Sea Eagles
Pepper Stadium


The Sea Eagles are the form team in the competition at this stage of the season and have won their past five to surge into third spot on the table.

They’ll lose Jake Trbojevic to Origin 3 but will gain Daly Cherry-Evans, after many thought the halfback was a chance to replace JT in the Maroons’ line-up for the decider.

For Penrith, they’ve lost their past two matches and have lost grip on eighth spot, a position they held just three weeks ago.

Tyrone Peachey replaces Dean Whare at centre, while Mitch Rein returns to his place at hooker, with Sione Katoa dropping to the bench.

Manly should continue on their winning ways in this one, although it won’t be easy.

Sea Eagles by 2.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Panthers   Sea Eagles
2 Tries 2
2 Conversions
2 Penalty Goals
Field Goals


Panthers   Sea Eagles
172 All Runs 169
1,595 All Run Metres 1,552
2 Line Breaks 2
6 Offloads 12


Panthers   Sea Eagles
435 Kick Metres 429
314 Tackles 323
45 Missed Tackles 36


Panthers   Sea Eagles
4 Penalties Conceded 14
7 Errors 9
Sin Bin
Send Offs

Player Stats

Top Run Metres

Trent Merrin185
Tom Trbojevic180
Leilani Latu162
Shaun Lane157
Martin Taupau156

Top Kick Metres

Nathan Cleary334
Daly Cherry-Evans235
Blake Green122
Matt Moylan79
Shaun Lane32




  1. has i’ve mentioned a few times, Manly have over achieved this year, and will be found out , but in saying that, it bodes very well for their future and will be the team to beat in the next few years.

    • Manly weren’t found out, because they lost by 8, away from home with a penalty count 14-4 and a very obvious no try to panthers. That loss actually showed how much the real deal manly are

      • Oh piss off, one loss and idiots like you saying we have overachieved this year, they tried their hearts out in defence only to be done by the stupid decisions. 14-4 penalty count yet our goal line defence was top class, they score a obvious no try but still proud of the boys though. Just shows how we’re really up there with the top teams.

  2. Not taking anything away from Manly’s performance because they did play very well as did Panthers BUT don’t blame te loss on the penalty count….. the reason why Manly copped a 14-4 penalty count was bcoz it was their own fault…. poor discipline justified the 14-4 penalty count.

    • We didn’t lose because of the refs but the decisions were pretty harsh on us, when Darcy was penalised when he was offside, Reagan does the same thing two sets later and was offside yet wasn’t penalised.

      • Worse penalty was definitely the dummy half throwing into the player and getting the penalty. Yet night before Farah does same and is told stop milking… manly were a bit off yesterday but refs didn’t help with penalties or her ridiculous try given

    • Normally to see just a lopside penalty count it’s really obvious a side is prepared to conced penalties as a tactic in the game to slow things down (like Roosters in their own 20m area). I didn’t see that last night. I thought I’d see an open, fast game between 2 exciting teams….and then along came Perenara. Manly weren’t angels but Penrith also held down all night and committed far more than the 4 indiscretions they were penalised for. All I want to see is consistency and fairness- neither of which Perenara displayed. If he had, we’d be talking about the game and not him.

      • Yeah thats what is disappointing, the good win for panthers isnt being discussed but perenarra is.

      • perenara’s officiating of late has, as you say, been inconsistent.
        Take his effort in last weeks bulldogs v’s eels game – both team were as guilty of indiscretions as the other, but he only refereed one team in the second half – a lopsided penalty count of 7-2 for game.
        Refereeing should not become a factor in any games but we are seeing too much of it lately.

  3. Didn’t watch the game so can’t really comment on the performance from either side tonight.
    After reading comments on the NRL page and reading some news stories, it’s my understanding that Perenara had an absolute shocker, however the poor decisions were affected by both sides apparently as both teams scored from forward passes? As I said I’m not too sure what happened and whether there’s any truth to what I’ve heard or not, however a 14-4 penalty count, gee wiz! I don’t support either team but even I know that is a very one sided penalty count regardless of Manly’s discipline.

