AustraliaAUS WIN BY 26
QLD Country Bank
CROWD: 18,144

Match Summary



Payne Haas 4'
P. Haas 4'
James Tedesco 9'
J. Tedesco 9'
Tino Fa'asuamaleaui 12'
T. Fa'asuamaleaui 12'
Cameron Murray 15'
C. Murray 15'
Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 39'
H. Tabuai-Fidow 39'
Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 54'
H. Tabuai-Fidow 54'
Kotoni Staggs 79'
K. Staggs 79'
Murray Taulagi 18'
M. Taulagi 18'
Luciano Leilua 72'
L. Leilua 72'
Kotoni Staggs 5'
K. Staggs 5'
Kotoni Staggs 13'
K. Staggs 13'
Kotoni Staggs 17'
K. Staggs 17'
Kotoni Staggs 40'
K. Staggs 40'
Kotoni Staggs 80'
K. Staggs 80'
Stephen Crichton 20'
S. Crichton 20'
Stephen Crichton 74'
S. Crichton 74'

Live Commentary

FULLTIME - Australia 38 - Samoa 12
CONVERSION! Kotoni Staggs
A very dominant performance from Australia. Staggs finishes by converting his own try.

80' - Australia 36 - Samoa 12
TRY! Kotoni Staggs
Australia score off the scrum! Tedesco goes right to Cherry-Evans who grubbers through and Staggs scores as the final play of the contest. Lovely work from Australia and this is a side now primed to face New Zealand in a fortnight.

80' - Australia 32 - Samoa 12
Now Samoa turn it over. Brian To'o with a sloppy play the ball. Captain's challenge, nothing to overturn that though and Australia have 36 seconds to see if they can grab a last try.

79' - Australia 32 - Samoa 12
Short drop out, but Australia manage to come up with it. They get back to the middle, then go right and Fa'asuamaleaui drops it cold trying to run through a gap off a short ball.

78' - Australia 32 - Samoa 12
Australia on the attack and looking for some late points here. They will force a drop out.

75' - Australia 32 - Samoa 12
CONVERSION! Stephen Crichton
Crichton slots it over.

74' - Australia 32 - Samoa 10
TRY! Luciano Leilua
Fair play to Samoa here. They could have been really embarrassed after the start, but they have kept working, kept fighting and now will hit double digits. A nice play to the left here sets things up with Asi finding Leilua and then on for Taulagi who beats Staggs, Cherry-Evans and Martin, then finds Leilua backing up in support as he crashes over to score.

71' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
And now a penalty for Australia to bring it out of their own end.

70' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
There is some life in this game yet! A long-range line break from Fa'alogo brings Samoa onto the attack, but the chip over the top on the last is claimed easily by Tedesco.

67' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
And now it's Australia's turn for an error. Did anyone get the full-time siren handy?

66' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
It has been a real trend tonight, unfortunately - Samoa make another error bringing it out of their own end.

64' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
The Kangaroos up the middle on the attack here. Fa'asuamaleaui almost there, then there are numbers on the right and Staggs has been held up. Wonderful sliding defence. Haas a run, then the play to the right is put down by Cherry-Evans.

63' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
The air has certainly gone out of this one, but Australia pushing onto the attack and win a penalty 15 out.

57' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
Staggs unable to put this one over.

56' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
Try confirmed.

55' - Australia 32 - Samoa 6
TRY1 Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow
Australia right onto the attack here frankly against the momentum of this game. They get to the last tackle and then swing it left through the hands with Tabuai-Fidow somehow muscling his way to ground. Try awarded but the bunker will have to check this.

What a wonderful ball from Cameron Murray there.

54' - Australia 28 - Samoa 6
So, the last ten minutes have seen the game really settle into a rhythm of sorts. Samoa had a try disallowed by the bunker, but not too much else of note as this one heads through the second half.

44' - Australia 28 - Samoa 6
Tedesco able to break through here for Australia after a solid Samoan set, but Staggs puts it down on the run.

42' - Australia 28 - Samoa 6
A solid start to the first half by both sides then. Munster with a bomb and Samoa will field.

40' - Australia 28 - Samoa 6
Teams back for the second stanza in Townsville. Australia to kick-off.

40' - Australia 28 - Samoa 6
CONVERSION! Kotoni Staggs
Australia extend their lead at halftime, and it has been pretty much one-way traffic here in Townsville.

39' - Australia 26 - Samoa 6
TRY! Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow
It just isn't fair at times, is it? Samoa force a drop out, Australia go short, the ball winds up with Tabuai-Fidow and he runs 90 metres to score. Just burned everyone for pace there.

36' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
This game badly needs halftime. Australia make a mistake heading down the right-hand side this time.

33' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
Well, Australia getting a little shaky here. Dylan Edwards takes a ball in the air, but then drops it in the two-man tackle that follows. Samoa have the scrum on the attack.

32' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
The Australians back to halfway, then a kick goes down to the corner and Samoa will have to bring it back, with Fa'alogo continuing to impress.

31' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
And, that's the end of that. Samoa looking to use the attack, but a pass inside is dropped after Palasia runs into a tackle from Grant.

30' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
Oh wow. James Tedesco puts Australia under pressure here with a drop in his own end off a ball from Cobbo.

28' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
Sets both ways here as this game breaks out into some sort of rhythm.

24' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
Australia now on the attack. A set restart from in front of the posts before Hunt attemps to burrow over, then Staggs is tackled on the right. An early grubber for Tedesco, but it takes an ordinary bounce. Stephen Crichton there and appears to bat it dead. Tedesco also got a hand there but it's going to be a drop out.

