03-21T08:50:00Z - Netstrata Jubilee Stadium


Previous 5 Games

St George Illawarra

16/3/19CowboysL 24 - 12
15/9/18RabbitohsL 13 - 12
9/9/18BroncosW 18 - 48
1/9/18KnightsW 14 - 24
26/8/18BulldogsL 0 - 38

South Sydney

15/3/19RoostersW 16 - 26
22/9/18RoostersL 12 - 4
15/9/18DragonsW 13 - 12
7/9/18StormL 29 - 28
30/8/18Wests TigersW 51 - 10

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Jordan Pereira 8'
J. Pereira 8'
Jordan Pereira 19'
J. Pereira 19'
Timoteo Lafai 74'
T. Lafai 74'
Cameron Murray 5'
C. Murray 5'
Sam Burgess 42'
S. Burgess 42'
Cody Walker 46'
C. Walker 46'
Braidon Burns 55'
B. Burns 55'
Campbell Graham 60'
C. Graham 60'
Sam Burgess 70'
S. Burgess 70'
Gareth Widdop 10'
G. Widdop 10'
Gareth Widdop 75'
G. Widdop 75'
Adam Reynolds 6'
A. Reynolds 6'
Adam Reynolds 43'
A. Reynolds 43'
Adam Reynolds 47'
A. Reynolds 47'
Adam Reynolds 56'
A. Reynolds 56'
Adam Reynolds 71'
A. Reynolds 71'
Gareth Widdop 29'
G. Widdop 29'


  1. If I recall correctly, last year Hunt and Widdop were the form halves combination for most of the year. So rather than building on that, the Dragons buy Norman, who has never performed at any club, and stick him in the middle. I’m not a Dragons fan, but I just don’t get their logic.

  2. Unbelievable, two weeks in a row the souffffths outfit have the refs on Bennetts side. Forward pass tries, Double movement tries and more fluke tries from kicks and penalties to soufffths when they drop the ball in the play the ball. Quite obvious tonight a certain ref had his money on Soufffths rabit’os. 😁🤣😂😆

    Great to see the Grub Walker not do any GRUBBERY this week. I would say Inglis spoke to him not to give Aboriginals a GRUB reputation. Because we know Bennett did not bring the GRUB into line from the garbage he was speaking through the week. Great to see the GRUB show a bit of Bennetts so called maturity.🎱🎯🎱🎯🎱🎯

  3. Norman the game throwing gambling gangster🔫😎👎 was a classic panic buy by Saint Illawarra. He should be benched or played in the centres. The big Fiji winger is to slow maybeso dump himand put lafai on the flank outside Norman. Widdop at 5/8 Duffty at fullback.🙄

  4. Ah when stupid said chooks by 18 and Souths pumped them!!!! Yes I got it now but I don’t make silly score predictions so I’m not sure how his issues are relevant here

  5. Last year I had a wonderful dream. The Dragons played the broncos in an elimination semi at Suncorp and flogged them. We had a wonderfully talented young centre and a fullback who put the final seal to the game with great speed to score off an amazing kick on the run by the aforementioned centre. What a wondeful dream! Imagine if we had such players at the dragons. Our astute coach would reward them and support them by keeping them in the top grade, knowing they are the type of talent that you can nurture around a group of senior stars to win a comp. They would especially flourish outside arguably the best 5/8 in the world. Having had a year to iron out all of the teething problems, a premiership window would open. There is no way our astute coach would be silly enough to upset that great spine nor would he ever consider moving an Australian edge forward like Tyson Frizell into the middl. It would not only limit our attack but also our defence on the edges. No. There is no way an astute coach would ever do something like that.

  6. Not wrong. I see a couple of outside back positions opening up in QLD SOO.
    Gagai was ok last week, so maybe just a glitch this week.

  7. When Mitchell stiff armed Burgess last week Fittler and his panel mates didn’t utter a word about it yet all over the alleged chicken wing incident pushing for action.
    I hope Bennett bans nine network patsy Fittler from future post game locker room entry.

