TOOWOOMBA, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 25: Cameron McInnes of the Dragons attempts to break away from the defence during the round three NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Clive Berghofer Stadium on March 25, 2018 in Toowoomba, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

NRL journalist Buzz Rothfield has revealed his New South Wales Origin side for Game 1, with a number of big omissions from last year’s side.

Players like Aaron Woods, Jack Bird, Josh Jackson and Blake Ferguson have been left out, with some interesting selections to say the least.

Rothfield has handed Cameron McInnes the No. 9 jersey, although we’ll give Buzz the benefit of the doubt, and say it’s just a typo he’s still got McInnes at the Rabbitohs (he’s been at the Dragons since 2017!)

Tom Trbojevic, Euan Aitken, Jack de Belin, Paul Vaughan and Reagan Campbell-Gillard would all be making their Origin debuts alongside McInnes, which would make this Blues squad a very young, inexperienced one.


  1. 5 days ago he agreed with me on Twitter that Cook was the best Hooker in NSW…

    Fridays Stats McInnes didnt even come close.

    Today he picks him… Please.

  2. Ill just clarify that Mcinnes is a good hooker…. Peats vs Mcinnes I would pick Mcinnes.

    Mcinnes and Peats are similar as they are work horses in defense……


    We need more attacking players in Origin… We lack X factor and a Line Break through a tiring QLD defensive line could change the game.

    We don’t need a good defender…. We need an Attacking number 9

    • We do definetely need an attavking number nine and one who also can make 50 tackles, plays 80 mins with a good running game, hmmm where do we find that??? Oh that’s right Api Koroisau is exactly that

  3. Cameron McInness from the Rabbitohs?
    That is what it says above.
    OR Does he mean Damien Cook?

    Cook and McInnes has played against each other 4 times now
    Cook being far superior on ALL 4 occasions!
    Enough said!

    HOW THE HELL does Dugan and Mansour get picked?
    They have both been average at best.
    Woof-Woof Pearce???

  4. Peats had his chance. Koroisau or Cook I reckon

    Also, Blake Green will have to be a chance, he’s one of the form players of the comp

  5. 1. Tedesco
    2. Trobjevic
    3. Mitchell
    4. Dugan
    5. Mansour
    6. Green
    7. Maloney
    8. Vaughan
    9. McInnes
    10. De Belin
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizell
    13. Trobjevic

    14. Graham
    15. Campbell-Gillard
    16. Klemmer
    17. Jackson

  6. He lost me at Dugan in the centres. If he played for any other team he would have blacklisted him after last year like he has Fergo.

    And Pearce at 7 again? Maloney with Keary or Green.

    • Much better, except Jackson either is a starter or not at all. He offers no impact from the bench, he is a worker.

  7. 1. Trobjevic (Way infront of Ted form wise even though he has had a few injuries)
    2. Cotric (He is killing it at the moment)
    3. Mitchell/Roberts/BJ (Only take one of these guys as they lack discipline and will give away silly penalties)
    4. Aitken/Dugan (Not really a dugan fan but dont see him not getting selcted)
    5. Not sure on this ATM – Mansour hasnt been his detructive self and doesnt look bothered lately. I think Fergo will get selected.
    6. Green/Keary
    7. Maloney
    8. Vaughan
    9. Cook/Korisau (Has to be one of these. Cant select McInnes)
    10. De Belin
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizell
    13. Trobjevic

    14. Cleary
    15. Campbell-Gillard
    16. Graham
    17. Jackson (Will work his back side off in blue)

    Very inexperienced team – Pretty much whole new back line but we need to start somewhere. Do we want short term results or long term results?
    Have to blood Cleary. And maybe another prop.

    Just my 2c.

  8. 1 T Trbojevic
    2 Mansour
    3 Mitchell
    4 Aitken
    5 Ferguson
    6 Keary
    7 Maloney
    8 Vaughan
    9 Koroisau
    10 De-Belin
    11 Cordner
    12 Frizell
    13 J Trbojevic

    14 Graham
    15 Campbell-Gillard
    16 Klemmer
    17 Jackson

    Tom Trbojevic has to be fullback, he brings so much more to a team and he has already taking over Tedesco, especially on form. Keary in the halves, he’s creative and fast along with Maloney who can organsise and kick, plus you have the Roosters combinations with Corder, and Keary has Mitchell and Fergo who he plays with. Koroisau is a must pick, like Tom Turbo he offers so much to your team, speed, probably the most creative hooker in the game and his defence is amazing, hits like a rock. Can also control the ruck, something NSW have struggled with but Koroisau could change that. He is inform and is a better player than Cook and Mcinnes.

