NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 15: Ben Barba of the Sharks celebrates the win during the round 10 NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Cronulla Sharks at Hunter Stadium on May 15, 2016 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

The North Queensland Cowboys have sacked star recruit Ben Barba following an incident at a casino in Townsville.

Fairfax media reports there is CCTV footage of the alleged incident at a Townsville Casino on Australia Day and the police are investigating.

There are allegations he physically assaulted his partner .

In response, the Cowboys have terminated Barba’s contract for a “significant breach of the terms of his contract”

“When a player joins the North Queensland Cowboys he agrees to abide by the terms of the contract,” Cowboys chairman Laurence Lancini said in a club statement.

After an internal investigation, it has been determined that this player has acted in contradiction to both the terms and the spirit of that agreement.

Accordingly, the club has terminated his contract and has informed the NRL’s Integrity Unit.”


  1. When will he ever do time?….then he will get to know what bashing is really like….never want to see his name again..

  2. The NRL gives these guys more lives than a cat. The same old story. How many more idiots do they need to ‘give a second chance.’

  3. This is beyond a bloody joke!!!!
    If these allegations are true then there’s seriously something mentally wrong with this knobhead…… when will he ever friggen learn!!!!!

  4. Such a muppet, absolute dead $hit of a bloke. Might of dodged a bullet a few years back when he assaulted his missus the first time but now there’s independent witnesses and cctv. C ya champ, never playing again and a nice little charge coming your way loser

  5. Another player acting like a tool and what do the press do. Dig a picture out of him in a sharks jersey when he doesn’t even play for that club. Subliminal message Cronulla Sharks = everything bad. Even I can find a picture of him on the net in a Cowboys jersey.

    • Sharks signed Barba after domestic violence allegations last time and surrounded by substance abuse issues. Barba was contracted to Sharks when tested positive to cocaine and banned. Last NRL game played was with Sharks. Sharks were happy to overlook everything and help secure a title. Lay down with dogs and you get fleas.

        • What exactly in my comment is inaccurate? It is exactly what happened. I’m simply making the point that for clubs to take on high risk players they can’t take the glory but expect to not be associated with the negatives when it all blows up. If you’d like to reply without a personal insult next time that would be great

        • I don’t disagree with your main point. I am sick to death of these guys and the clubs that employ them (and it is often the same clubs) however the sharks did not bring him back from the UK and the sharks did not give him a contract so why now show him in a sharks jersey ??
          I am no fan of the sharks but this is a media beat up.

        • Ah. Old mate brissydragon has sniffed out something now only remotely linked to the sharks. When it comes to atrocities against women you’d think merger fans would be laying low at present what with JDB awaiting his guilty verdict. And yes…we know you think he should be put away when that’s finalized etc etc but you also need to know that sharks fans were also keen to see the back of this bloke after he was caught out doing blow and that my friend is far less of a crime than his current disgrace.

        • At the end of the day I think you’ll find JDB will be found innocent and the only person he’ll have to answer to is his missus. My point was genius, is that your stain of a club seems to produce disaster after disaster and your players can’t stop being special needs children even after they leave the club.

      • And?…….The sharks dealt with him for his indiscretions at the club just as NQ have now. Is there any real need to make another play at Cronulla with the “dogs and fleas” thing when the guy was sacked, sent on his way and now offends again when at a totally new club? Agree with Rucky here, why not show a picture of this serial offender in his latest club strip which is far more relevant, rather than feed the fools who wish to continue with the shark bashing. How about we do a Russel Packer story with a picture of him in his prison greens just so you can re associate yourself with history rather than the present? Barba is the cowboys marquee signing, not Cronulla’s…..

        • I’m not having a crack at any club, and whilst what’s been stated above is accurate, it’s not the “whole truth”.
          Yes the Sharks sacked him, but didn’t they immidiately try to re-sign him?
          From memory he was given 12 weeks, half the season, so by sacking him they got his salary off the cap, and the re-signing was at a much lower price, because he was banned for half the season, and/or didn’t they also try to have his suspension served through our off season through a SL deal?
          I can’t remember exactly what went on, but there was some “clever” shenanigans, which the NRL wouldn’t have a bar off.

  6. Greenburg said recently no more tolerence on players assulting women, so he needs to rub this grub out of the game permanetly, here’s his chance to send a massage, if he doesn’t, well he has to go, simples

    • Me Greenberg is under strict instructions to act promptly and extremely harsh. His prior punishment form towards, firstly Burgess, then most recently Inglis, has brought the wrath of the League hyracotherium heavily upon his shoulders.