    NRL doing a whole lot of match-fixing investigating at the moment, perhaps they should look at their referees sportsbet accounts while they’re at it…

  4. Nothing wrong with manlys performance last night, went to to the game myself and they didnt play their best but they only had 38% of the ball in the first half and managed to keep panthers a very good attacking team to only 12 points with 62% of the ball, including 2 penalty goals. And only 4 points in the second half was conceded from the panthers it was a great defensive display and im not trying to take anything away from a good panthers win but if manly had and equal amount of ball i think we would have won, almost every set we had in panthers 20 we got points or very close. Anyway good to have a loss, keeps the teams aspirations in perspective and keeps them grounded. Tigers next sunday at lottoland beautiful arvo for footy and brookie and i feel very sorry for the tigers.

  5. I didn’t watch the game so I can’t comment on the “fairness”, or otherwise of the penalty count, but I watchd the press conference, and it was even funnier the second time. Barrett does the best impression of a 6 year old I’ve ever seen, but stops marginally before threatening to “take the bat and ball and go home”, and the “water works display”. It’s gold, Oscar worthy if he was an Actor.

    Maybe, just maybe, in addition to praising their defence he could take a negative away from the game too, and work on not conceding so many penalties.

    • What makes me laugh is in barretts second year hes already acheived more than Brad Arthur lol! Maybe BA should get some tips from his superior TB. Haha.

      • If you want to play that game, certainly based on the comments at the presser – at least BA actually has a bit more intergrity than Baz – despite many glaring inconsistencies in refereeing performances and decisions over the course of the year, not once has he sat down and complained about the men in the middle, he has conceded that there may be decisions which may have been incorrect, but always follows it up with “we just should have been better, no excuses”….
        Also career coaching record:
        Barrett: Win percentage 45%
        Arthur: Win percentage 48.4%
        Hardly a struck match in it….but if you want to continually pump up your mob, then go for it …..the end of the season will tell the true tale..hehehehehe

        • Haha any coach would not be happy with a dodgy no try and a 14-4 penalty count. No coach has ever been on the end of that and baz was pretty pissed but he was calm, Arthur is not a saint, hes lost it at a presser before every coach has “we should have been better, no excuses” what a bunch of bs, you act as though BA is the dalai but he has done nothing for your club. He lost you hayne, he wasted 1.4 million on Foran, 1 mil on Watmough, knowingly cheated the cap in 2016.

        • Pull up the record and show where he has lost it? I have watched everyone of his after game pressers and he does come across as calm and collected, there is no threatening to take his bat and ball and go home…unlike others (Hasler, Stuart, Barrett, Flanagan) and especially with the adversity that the club has experienced over the last 12 months…
          And once again it shows how little you know of how a football club is run – the coach doesn’t do the deals on players, he leaves that up to the management of the club to do a deal for the players he wants.
          He didn’t lose Hayne – Hayne left to play NFL on his own volition, and then the CLUB wouldn’t pay 1.2m a year to have him back, its called restraint.
          Also, if you need a lesson, the coach didn’t cheat the cap – it was the board and management…
          Whats the common denominator of your other examples? …..
          Isn’t it wonderful to have a thing called hindsight to make you an expert on everything….

        • Holmsey, “BA has done nothing for the club”. Seriously?

          It’s not as simple as Manly is currently (caretaking) 4th spot on the ladder, and Parra are only 8th, therefore BooHoo Barrett is a better coach, and “has already achieved more than BA”. DON’T underestimate the value of what BA, and so many others did for the club last year. This has been an extraordinary fast / efficient / professional turnaround (at a deeper level than just on field) for Parra.

          Both clubs are in building phase, and doing it nicely, and both clubs will likely play finals footy this year. My original comment was about Barrett’s childish behaviour in the press conference, and to a lesser extent, “take some ownership”, and don’t sulk about it.

