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If the above game isn’t the game of the round, this certainly is. Another game with huge implications in terms of top four positioning, as well as the minor premiership.

The Storm will be sans Billy Slater, but Cameron Smith has been named to play his 350th game. The Storm doesn’t often lose these milestone games.

Manly, fresh off a shock loss to the Dragons, need to win. A loss here puts them on the back foot and could see them slip behind the Roosters and Sharks, and certainly the Storm.

Cronk vs DCE looms as the clash of the weekend as the incumbent Origin and test halfback looks to guide his side to a crucial victory on his skipper’s big day. I can’t wait for this one. Munster vs Tommy Turbo is a preview of a clash that will dominate the next decade at all levels of the game.

Storm by 1.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Storm   Sea Eagles
7 Tries 1
5 Conversions
1 Penalty Goals 1
Field Goals


Storm   Sea Eagles
198 All Runs 148
1,786 All Run Metres 1,273
7 Line Breaks 1
12 Offloads 7


Storm   Sea Eagles
438 Kick Metres 452
279 Tackles 301
20 Missed Tackles 63


Storm   Sea Eagles
7 Penalties Conceded 7
9 Errors 9
Sin Bin
Send Offs

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  1. Hey Crowie, to prove I can be fair and impartial with regards to Manly, I won’t “take a shot” at them, because they didn’t “take a shot” at the Storm, or at least so it would appear based on the score line.

    • Wasn’t talking about you the other day, and misspelt my name, but nice try though…no one was beating storm today with smith 350 at home, so not too worried about it

      • I’ve got to admit the Storm is a tough gig at the best of times, let alone with Smith playing is 350th.

      • Seriously not too worried about losing by 34 points? I would be concerned about that, regardless of if it was Cam’s 350th or not.

        I didn’t see the second half of the game, what happened? How did they run up such a scoreline? I assume you guys didn’t see much ball in the second half, but was it just a clinical Storm performance or did your guys forget to come out of the sheds at half time?

        • Not too concerned because manly has overachieved this year and been a massive emotional ride for the players and they were always going to have a come down, rather it now against top teams and hopefully can now re lift into the finals… manly didn’t really show up in defence, storm were nothing special just done what they do, manly just didn’t have the right attitude once they got behind a bit

        • Fair enough, that makes sense, as I said to holmesy, I would prefer to get rolled by Melbourne than the Tigers if I had to choose, so you are right, as long as they can turn it around in time for the finals.

          That’s the thing coming up against Melbourne, if you aren’t on your game they make you pay.

        • It’s now up to the players to lift, don’t have to beat roosters this week, but need to put in a good performance and then build into winning last 4 games with a top team of panthers left to play, if they can’t win those 4 and make finals well probably don’t deserve to be there…

  2. holmsey4346
    July 25, 2017 at 4:09 pm
    Surely Smith wont play, too big a risk if he makes it worse. I think we will win regardless to be honest, boys will be fired up and with all the players back we will improve tenfold. This is a must win if we plan for a top 4 spot and i think the boys will step up, they let down baz last week. Needed that loss last week to keep the heads on. Manly by 10.

    Nice prediction holmsey. My team may have lost to the Tigers and be missing the 8, but hell, at least we’ve beaten the Storm and the Dragons, rather then getting a whipping from both of them.

      • Thanks for repeating what I said, I’m sure people will understand it a lot more now that you have said it.

    • Titans I was wrong mate, very wrong I thought Smith wasnt playing at that time but still I did not expect the poor performance of that scale. Theres no need to be disrespectful about it mate, I was wrong yes but that does not mean you have to come on here just to start a fight which you wont be getting. Im not here anymore to have name calling sessions, ive turned a page and i intend to stick by it.

      • To be fair mate, the way you have carried on at times you have to expect some backlash, even if you have turned a page. Just take it on the chin and move on I reckon, which you seem to be doing. Although I would be more concerned if my team got pumped by the Tigers than by the Storm.

        How crazy is this comp though? Not too long ago you had Manly a guaranteed top 4, and based on form it was hard to argue with you. Now, after a couple of losses where your for and against has taken a hit you guys are a chance of missing the 8 all together…. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that will happen, I think the Dragons will make way for the Panthers, but still, there is a chance…….

  3. The major concern for Manly is can they rebound from two thumping’s.
    It won’t get any easier next week when they are up against an inform Roosters side.
    The other worry is the Dragons should beat the hapless rabbits and the Panthers should sneak past the Tigers.
    If both the Dragons and Panthers win and Manly lose they will drop out of the top 8 on for and against.

    • That’s a big call about Saints. The way they played against Newie, I wouldn’t back ’em to beat Gymea Gorillas A grade. Saints are like so many horses I back – hit wall two furlongs from the post.

  4. Manly in a huge form slump. Up against it now.
    The good thing is Manly is only 1 win off 4th. The bad thing is they don’t look anything like the team that beat the sharks, roosters, cowboys earlier in the year.
    Big changes needed.

  5. “Manly is only 1 win (a margin of over 60, and the assumption of the 3 teams immediately above them on the ladder all losing this week) off 4th”.