  9. What is it with de bellin?? I don’t get it, he’s not big enough for front row and not skillfon enough for bavkrow, Jake trobovic takes over Gallen at 13 amd should play 80 or extremely close to 80. That’s just my opinion but surely we can come up with 3/4 specialist props to play…
    Also think Blake geeen would be great for nsw give him couple years, this amd then take Cleary into his starting origin next year..
    Also really think Jackson starts or doesn’t play, he isn’t an impact player and don’t see how he starts anymore

    • You obviously haven’t seen any dragons games. He’s arguably the form forward of the comp at the moment.

      • No I haven’t seen that many, it wasn’t a dig at him it was a legitimate question, when I do watch he doesn’t offer a great deal, except pass before the line. That’s not what nsw need for origin.

  10. Stop picking players out of position just because there a name brand and reward combos for position on ladder.

    1 Tommy T
    2 Addo carr
    3 Aitken
    4 Walker
    5 Uate
    6 Keary / Cleary
    7 Maloney
    8 Klemmer
    9 mckinnis
    10 Gillard
    11 T sims
    12 De belin
    13 Jakey T

    14 Latrell Mitchell / Keary
    15 Ryan James
    16 Vaughn
    17 Crichton

    18 McLean
    19 Cotric
    20 Lichaa
    21 Boyd

    Blood for the new players. Tedesco might be a top notch FB but he can’t open a game up like turbo. If cleary plays keary is 14. Just like cronk, DCE, Morgan. Sims and co will protect him from being targeted.

      • 4 and 5 were like Brad Pitts job in fight club. You know you saw it. You just can’t fathom it. Haha

    • That was my team. This is Reality
      1. Tedesco
      2. Hopoate
      3. Mitchell
      4. Dugan
      5. Turbo
      6. Hayne
      7. Moylan
      14. Whigton.
      Fill in the blanks with who ever cuz NSW has 7 fullbacks playing.

  11. 1. J.Tedesco
    2. T.Trbojevic
    3. L. Mitchell
    4. E. Aitken
    5. J. Mansour
    6. J. Maloney
    7. N. Cleary
    8. J. De Belin
    9. C. Mcinnes
    10. P. Vaughan
    11. B. Cordner
    12. T. Frizell
    13. J. Trbojevic
    14. T. Peachy
    15. D. Klemmer
    16. W. Graham
    17. R. Campbell-Gillard

    If Nathan Cleary doesn’t return for origin 1, I do believe Blake Green should be there at number 7.

    • What does Mcinnes do that Peats doesn’t? May aswell pick peats if you want nothing in attack.

  12. Im struggling to understand why Api Koroisau hasnt been locked in at 9 yet? Hes a better attacker and defender than all the other possible options and he in excellent form. Fitler rates him highly and hopefully makes the right descion and makes Api the nsw 9.

    • I haven’t watched Manly’s games this year but I didn’t think he was an 80-minute hooker this year? Actually, I have just confirmed that myself – he only played 80 minutes twice this year.

      Also, both Peats and Mcinnes are better defenders than Koroisau, in fact Mcinnes is one of the best defenders fullstop. Koroisau definitely has them both in attack though.

      I agree with what Mick Ennis said recently, picking the 9 will depend a lot on who the fullback and halves are.

  13. Api would be perfect for the utility bench spot IMO. I think if you have Cook at 9 and swap him out with Api halfway through each half then you have basically a fresh, attacking hooker the entire game that can also soak up some defense.. That aside, he could fill in with just about any position in the back should someone get injured.

    I think Cleary should be near fit for Origin and if so should get selected. Best kicking game out of all of the NSW options.

    Ryan James and Paul Vaughn deserve a jersey.

  14. I’m going to have a go also then.
    1. Turbo
    2. Ado carr
    3. Roberts
    5. Mansour
    6. Green
    7. Maloney
    8. Klemperer
    9. Api
    10. RCG
    11. Graham
    12. Cordner
    13. Jake
    14. Ryan James
    15. Frizell
    16. Vaughan
    17. Peachey

    • Oops missed number 4, but picking centre I think is hardest for nsw.
      If Dylan walker finds form I think it’s him, he looked terrible against titans though, other hen that I guess Latrell Mitchell

  15. So far the only certainties are Cordner, Maloney, Pearce, Ferguson, Campbell-Gillard, Frizzell, Vaughn and Klemmer along with probably De belin and Jackson The rest is up for grabs on form

      • Whilst I agree with your assertion holmesy, I think history has proven that form doesn’t necessarily mean certainty. I honestly think Jake is a certainty, but I worry that Tom isn’t and that Teddy will be ahead of him as per the usual.