        • Oh BA the dalai, hail the dalai hes done so much for our great club! Hes done so much what an amazing coach he just keeps producing the amazing he would never be unhappy about the refs, he loves refs and agrees with every descion and accepts it, so calm, cool and collected, he never gets mad! Don’t underestimate the dalai! He is the god! The truth of the matter is Barrett has rebuilt manly in under 2 years, its take BA 4 years and hes had it alot easier with the transition. While Barretts had a full on rebuild. Honestly u guys rate BA way to high for what hes done with parra, hes nearly ruined them a couple of times. Baz press conference was good because it showed he cared and was disappointed he showed emotion people are blowing it out of the water. Baz was pretty calm for a coach.

        • WTF are you on about?
          “hes nearly ruined them a couple of times” – explain!
          I don’t think eelsalmighty, eels47 or myself have said anything about the coach other than BA has done a GOOD job under the circumstances – none of have gone over the top with praise and adulation like you seem to do on any little positive that comes out your mob.
          I like to think that the 3 of us are measured in our praise, give credit elsewhere (even to Manly lol) when its due, criticise our club objectively when things go wrong (and hell theres been a lot of that over the last 2-3 years and on the whole, try and keep things in perspective.
          Have you taken the opportunity to look under the bonnet of what has happened to the Eels since he has come across to the club – all the rep teams from Matts, Ball, Flegg, ISP and NYC were seriously failing – since the demise of Brian Smith, the club had failed to invest in or even be interested in developing local juniors, all the junior teams were essentially failures at rep level.
          Fast forward 4 years – under 16’s, under 18’s and under 20’s are either at or towards to the top each competition they participate in. Wenty are looking they will make the playoff for the first time in a long time, NRL squad are looking like they will play finals for the first time since 2009 “may not go far, but should be there”….I grant you it hasn’t all been done by BA, but his fingerprints are all over it and his commitment to the cause can not be underestimated.
          Is he the messiah? Hell no, he doesn’t even wear sandals or have long hair like the messiah!
          Is he Parra and thru and thru? Hell yeah – he is not an import, he is not a mercenary or a hire gun…
          Could someone else do better? Probably…but would they do it with the same passion and dedication? That’s debatable.

          Sometimes I think you go all right as a fan and “correspondent”, then you come out with a whole lot of rubbish like above and you go down to the level of many previous correspondents on this page. I don’t know whether you are taking the p$ss or you genuinely believe the stuff you write….

        • Chill man that was taking the piss, i was getting you back for the bite you got out of me last week and it looks like we are 1 all lol. I didn’t mean that stuff, in fact ba has done an excellent job to turn you guys around from the mess ricky left. Hopefully we miss the top 4 finish 5 and play u guys week one of the finals.

      • “Hopefully we miss the top 4 (I think that’s a better than fair bet) finish 5 and play (the Panthers again if that’s the case, so don’t forget to take some extra tissues for Trent, and) u guys (will blitz it) week one of the finals (thanks Holmsey, I hope you’re right).”

        P.S, is there an international game on this week that I didn’t know about? The reason I ask is I know Jake’s on Origin duty, but I didn’t see any Manly players in the ZT “team of the week”, so assumed the whole side (barring Jake of course) must be preparing to line up for Australia.

        Sorry Holmsey, just have a friendly dig.

  6. we didn’t lose because of the penalties – we lost because Penrith was gifted the win. Any team playing us yesterday with the same ref set up would have beaten us yesterday.

    The penalty count never needs to be even between the sides but the refereeing needs to be fair across both teams. It was quite obvious that the same penalties that went against Manly were treated differently to Penrith.
    – the offsides were a lot more sensitive towards Manly
    – wrestling or holding down in the ruck

    they were the main 2 areas for Manly. As Barret said, there was nothing more Manly could do to win. The try to DWZ – LOL….surely Archer needs to demote the guys in the bunker….why not just have forward passes from now on.

  7. yes a good upset win for the riff and manly seem effected by all the rumours , still say they will be one of the top 4 sides at the end of the season and the panthers will have there work cut out making the 8 but would rather see them there than the dragons or eels to make it a better challenge rather than knowing whos going to be 1st teams eliminated

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