      The equation is basic math. If Barba walks like our South Sydney despicable captain walked. Thence forth Greenburg will be terminated.

      • Russc , AKA woodudck, do you even know what Hyracotherium means? You try to dazzile us with you fictional big words that have no meaning, i mean hyracotherium is a small dog sized animal around 60cm in length that was found in London clay Brampton,

        You seriously are a complex indvidual woodduck, how the NRL bought the wrath of the league hyracotherium heavily upon his shoulders, your words, what the fuc. does that mean?


        • Symbolization of a small harmless horse/dog like species, now extinct, was put in context towards the NRL hierarchy to imply the essence of their soft sternness interpretation of ordering Mr Greenburg to outlay severe punishment.

          What has transpired this past off season has been simply appalling. Unpunished behaviour from this soft entity, known as the NRL hierarchy or simply described by myself as “hyracotherium”, that being an extinct creature, will also become the NRL’s future Mr Penso.

          If the NRL through the medium of Mr Greenburg’s voice and actions, FAIL, to act with force in this significant timeline of scandalous events ordered to him by the spinelessly soft “hyracotherium” or in your case Mr Penso the hierarchy, then from this point hence forth in Rugby League History, the crowds will tergiversate abandoning their support for this game in multitudes.

          Nevertheless Mr Penso, it has been my pleasure knowing you study my every word, that you read and acknowledge my writings. Henceforth opening your mind and expanding your vocabulary by searching the meaning of my describing words. Congratulations Mr Penso.

  7. The NRL banned Carney for multiple transgretions so I reckon Barba has surpassed his idiocy. Women bashers and sexual offences should be automatic suspensions for life World Wide.

  8. Good to see NQCowboys act quickly, unlike MWSE, who seem to think bashing women in the street is not a big deal.
    No cctv on Walker and even though his girl dropped the charges, the neighbours will be testifying for the police.

    • Spot on but it looks like Manly82 wants his players cleared for belting up women so they can keep playing for his precious manly outfit.

      • Yeah manwar78 condones walker beating up his girlfriend but calls Curtis Scott a dog for beating up walker hahaha manwar78 is a joke

        • Hahaha, good old manlove78 what a crack baby. Only manly (or Cronulla) would have picked up a feeder like walker after he had his little oxy/tramadol bender. Maybe BB will turn up “rehabilitated” at manly next year.

        • And you NONGS can’t talk prissydrag with you JDB Rapi$t in your side and woody and backsupagainsthewall with the former pet rapi$t. Hahaha

        • AHAHAHAHAH ……. Manly69er has an acute case of penz0itus. You are parra noid. There is only one me on ZT.

          Anyway what is the verdict with Manly’s woman basher???? Is he facing suspension or playing in the trial against the Roosters??

        • manlynutter78 hows your panz0itus coming along❓❔❓❔❓……….💪🐔👉—–🐓🏆🐓🏆

  9. This bloke is finished, I was excited what BB was going to bring to cowboys attack. Who will fill the hole? This is really going hinder them improving on last seasons standing but I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  10. Quite simply, the game is better off without this serial offender. And this is different to issues that involved Snake, Teo, SKD and others who were falsely accused or set up – this time there was video proof of what happened.
    I’ve got to agree with Lidcombe Oval though. Without doubt, this has been the best off season – ever. Haven’t the boys excelled themselves – big time!!!!! It’ll be positively boring once the season starts (remember that thing, footy? Boring compared to the off season). Don’t worry the season is still 6 weeks away, what more can they come up with in the meantime. I just can’t wait.

    • Yeah 38er domestic violence is a different issue to being a predator to a minor, I can’t believe you’d bring up snake. Is that an attempt to defend him. I’d expect that from a Hayne fan.

      • Stewart was basically set up. There was an extensive article in the SMH about it, in particular about the father of the accuser. The article certainly did not paint a rosy picture of him. No wonder the Stewart family was bitter to Gallop. I think the accuser also had mental health issues.

  11. That frees up a big chunk of salary cap but opens up a hole at fullback. Bet they are hoping Val Holmes doesn’t crack it in the US and will come back. Can’t really see anyone really wanting to take up a 1 year deal that’s any good this late into preseason.

    1. Ben Hampton
    2. Kyle Feldt
    3. Enari Tuala/Javid Bowen
    4. Justin O’Neil
    5. Nene MacDonald
    6. Jake Clifford
    7. Micheal Morgan

  12. 99% of people who mess up in life deserve a second chance, no one deserves or should get a third.
    Bye bye Benny

    • I agree. Todd has to get tough now, he has no excuses. The only problem I see is when the law is involved then the NRL has to wait for due process.