        • Tom has to be fullback, but Freddy will more than likely have him in the outside backs with Rooster Tedesco in the one.

  16. Dugan is a joke of a centre, and Cordner only makes it because he was captain last year?

    Replace Dugan with Mitchell and start James over Cordner, even leave Cordner out for another big man.

    • Fair point, add him to my unlucky to miss out guys. He is out for a month though don’t forget, so might be underdone.

  17. Ok I guess I will name a team…

    Turbo (In better form than Teddy and offers more, downside is positional play)
    Mansour (I believe will step up for SOO and Teddy isn’t a winger)
    Aitken (earned a go on form I think)
    Mitchell (Future and Walker not there yet)
    Addo-Carr (Maybe Cotric)
    Maloney (A must at the moment with Cleary injured)
    Klemmer (last chance to have a big game though)
    Api/Cook (Both quality players who can play both attack and defence)
    Vaughan (Either him or RCG with the other on the bench)
    Cordner (obvious)
    Frizzell (has been great fort the Blues to date)
    Jake T (I still like Jackson, but Jake T can play a similar role while offering more in attack)

    Peachey (need a point of difference from the bench and can fill in most positions)
    RCG (The guy is a monster and is a certain for me)
    James (he plays with McLean out)
    Graham (his discipline is a concern, but he is a true footballer and can change a game when he comes on)

    Unlucky ones are Jackson, who has been great for the Blues, but I just can’t fit him in, DeBelin I guess, but he doens’t offer any more than the guys I have picked, Teddy obviously, but on form he can’t be picked.

      • Very similar.

        I honestly think this team can topple Queensland. I fear though that Fittler will pick Woods, Fergo, Dugan, Pearce and we will be talking about the same thing next year…..

    • This is a solid team but I don’t think Mitchell is a complete player and would be found out in defence

      • I’m not sold on Mitchell myself, I think Dylan walker is the go but he’s just back from injury and looked a long way off on Sunday…

      • If walker is right then he gets Mitchell’s spot, but he has some work to do to get there. Mitchell is a look to the future rather than the lijes of Dugan, Fergo, Hayne etc who have had too many chances. Jimmy the Jet is another option, but his defence is a concern.

    • Jimmy the Jet has a good highlight package but he’s hardly in most games.. I rate Nick Cotric more as an Origin style player over Jimmy and Latrell

  18. 1. Tedesco
    2. Cotric
    3. Aitken
    4. Croker
    5. T.Trbojevic
    6. Maloney
    7. Brooks
    8. Vaughan
    9. Cook
    10. Woods
    11. Cordner
    12. Graham
    13. Frizell
    14. Peachey
    15. Chrichton
    16. J. Jackson
    17. Campbell-Gillard

  19. 1. Tedesco
    2. Cotric
    3. Aitken
    4. Trbojevic
    5. Johnston
    6. Keary
    7. Maloney
    8. De Belin
    9. Koroisau
    10. Vaughan
    11. Cordner
    12. Jackson
    13. Trbojevic

    14. Graham
    15. RCG
    16. Klemmer
    17. Frizell

  20. It’s the same old problem for NSW – no real standout half or hooker. I think Maloney will be a certain – not sure who will partner him. I like Peachey – really has a go, would be good on the bench. I would put DeBelin & Trbojevic in the team for sure – is Tariq Simms NSW or QLD? I lose track of where the Simms boys are from!

    • Tarif is a blue, but somehow his brother, Korbin is a maroon – go figure. Don’t know how as they’re from Gerringong. I’d like to see Simms in there as well but who do you leave out?

  21. Dugan and Graham, guess buzz must be back on the drink. Typical news limited journo who can’t keep personal bias out of it.

    1 Trbojevic
    2 Ado-Carr
    3 Aitken
    4 Mitchell
    5 Mansour
    6 Keary
    7 Maloney
    8 Vaughan
    9 Cook
    10 Klemmer
    11 Frizzell
    12 Cordner
    13 Trbojevic

    14 De Belin
    15 Jackson
    16 RCG
    17 Green

    Cleary to 7 when he comes back and Keary to the bench.

      • Yep, I think Peachy offers the most of all the utilities that could be picked. Fittler will probably go with Jack Bird though.

