As this seemingly never-ending off-season drags on, fans of the game are continuing to talk all things rugby league. From the draw, to away trip plans, to who is best positioned for a run in 2021.

We've decided over to take a look at the Top 10 players in each position.

Today we start with the increasingly important role of fullback.

For the purpose of this, only full-time fullbacks are considered. So for instance despite Cam Munster being a magnificent number one, he is considered a five-eighth.

These are ranked as how we see them right now. i.e. if Darius Boyd were playing, obviously his career far trumps that of say AJ Brimson, however right now I consider the Titans youngster to be the superior fullback.

The below rankings were, at times, razor thin. I had 11 I wanted in this list, so of course one player has missed out. Let us know, were we on the money?

Top TEN best fullbacks in the NRL
Top TEN best wingers in the NRL
Top TEN best centres in the NRL
Top TEN best five-eighths in the NRL
Top TEN best second-rowers in the NRL

9. Latrell Mitchell

I have no doubt this time next year that the Bunnies superstar will be higher up the list. It's just a matter of time given the strides he took in his very first year in the role. Despite starting slowly, by the time his season ended in Round 14, he was a top class fullback.

He only scored the four tries but had 11 try assists, three line breaks, 57 tackle breaks and over 100 running metres. All those stats will be far improved in 2021 with a second pre-season in the custodial role under his belt.

Truthfully, Latrell, arguably the top centre in the game, took a huge risk in shifting from the Roosters and a likely third-straight title, but he backed himself and will continue to reap the rewards.

South Sydney's Latrell is being tested for COVID-19 ( (AAP Image/Darren England)


  1. If these are the current best fullbacks in the game based on pure quality when at their best then Turbo Tommy has to be 2nd best behind Teddy.

  2. Can’t disagree with those players too much. However, if Staines can overcome his hamstring problems & got the fullback role. He’d be going up in the top ten fullbacks list quickly.
    I just wonder if Papenhuyzen may have just beaten Tedesco to the top spot in 2020? Given what he did for Melbourne & that they were the premiers & all.

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