Set to face the New Zealand Warriors on Saturday afternoon, Phoenix Crossland has revealed his relationship with injured teammate Jayden Brailey.

Crossland has emerged as a breakout player for the Newcastle Knights this season and cemented himself in the number nine jersey after beginning the season as a backup halfback to Jackson Hastings.

This came due to the injury of first-choice hooker Jayden Brailey, who was ruled out for the entire season. However, while Brailey may be unable to play, it hasn't stopped him from providing advice to the young Crossland.

"Brails is my right-hand man at the moment," Crossland said.

"I owe a lot to his credit, his and his attitude, he's been right by me the whole time, so a lot of my success, you see, in the good games I've played, it's 10 per cent me and 90 per cent Brailey.

"Last year, I played a bit of hooker, I didn't get as many minutes because Brails [Jayden Brailey] is obviously there, but although I'm filling in for him, I'm pretty happy with how I'm going.

"I sort of always liked defending...I've brought myself on defence and toughness. So, in that aspect, I think it was pretty easy, but I sort of know who needs to get it."

Crossland also spoke on the Newcastle faithful, and although they are renowned for delivering their opinions at times, there is no team he would rather be playing for.

"I love the Knights, I love the town, I love the people. They're very passionate, and they certainly let you know when you're not going well, but when you are, they're patting you on the back," he added.

"They're the best club to play for because of that community.

"I love nothing more than pulling that jersey on each weekend and representing the town and the club."

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Newcastle Knights coach Adam O'Brien revealed how important Crossland has been after overtaking the hooker role from the injured Jayden Brailey.

"What he's done has been outstanding actually in terms of losing such a key person in Jayden Brailey," coach Adam O'Brien said.

"That was devastating for all of us to see Brails go through that but you're also losing a person that touches the ball the most.

"For Phoenix to come in and to achieve what he's done so far in the game and it's not his favourite position growing up that's where he spent his least [amount of] time.

"I'm rapped for him and it's a real sign to our younger players that are at the club that [if] you work hard, you can achieve just about anything.

"I think Phoenix, at this point in time, is a really happy young bloke down there in the dressing room."

Born in New Zealand before moving to Australia, Crossland has the unique choice to play for either nation in the future. According to sources, Phoenix Crossland is open to representing New Zealand or Australia and is set to play for the country that selects him first.

New Zealand Kiwis coach Michael Maguire has disclosed that Crossland is well in the sights of making the national team. If he does get chosen by Maguire, it would not only cross out his future for Australia but will mean he will be unable to compete in the State of Origin arena for the NSW Blues.

“Phoenix is definitely in our sights,” Maguire told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I have some staff at Newcastle who are part of the Kiwis, including Matty Jay, who is their strength and conditioning guy, and he can't rave about Phoenix enough.

“He's a hard worker, one of the best trainers, and the way he has adapted to the hooking position – learning your craft at No. 9 can take time – but he's been impressive. He just looks like he does his job, and the players around him benefit from what he's doing.

“There will be a good crowd there on Saturday, but Phoenix has played in front of huge crowds the last three weeks and handled all the noise and pressure.”