        • God I hope not. He’s had 2 games and was rubbish in both. Not exactly a team first player either. When the game is on the line and you need someone to make a desperate tackle, who would you want there? Peachy it Bird? Hopefully Freddy won’t do a Bennett and thinks with his big head.

  22. 1: J Tedesco
    2: J Addo Carr
    3: J Dugan
    4: T Trbojevic
    5: J Mansour
    6: L Keary
    7: J Maloney
    8: D Klemmer
    9: A Koroisau
    10: R Campbell
    11: B Cordner ( c )
    12: W Graham
    13: J Trbojevic

    14: T Frizell
    15: P Vaughn
    16: S Boyd
    17: T Peachy

    You can’t pick players cause they played just this year lol
    It has to be over last year and year before

    • De Belin has been going crazy over the past couple of years, i see no reason why he shouldn’t be picked. Boyd has seemed to have fallen down the pecking order tho, other than that a very great team.

  23. Qld game 1 If fit. No back up goal kicker is only prob. Only possible clutch kickers are Taylor (too green to play 80mins origin) DCE (can’t have 2 off the cuff halves so Munster bench role) and Lowe is 80% kicker but gillet McGuire kafusi hess have 2nd row snatched up. Gi only there for sentimental match. But every year Tate and Gi do stuff all until 2 weeks from origin then turn on the numbers. Milf can’t get away with jersey grabbing in rep side so no go. Mccoluach will walk in to smiths spot through injury or retirement then Granville will slot into 14.

    1. Slater (Last series)
    2. Val
    3. Gi (Last game win or lose)
    4. Chambers (only to be a thorn)
    5. Gags
    6. Morgan
    7. DCE (back up goal kicker)
    8. Scott (Last series)
    9. Smith (McCullough straight swap)
    10. Wallace
    11. Kafusi
    12. Gillet
    13. Maguire

    14. Munster
    15. Hess
    16. Glasby/lowe
    17. Napa (Starter 2019)
    18. Hunt (Starter 2019)
    19. Oates (back row backup)

    • Why would Walters bring in somebody that has never played with Morgan or Munster opposed to hunt.

      • He’d only be there because qld have no kickers. You can see Smith has got leg issues this year. Unfortunately dce is the best of the worst.

    • This would be my QLD team:

      1. Slater
      2. Boyd
      3. Inglis
      4. Chambers
      5. Gagai
      6. Morgan
      7. Hunt
      8. Scott
      9. Smith
      10. Wallace
      11. Gillette
      12. Kaufusi
      13. McGuire

      14. Munster
      15. Napa
      16. Hess
      17. Arrow

      18. Welch
      19. Papalii

      • My qld team

        1 Boyd (playing busted ATM)
        2 Oates (not exactly killing it ATM)
        3 O’Neill
        4 Copley
        5 Winterstien
        6 Milford (same as Oates)
        7 Thurston (busted as well)
        8 Simms (same as Oates and Milford)
        9 DCE (qld version of Pearce)
        10 Lillyman
        11 Thaiday (same as Oates, Milford and Simms)
        12 Gillett (same as……you see where this is going don’t you)
        13 McGuire (lot of broncos players here, what’s that tell you?)

        14 Napa
        15 Glasby
        16 Guerra
        17 Nikorima

        Coach – Bennett and his little head

        Well, I can dream cant I

        • Thurston retired. So you have to go Norman. Hes in prime form going by what the commentators were saying up to the finals last year. If you mean Kodi niko he’s kiwi. But brother jayden is Qlder and he’s killing it since he left broncs for a starting position at roosters. Little did he know he’d be back up for Redcliffe in under a year.

      • That’s pretty close to the team I would have.

        I would prefer Holmes over Boyd but we all know Boyd is getting picked if uninjured.

  24. 1. J.Tedesco
    2. T. Trbojevic
    3. E.Aitken
    4. L.Mitchell
    5. N.Cotric
    6. J.Maloney
    7. M.Pearce
    8. R.Cambell Gillard
    9. D.Cook
    10. P.Vaughn
    11. T.Frizell
    12. T.Sims
    13. J.Trbojevic

    14. J.De Belin
    15. B.Cordner
    16. D.Klemmer
    17. B.Green

  25. 1. Tedesco
    2. Trbojevic
    3. Dugan
    4. Roberts
    5. Mitchell
    6. Green
    7. Maloney
    8. James
    9. Korosiau
    10. Vaughan
    11. Cordner
    12. Frizzell
    13. Trbojevic

    14. Graham
    15. Merrin
    16. Jackson
    17. De Belin

    We need a fit mobile pack. Fafita was good for his hit ups but attitude let us down, much like Hayne. I think we need to move on from Woods and Klemmer will be a causality as well as i dont think he will bring much. Back 5 are all strong ball carriers with skill and speed. Green is a must – he is so composed that he will let Maloney play a free game without too much pressure. We would be mad not to pick up just because he isn’t a fancy name.