  8. redv13 March 17, 2019 at 1:37 am

    “Dragons are going to smash Souths by 18”

    What are you on about ya muppet??? Looks like you forgot what you wrote. I will have a good look around the nursing home to see if your in our Alzheimer’s section. If you see a nurse with a sponge and a stainless steel tub. That’s nurse Ratchet for your sponge bath.🤣😂😆😁😆😂🤣😂😆 She follows the Chocolate Soldiers. So if you don’t want the scrubbing brush treatment on the ring, make sure you wipe with 3 ply. OK redv13💪🐔👍🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱

  9. Woodduck goes on about Walker being a grub, all he did was call Crichton a traitor, the real grub last week was Mitchell who couldn’ handle being tackled and was put in his place, same has Cronk his head is so wrapped up his own rectum it’s not funny, the whole of Easts players are up themeselves they think their poo doesn’t stink, and where is woody’s alter ego Russ strangely quiet after all the things he said before last weeks game.

    So woody Souths won last week cause it was raining, now the refs backed us, anything else? your a fraud son all your comments in the off season are proving to be wrong, please rack off to the raor will ya, they deserve you, plus you might catch up with some old sparring partners like silvertail 47 or SSTID1970.

  10. Both hopeless, Inglis needs to retire, He is unfit, fat and has no strength. Played a year to long. Now all he is doing is hanging around for his retirement cheque taking a million each season of the souffffths transit lounge account.😆😂🤣😁🤣😂😆😂🤣.

  11. So woodchook, if an indigenous player from another club gets the better of your players using the same tactics your players use, you poke your head out of the racist closet with your poor attempt at subtle racism, all the teams have a couple of players who can pop up at some time to push the boundaries of fare play to the level’s of being a grub, no need to bring race into it, Rabbitohs won good on them,

  12. Inglis shouldn’t be playing imo. It looks like he’s wearing thick sternum padding, plus he carried his left arm all last night.
    Gagai up against a faster and equally strong center = neutralised.
    Dragons since 1965

  13. Gee Widdop looker miserable after the game. Either he wants out or he hates FB, either way it’s not working yet the muppett McGregor said he’s not changing anything. Even Bennett says Widdop should be 5/8.

    Has Norman done anything yet. And Ravalwa is the worst winger I’ve seen in years. He’s hopeless, always fumbles the ball, terrible under a bomb, hasn’t made more than 2 metres in a carry, He’s like a sheep in headlights. Lafai was best by far for dragons last night in the backs. Aitken looked ok too.

    I predicted souffs by 18 so was damn close. Next week Broncos by 14. I hope we keep getting smashed until the penny drops, Mary has to go. Mary’s record shows the year after a semi appearance is diabolical for us. Shades of 2016 already.

  14. Don’t worry daffy, the Dragons will continue to get beaten because McGregor just has no idea, something has to give sooner or later and I’m sure CEO Brian Johnstone will realise that McGregor has to go otherwise St.George will be in a four way battle for the wooden spoon.

  15. Well it looks like you can’t remember what you write redvee13. Give me your email address and I will send you an application form for our nursing home. redvee13 just a question mate, Why redvee 13❓❔❓❔ The Roosters won the comp in 2013 and if you look at our wonderful gernsey carefully you will notice that we have a white and a red V. Its nice to know you are a Roosters fan. Or did you forget❓❔❓❔🤣😆😁😂😁😆🤣🤣

  16. My comment last week was for the Rabbitohs to put 30 on the Mergers…
    I was correct, we scored 34 points.

    Do I feel sorry for the St Merge Fans from Kogarah?
    NO WAY!
    Illawarra fans, definitely!

    At 12 – 6, the Red V fans were putting $h!t on us.
    At 12 all 3 mins into the 2nd half they were shocked.
    At 12 – 18, 4 minutes later they looked worried.
    At 12 -24 after 56 Mins they were gone and many left the ground.
    At 12 – 28 after 60 mins they were racing out the gates and we were having a right old laugh.
    4 tries in 20 minutes, we just Shat all over them, again.

    That is now 3 Rabbitohs wins in a row now!
    5 wins from our last 6
    9 out of our last 11
    12 wins from the last 15
    Dominance aplenty!

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