during the 2017 Rugby League World Cup Semi Final match between Tonga and England at Mt Smart Stadium on November 25, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Another court case is heading Canterbury’s way, with Andrew Fifita set to sue the Bulldogs for $3.2 million over a contract offer made in 2014.

Similar to Hasler’s current action against Canterbury, Fifita will claim that the document that was drawn up and signed by the Bulldogs officials, was in fact, a binding agreement.

The Bulldogs announced Fifita’s signing in 2014, on a lucrative four-year contract. The deal was backflipped only days later, as both parties had “not been able to agree on the final terms of his NRL playing contract’’.

Ian Denham, Fifita’s lawyer said: “We’re disappointed with the way the Bulldogs have responded to our efforts to resolve Andrew’s claim. So it looks like we’ll have to go to the next level and start court proceedings.

“I don’t know much about Mr Hasler’s case, and maybe there are some parallels with that case and Andrew’s, but the court won’t be all that interested in those similarities, and nor are we.

“We have a good case to put together and will definitely be doing that. As I said, it’s a pity we’ve been put in a position of having to litigate, but we’re definitely heading in that direction.”

Fifita’s advisor, Greg Willett, will ultimately claim that the Bulldogs asked for the destruction of the document.

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“Then they sent us a contract which didn’t reflect the document they signed,” Willett said.

“They asked his [Fifita’s] agent Ben Johnston to rip up the document and said they’d make things up to us.

“You may not remember, but Andrew went through a really bad time after that. His mental health took a bad turn and it was this that tipped him over the edge.”


    • Article implies that they have been trying to negotiate an out of court settlement. Both sides can’t agree so off to court it is where only the lawyers are winners

  1. A bit shallow to imply that this issue “tipped him over the edge”
    He went to another team and won a premiership.

  2. He wants to sue for the full amount of the Bulldogs contract, how ridiculous.
    If anything he should only be eligible for the differential between what he potentially could have have got from that contract compared to actual earnings through the duration of said contract.
    Otherwise he’ll have earned the combined amount of two contracts over the four year period.

  3. Bulldogs have launched a counter suit. They are claiming $2.0m because Fifita falsely identified himself through the contract negotiation as a ‘non-bogan’. They are also claiming a further $1.0m as Fifita falsely claimed to have not abused junior rugby league officials (one of his favourite past times). Bulldogs are also claiming a further $500,000 just to pay back to the Australian Government recent family assistance payments falsely claimed by members of Faifita’s family (even though some of them are now in jail).

  4. A contracts a contract , clubs push players and discard at will , I’m no fan of Fafita but I am a big believer in contract honesty, kick there backsides and do it hard , maybe this is what’s needed so that in the NRL respect is given to a contracts value , and yep DCE should have been reamed

  5. I think the NRL, the dogs and mankind in general should sue fatfita for being fatfita – aka a weapons grade piece of s#*t.

  6. If there was a contract signed by both parties and one side reneged – then it is a breach of contract and the aggrieved party has rights to damages for breach of contract.
    Anecdotal evidence suggests that Bulldogs have an issue with fulfilling contracts that they initially agree to and then, when things dont go their way, they pull the contract and pretend it didnt happen.
    Good luck to both parties (Hasler and Fatfita) in their chase for an equitable outcome.

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