  13. You would have to think the only way he plays in NRL again is with the backing of one of the big 3, Melbourne, roosters or broncos. And since the broncos already had a crack at straightening him out you could almost call him a lost cause.
    When it is confirmed and proven, Toddy will have to Ban for life.

  14. Makes you wonder how much the cover up in the English Super League? No mention of him when he was over there.

    • The root cause of Barba’s problems seems to be gambling. That being the case, there are very few (zero) casinos in St Helens and betting/pokies is more strictly controlled than it is here. Booze and a big loss on the roulette wheel might be just too much for the little man.

      Of course it helps that the press aren’t breathing down his neck every second of every day.

  15. One can only wonder how many other times this loser bashed his wife/partner and it wasn’t reported…….also it’s time she left this loser and built another life

  16. Yet every journalist was talking up the Cows because of this twit!! Cowboys are definitely finals bound…lol…now what? Cowboys are definitely spoon bound??? Funny how things can change so quickly in the NRL…

  17. Good to see Cowboys taking a stand with players behaviour unlike other NRL clubs. At Souths he would get a contract extension and captaincy.

    • Mr Madrooster, unfortunately my beloved South Sydney Rabbitoh’s, have by and large, continually and diabolically, displayed outlandishly soft punishment towards the guilty Sam Burgess and Greg Inglis.

      Your assessment regardless of Mr Penso’s foolish response, is may I declare, superbly accurate.

        • AHAHAHAHAH ……. Manly69er has an acute case of penz0itus. You are parra noid. There is only one me on ZT.

          Anyway what is the verdict with Manly’s woman basher???? Is he facing suspension or playing in the trial against the Roosters??

        • Repeating your posts again hey Russ. But unlike last time you are extra careful to do it with the correct login of “TheWood”.

        • Man78, woodduck treats everyone with contempt, he dobbed himself in a while ago and can’t escape the fact he got caught out, he insults everyone’s intellengence by denying he is Russc and other people on this site, what happens with woody is , he has access to other computers, laptops , and creates multible alia’s so he can back himself up, BUT, got caught out when he used the same computer, laptop, when he responded to a top 8 side prediction and expects everyone to believe him.

          I’m over this idiot , he truly has a problem and hope he is getting the care he needs.

        • Yea mate I think everyone is fully aware of the wood’s multiple personalities and cover up attempts. He is an embarrassment.

        • Totally astonished and bewildered by your childish remarks Mr Penso.

          May I ask who is the embarrassed party ManWar78?

          My dear friend in our Eastern Suburbs Nursing Home, has not on your life, departed his computer with what, I as a South Sydney Fanatic, would describe as displaying cardinal cheeks upon his weathered with time, fragile face. Are you thus proclaiming on behalf of ALL fellow posters to this magnificent site, who read my posts and that of Woody’s. ALL become presumptively embarrassed?

          Who may I ask elevated and commissioned you both to this fabricated position within both your mindset, to implement and facilitate becoming ZT Police, in which your job description entails who is legitimate and who may post.

  18. What a coward and a peasant! Screw him and all other males who assault women. All should be made an example of!

  19. Forget about trying to score points off each other. These troggs are destroying the game, no matter what team they are playing for. It’s time for Greenberg to grow a pair, do his job, and permanently rub out anyone convicted of a crime such as domestic violence, sexual assault, GBH, etc. Anyone charged by police should be stood down until their case has been dealt with.

  20. Ehhhh, some idiots unfortunately never learn. Greenberg better stand by his message of no violence against women and remove Barba from the game permanently if he was proven to assault his partner. Time to take that message into effect and stick to it no matter how big of a player he is

  21. Barba and Greenburg must both be banned from the NRL.

    Todd had many chances to ensure that this latest embarrassment didn’t happen to our sport by this serial offender, but Todd kept welcoming him back with open arms.

    NRLs already damaged reputation from recent incidents under Todd’s watch, has been dealt a massive blow from the latest scandal.

    Barba should never have been allowed back.

    Nice one Todd.

  22. No one remembers him anywhere except Drugnulla wait until moylan gets busted which he will that will be 2 Drugnulla fullbacks rubed out and one left… looks like Val smelt somethings up

  23. I read today his partner pleads with the Cowboys to reinstate him because she is concerned about the fate of their family without his income. If that is true, she needs more help than him.

    • Yeah, saw that. Pathetic isn’t it.
      Dylan walkers missus said the same thing.
      These women just want the money.

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