      • Great player but i couldn’t see where he would be more effective than the players i have chosen. No doubt that he is high up there but i see him as a prop only and I think Vaughan and James would be more effective.
        The Queensland pack are strong but not mobile or have the greatest fitness and that’s the strength of Cam Smith to channel the ball to chambers and co for more hit ups. the way i see it is, we will never have a Cam Smith in our team so having mobile forwards that can get meters and create 2nd phase play will get us more punch and more points through our backs as well

        • I think you find room on the bench for him. Jackson is not an impact player, so I think if he doesn’t start he doesn’t play, and Merrin isn’t consistent enough anymore. I like a mobile pack, but you still need big bodies to get you out of trouble and NSW have no one better than RCG for that. IMO RCG is one of the first picked, but I understand your argument.

  26. For me it would be

    1 Tedesco
    2 Trbojevic
    3 Mitchell
    4 Roberts
    5 Ferguson
    6 Keary
    7 Maloney
    8 Vaughan
    9 Korosiau
    10 Trobjevic
    11 Jackson
    12 Cordner
    13 Frizell
    14 Graham
    15 De Belin
    16 Campbell-Gillard
    17 Klemmer

    The backline has X-factor and Forwards have size, Jackson and Cordner can defend the edges, Then the big forwards of the bench Debelin foot work would carve up, Korosiau needs to play 9 adds a attacking option from dummy half, blood turbo on the wing get him use to physicality

  27. James Tedesco
    Tom Trbojevic
    Euan Aiken
    James Roberts
    Josh Mansour
    Blake Green
    James Maloney
    Paul Vaughan
    Api Koroisau
    Reagan Campbell-Gillard
    Boyd Cordner
    Tyson Frizell
    Jake Trbojevic

    Tyrone Peachey
    David Klemmer
    Ryan James
    Jack De Belin

  28. Geez there is some serious drug use going on with some of you guys. How any of you could even think about picking Dugan is beyond me. What happened to the need for a fresh start, or picking someone who puts team first (definitely not a Dugan trait). Not to mention he’s playing like rubbish and couldn’t pass a ball to save himself. There’s also the fact you could easily and about 10 centres who are streets ahead of him. Aitken, Mitchell, Roberts, Walker, Scott, Morris, Croker, Leilua, Jennings, Ross would all do a better job. Doesn’t anyone wonder why the dragons didn’t exactly bend over backwards trying to keep him. Laughed my ar$e off when he landed at Cronulla.

    • They didn’t bend over for Dugan but there a few others on the books at the ‘gong who’ve certainly bent the dragons over forward. Notorious for paying massive overs with very little positive result.

      • Hahaha really? You idiots are paying Dugan “fullback money” to play in the centres where he’s done nothing. You’re paying Moylan to do nothing and Holmes fullback money as well to play on the wing. And you think we’re paying overs hahahaha. We might be paying Hunt a motza but that seems to be working out quite well for us at the moment. How’s your team going? 2-4 and one of teams you knocked over was the eels.

        • Jury is out on Hunt until the dragons move him to his rightful spot at hooker. Highly possible. After all wasn’t it the drags that played Matt Prior at Center?

      • I would take the dragons halves over the Sharks.

        Hodkinson couldn’t get a run at the knights last year haha

    • Couldn’t agree more, we can’t pick inconsistent players based on a few highlights, like Mitchell and Roberts who for some reason you see as better options

      • Really, so your option is to keep picking the same bums that keep losing year in year out? Guys who put themselves ahead of their team. That sounds like a sound strategy. Personally I wouldn’t pick Roberts, but I’d have him before Dugan. You’re seriously going to tell me you’d have Dugan over aitken, Walker, Croker or Mitchell? Thank god youre not a selector.

  29. Firstly anything that Buzz writes is rubbish anyway. Don’t worry Brissy dragon, I think bbbj has been drinking from the toilet bowl again.
    Buzz should stick to collecting his discount vouchers in the Tele, for the $20 off at the Golden Apple.

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