A 16-year-old fan was reportedly evicted from Accor Stadium on Saturday evening during the Canterbury Bulldogs' win over the South Sydney Rabbitohs after shining a laser into the eyes of Matt Burton.

The Canterbury Bulldogs halfback was preparing to line up a conversion from the sideline when he was distracted by a laser being pointed towards his face from the crowd.

After resetting for the kick and then nailing it from the sideline, referee Liam Kennedy confirmed to Burton he would make a complaint to the ground manager.

News Corp's Martin Gabor tweeted after the game that security took just eight minutes to evict a 16-year-old accused of shining the laser into the eyes of Burton.

"More information on the laser incident at Accor Stadium. Reports a 16yo kid was evicted by security. It took just eight minutes for security to find the kid who was having his picture taken with Reggie the Rabbit"

The incident is the latest in a string of fan problems in recent seasons, with pitch invasions becoming more prevalent across the competition.

The conversion made by Burton from the sideline ultimately proved pivotal in the contest, with the Bulldogs recording a narrow four point victory, the difference being a single conversion and a penalty goal for Burton, with both sides scoring six tries in a high-scoring contest.


  1. Perhaps the stadium security staff should have detained him, and held him pending arrival of police, and said that they wanted too charge him with assault.

    Lasers are used for surgery. The ability of a laser to cut through tissue will be determined by the distance over which the beam has to travel, the degree of spreading of the beam (ie loss of focus) and the power of the device.

    It seems that Burton suffered no harm in this instance, but as devices improve in power and focus, the ability for some clown to damage a player’s eyes will increase. Better to start prosecuting them now, rather than wait until a player is injured.

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