    Yeah right you are, or 1 loss, and the 2 teams immediately below you having a win, away from dropping out of the 8 this week.

      • thats twice this season we have sat above them, but I would be even happier if that was the case at end of roun 26.
        Whilst not getting ahead of myself, pre-season predictions are starting to pan out for once….but theres still enough time for our mob to disappoint as usual…l

        • Yeah, it’s nice to see Parra pretty comfortably sitting in the 8, but 10 minutes into that Bronco’s game and I was thinking, what’s the point? It looked like we were going to fall apart (again) and then, WOW.

        • I get what you are saying about our mob billy, and I had the same thoughts after 10 minutes the other night almighty, but I honestly think that this team is much more resolved than those teams that have crumbled in the past. I am not saying they are guaranteed of anything, there are still 5 games to go, and even if our draw looks pretty good, there are no easy games. What I do think though is that they are less likely to fall over when it is all on the line. BA has built a strong team game, and with Moses there now a team much more capable of playing winning footy. The win on Friday was, whilst only one game, was a good indication of this I think. As you alluded to, in the past we would have fallen apart and got pumped, but we hung around and got the win, which was very satisfying.

          As the ladder stands today, we would have Manly in week 1 of the finals, how good would the build up to that be?

        • 30+ years of disappointments always make me wary when we are declared a sure thing of anything…
          1998 Prelim final V’s Bulldogs – lead 18-6 with minutes to go and end up losing 32-20 in extra time
          2001 Grand Final v’s Knights – odd-on favourites to win the title, smashed every point scoring record during the year, Smithy even deliberately played the last quarter of game v’s Warriors with 12 men. Lost 30-24 but it was all over at half time 24-0 Knights
          I am hopeful that this team has more resolve than recent incarnations but nevertheless always concerned.
          One stat from 2017 compared to recent years, is that when in front at half time, they haven’t lost the game. That shows some resolve.
          On current form, facing Manly would be a perfect lead in terms of build up….hopefully both teams maintain their current form.

        • In all honesty I never would have thought Manly would have done so well this year (sitting equal 3rd at one stage) so for even being a chance to play finals footy is a big plus for me. Playing finals would be quite amazing considering almost everyone (allot on ZT too) had Manly contesting the spoon this year. Match fixing scandal, now salary cap scandal… It’s been a tough 2yrs on the playing group and still continues while the club is under investigation. Maybe taking it’s toll now…

          To be only 2 points behind the cows and eels is a fantastic effort so far, although we really have dropped of the pace in the last fortnight.

          Even finishing 9th will be OK with me.

          We will have big dollars to spend next year, a 25 man squad instead of 23 and it’s reported at least 3 teams will need to shed players in the off season. Then we can strengthen the areas we have proven to be weak in.

          The rebuild properly takes shape in 2018 and we have a good spine to build around.

          5 rounds to go and Manly need to lift to make the finals.

          PS – it’s good to at the Parra supporters have something to cheer about for once. Looking like they may trouble some teams in the finals.

        • I think you are right about the scandals thebatman. Barrett admitted as much on 360 the other week too. He said as much as he attempts to shield his players from outside interference, it does take its toll. I actually thought it was refreshing to see a coach say that, as they usually roll out the old “we don’t pay attention to that stuff” line, which we all know is rubbish.

          I for one think Manly are pretty much where they should be at the moment. I was one of the few who had Manly fighting it out for a spot in the 8 in the off season, and here now it looks as though that is what will be happening. It must still be disappointing for the fans considering where they were a couple of weeks ago but, like the Eels, if they get to the finals, they have the payers to cause some trouble.

          Cheers for the Parra comment too mate. As we have been discussing, we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves, but the signs for the team moving forward are promising.

  6. I get all of that mate, I have been alive for all of the premierships, but was born in 81, so was quite young for them, so I feel the pain in regard to previous years disappointments. All I am saying is that I think BA has put together a team that is less likely to capitulate than what we have in the past. 1998 and 2001 were both heart braking, as was 2005 when we were odds on to play the Dragons in the GF, only to get pumped 29-0 by the Cowboys in the prelim final (I was there that game, and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing). Those 3 examples have one common thing, Brian Smith. Yes, he was a great coach for us and constantly took us to the finals, but his record shows that he could not get his team over the line when it mattered. I know BA has proven that yet either, but I like what he is doing with the team. Another thing we have going for us which we haven’t had for a while is we aren’t a one trick pony. For years our game plan was “give the ball to Jarryd”, then to a lesser extent it was Semi. Friday night our win came off the back of defence and hard running from our undersized pack, our next win might come from some Norman or French brilliance, the one after on the back of Semi. You see where I am going here, there are no guarantees, and as I said we still have 5 tough games before the finals are even here, but we look much better as a team now, which should hold us in good stead. What I will say is, if it comes to the crunch against a team like Melbourne, Cronulla etc, I don’t know if we have what it takes to steal a win from them if needed. What I am sure of is that if we turn up, we will at least trouble the top teams, and who knows what will come from that.

    BA is building for the future, as is the club in general, and I think we are overachieving at the moment, which is promising going forward.

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