Ah, the video referee has now got a decision very, very late in the piece. After the short drop out had been taken and not gone ten metres.

What an absolute debacle. Anyway, Samoa with a 20-metre restart and seven-tackle set.

23' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
The Aussies with a good set here, then Munster kicks high. Tedesco charges through on the chase, and Fa'alogo does a great job. Unfortunately, Samoa cough it up a few plays later and Australia will be back onto the attack.

22' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
Samoa needed a good set after points, and that's what they have here. Working up the middle, then Asi kicks down to Cobbo who brings it back.

21' - Australia 22 - Samoa 6
CONVERSION! Stephen Crichton
Over it goes from out wide for Crichton.

20' - Australia 22 - Samoa 4
TRY! Luciano Leilua
Samoa with a short kick-off and retention of the footy here. They manage to get the ball back, then on the last go to the left hand side and a grubber sets up Taulagi to get the visitors on the board! Luciano Leilua isn't the name you'd expect to provide the kick!

18' - Australia 22 - Samoa 0
CONVERSION! Kotoni Staggs
This is getting scary...

16' - Australia 20 - Samoa 0
TRY! Cameron Murray
A big run from Tedesco on the left here as he steps in and around and away, eventually shut down on halfway though. Haas grabs 20 metres on the next, then offloads, before Munster offloads and this time Murray is over on the left. That was Harlem Globetrotters stuff from the Kangaroos!

16' - Australia 16 - Samoa 0
Samoa really struggling again for metres here. To'o brings it back to the centre with a decent carry, and the kick comes from ten shy of halfway. It looked like it was going out on the full, bounces just inside and then sits up for Cobbo to bring it back.

15' - Australia 16 - Samoa 0
Australia over halfway in this set after points. Cherry-Evans kicks high from 40 out and Fa'alogo is smashed by the chase.

14' - Australia 16 - Samoa 0
CONVERSION! Kotoni Staggs
Over it goes and Australia lead the clock by two.

13' - Australia 14 - Samoa 0
TRY! Tino Fa'asuamaleaui
Well, this is not going well for Samoa. Australia with a six again on halfway and they continue playing up tempo footy down field here. Inside 20 on the second, then they sweep right before Martin goes back on the angle. Hunt out of dummy half on the next and Tino Fa'asuamaleaui is over! Just crashed through a pretty weak tackle attempt there.

11' - Australia 10 - Samoa 0
Staggs no good from out wide.

10' - Australia 10 - Samoa 0
TRY! James Tedesco
The captain is over! Australia swing it to the left here off the scrum, with Munster a ball out the back to Tedesco and he runs rings around the defence to score.

9' - Australia 6 - Samoa 0
Australia are through, but no! Staggs burned them on this right edge off the scrum, then looked to find Cherry-Evans in support, but the pass is over his shoulder and Fa'alogo knocks the pass down. Another set off the scrum from ten out.

8' - Australia 6 - Samoa 0
Great tackle from Cameron Murray! Samoa working it out of their own end and the tackle forces Junior Paulo to put the ball down ten shy of halfway.

7' - Australia 6 - Samoa 0
Australia with a solid set after points and a kick heads out in the corner. Samoa to work it out.

6' - Australia 6 - Samoa 0
CONVERSION! Kotoni Staggs
Staggs nails the conversion for the Kangaroos.

5' - Australia 4 - Samoa 0
TRY! Payne Haas
Now a penalty for the Kangaroos and they will have a full set from 20 out. A dangerous offload from Cherry-Evans and Martin hangs on halfway through the count. Right side, but the attack is awful with Staggs tackles. Left on the next though and a lovely ball out the back for Haas who runs into a gap and steamrolls the cover defence, dragging them to the line to put Australia on the board.

Lovely set up work from Hunt and Yeo.

4' - Australia 0 - Samoa 0
Samoa now going onto the attack, but really struggling for any control over the footy before Crichton stabs an early kick to the corner, but it bounces too far and goes touch in goal.

3' - Australia 0 - Samoa 0
Samoa will have the first chance to attack right here! Haas drops a ball in a tackle just shy of halfway.

2' - Australia 0 - Samoa 0
A decent first set from Samoa here. Back towards halfway before Asi kicks down to the corner and Cobbo is pinned there by a good kick chase.

1' - Australia 0 - Samoa 0
And away we go in Townsville! Tino Fa'asuamaleaui with the first run of the match, then Payne Haas with the next. Samoa firey in defence early before Hunt kicks a tackle early from inside the 40 out of dummy half, with Fa'alogo running back well but then smashed by Edwards.

0' - Australia 0 - Samoa 0
Samoa to kick-off in Townsville!

Just incredible scenes here. Two national anthems and then the Siva Tau.

Teams making their final preparations and should be out on the park shortly.

The Jillaroos managed to hang on 16-10 for a win over the Kiwi Ferns.

The final teams are in! The Kangaroos are 1-17, while Samoa have named Justin Matamua at hooker. Gordon Chan Kum Tong drops back to the bench and Ronald Volkman is out of the 17 that was named on Tuesday.

Teams for all matches this weekend can be viewed here!

In tonight's earlier game, the Jillaroos currently lead the Kiwi Ferns 16-10 with just under ten minutes to play.

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome to Zero Tackle's live coverage of the Pacific Cup! Scott Pryde is here to take you through all the action as Australia clash with Samoa.

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