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Leichhardt Oval


The round concludes on Sunday afternoon with a finals-bound Manly side looking to push up the ladder against a Tigers side hoping to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon.

The Sea Eagles were arguably the most impressive team last week, coming from behind to defeat the Roosters at home and another win this week could see them jump closer to a prized top four berth.

The Tigers, meanwhile, fought hard against the Tigers before inevitably coming up short, however, there’s been a bit to like about Ivan Cleary’s side over the last few weeks (despite registering just one win from their last four).

Both Wests and Manly play a similar style of football and both possess some of the league’s worst defence at times – something Manly will have to tighten up if they’re to make some noise in the finals series – and it will come down to which side can do the basics right for longer this Sunday to determine the winner.

A loss for Manly could see them slip to the cusp of the eight however with a relatively easy draw (Bulldogs, Warriors, Panthers) to close out the season, it’s a chance for the Sea Eagles to jump some of their rivals.

Sea Eagles by 8.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Tigers   Sea Eagles
5 Tries 5
5 Conversions 3
Penalty Goals
Field Goals


Tigers   Sea Eagles
192 All Runs 162
1,730 All Run Metres 1,484
7 Line Breaks 4
14 Offloads 5


Tigers   Sea Eagles
391 Kick Metres 421
310 Tackles 279
38 Missed Tackles 53


Tigers   Sea Eagles
7 Penalties Conceded 8
7 Errors 9
Sin Bin
Send Offs

Player Stats




  1. Interesting decision at the end there, I was happy with it being a try. However, I also believe that if the on-field refs called a no try, the Bunker would not have awarded it, which I also would have been happy with.

  2. Tigers deserved the win, manly just couldnt complete or handle the offloads. And while the last try i was fine with should always be a try but usually its a no try, 99% of the time so im just a bit confused, i just want the refs to be consistent. Well played tigers and Knights this week. Ladder isnt an accurate showing of where team are actually at.

    • Maybe the ladder isn’t a correct showing based on this week, but the Tigers and knights have been pretty hopeless for most of the season, and the ladder reflects this, and Manly and Parra have both gone on some good runs this year, which is why they are where they are. Fans of the knights and Tigers teams, especially the Knights off 3 in a row, can at least see some hope going forward.

      • Before you get all excited prior to getting bundled out of your first semis this decade, maybe check the draw. When all teams don’t play each other an equal amount some teams get a better draw than others. This gives some teams a ladder position higher than they deserve. This is why late in the year you see more “upsets”. Looking at the ladder for a full season indicator is flawed.

        The good run you referenced for Parra included playing the lower teams twice, playing good teams during origin & granted one good win against the Broncos (Who will own you this week). tigers and knights overall have been poor no doubt, but if you think there is daylight between them and Parra who just got bashed by the knights and needed a field goal to see of the Tigers you are kidding yourself.

        Your advise on the spoon is appreciated as you have some experience there 🙂

        • When did I get excited about anything, I was merely stating the facts. The Tigers and Knights have both been poor this year in general, and Manly and Parra both have had really good patches which has lead to them being in the 8. It is not the fault of the Eels, or any other team, that they don’t play each team twice, or who they have played in the past couple of months. And please provide a better indicator of a full season indicator than the premiership ladder…..

          Also, when did I say that there is daylight between the Eels and the Tigers/Knights, I don’t remember saying that, and can’t see it in my comment, so please enlighten me.

          And, again, where did I say anything about the spoon?

          If you want to come on here and have a genuine discussion about the game, please do, but don’t come on here and try to put words in my mouth.

  3. My point is there is no indicator when teams don’t play each other an equal amount of times. You referred to the ladder exclaiming “…Tigers and knights have been pretty hopeless for most of the season, and the ladder reflects this” without taking into account (or probably not even realizing) the inequalities of the draw. With the current set up I would not be referring to the ladder for anything. Its a joke and needs to be fixed so we end up with the best teams playing semi final football each year.

    Not Parra’s fault(Or any other teams fault for that matter), but if you acknowledge the current system is flawed, which anyone with common sense would (Hopefully you fit in this category or I am wasting my time) , certainly you cannot use it to substantiate your comment (Which you clearly did).

    “….especially the Knights off 3 in a row” – What does this refer to? Spoon? Yes?

    • I’d be interested in your “Looking at the ladder for a full season indicator is flawed” comment and how you think it can be changed.
      Each year the draw is slightly different in terms of travel / rest days / byes for each team – so what would you expect the structure to be>?
      I cant see how you can dramatically change it from its current format.

      • Crazy, given every team plays every other team at least once, and half the teams twice, “luck of the draw” isn’t going to lead to a massive disparity, at least not based on normalised probabilities. That said, yes it could be the difference between 8th and 9th or so at the end of the season, and yes that’s a big difference if you’re the 9th, but why stop there (at the draw)? Some teams have more injuries and/or worse injuries, and that may have cost them a spot, or 1 too many “off days”, or some calls go against them at critical times etc.

        It’s a sport champ, and if the draw cost you a spot in the 8, you probably weren’t going too far in the finals anyway, and if it got you into the 8, same deal, you’re probably not going far.

        The Knights and Tigers are showing some positive signs, and in both cases, given they are at 15th and 16th, surely the draw has nothing to do with it, given every other team is doing better. The Knights beat us because they played better on the day, and they’ve won the last couple of games for the same reason. Good on them, and good luck to them, but that doesn’t make Parra unworthy of our spot in the 8.

        • Shorten the year, play each team once and have the rep rounds off. Alternate home games each year. You will never be able to match turnaround times, unless you can play every Friday night for 20 of the 26 rounds (But who would be lucky enough to get that right?).

          I have to say I disagree that who you play twice would not affect your position on the ladder too much. It has a massive impact on the teams from position 5 to 10 and often decides who is in the 8 at the end of the year.

          I do agree with one thing, if the draw costs you a spot in the 8, you were never a contender, but this was not really the original point, was it “champ”?

        • Crazy, point taken, but playing each team just once would shorten the season too much (from 24 to 15 games), but I can see a comprise working, for all.

          You play every team once, and only the other teams from within your 8 twice (bottom 7 other teams if you finished out of the 8, and same for the top 8). That would make it fairer, and no one would want to rout the system by finishing 9th instead of 8th for the “better draw” the following year. That takes 2 games off every season, and have rep rounds off, instead of staggered bye rounds.

          You’d lose a few “rivalry” games, but I think we could cope with that.

    • Whether or not the draw is fair, the ladder remains the only, and therefor best indicator of how a team is travelling. I wasn’t arguing the draw, obviously it isn’t fair on all teams. I still fail to see how i indicated the spoon, but thebatman saw what i meant and explained it to you already.

      Your point on the draw is valid, but i dont see a better alternative as reducing the length of the season from 24 games to 15 cuts games by just over a third, which will drastically reduce television rights, and as the NRL is a business this won’t happen. A conference system might work, but how to split the conferences is hard. Sydney and non Sydney has been mentioned, but the travel time and costs for the non sydney conference would be much higher. Personally i think a solution is to reduce the 8 to 5, then you have less chance of a team playing finals footy to just make up the numbers. The issue with that is, again, that it reduces the number of games and therefor revenue.

      Like i said above mate, i am happy to talk footy with you if you, but dont try to put words in my mouth or twist what i said to make your argument.

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