SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 26: Suspended Eagles forward Martin Taupau watches on during the round four NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Manly Sea Eagles at Allianz Stadium on March 26, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Manly Sea Eagles have extended the contract of New Zealand international forward Martin Taupau until the end of the 2020 season.

Sea Eagles Head of Football Bob Fulton and Coach Trent Barrett sealed the contract extension this week before Taupau headed to Perth for Saturday’s Test match against Australia.

Taupau’s one year extension on his existing contract is a reward for an outstanding first up season with the club in 2016.

Martin Taupau is one of the best forwards in the world and he will only get better,’’ Fulton said.

“We are delighted to have him for another four years and his contract now has him in line in terms of length with the Trbojevic brothers Jake and Tom, who are also signed until the end of 2020.

“They, along with half-back Daly Cherry-Evans, will form the basis of a very strong team long term for the club.”

Barrett said the contract extension for Taupau was a major coup for the Sea Eagles.

“Marty loves the club and wanted to commit for a long term because he likes the direction we are going,’’ Barrett said.

“He is a tremendous competitor, great trainer, and a player willing to do the things to make himself better. He will be a key player for Manly in the years ahead.”

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Taupau said he is excited about what lies ahead for him and the Sea Eagles.

“I am very happy with this extension of my contract. I thoroughly enjoyed my first season with the Sea Eagles this year,’’ Taupau said.

“There is a lot to like about the direction the team is heading in. Trent Barrett is a wonderful coach and I look forward to further developing my game under him.

“The Sea Eagles are also making great progress off the field and I am glad to be part of their plans.

“I have made my commitment to the club and I encourage supporters to do the same by becoming Members. They are the lifeblood of this club. I can’t wait to pull on the Manly jersey again next year.”


  1. Is it just me or was there a “I rate Trent Barrett” clause in his contract.?

    This is a great signing, as is the Trbojevic’s, but something doesn’t seem quite right at Manly. I think there’s a few tough years ahead.

  2. Signing Marty on another 4 years, personally I dont think is a smart move. He’s a player that can be great, on his day, but is lazy. I don’t think the security of a long term deal will do any favours for his play, keeping him hungry on a 2yr deal max I would have done. Then again, you know he will chase the dollars, so on a 2 yr deal you may lose him. Fingers crossed for Manly that I am wrong.

    Trob boys was a good signing, and 4 years for those 2 was a great idea. Young, on the up, low risk, potentially a high reward. More of that will be good for Manly.

    • Oh ok…. says the disgruntled tigers fan.

      Tapau was one of Manlys best. He will get better along with the Lane and Matagi signings. The pack is building nicely.

      • Disgruntled ?
        You’re a sook catman. TigerTiger has given a fairly spot on assessment and honest opinion and most would agree with everything he said.
        Go have a good cry about what he said about marty.

        • 100% agree! given the hype around this guy at the start of the year, i think he has under performed. Personally i think he value has also dropped and hasn’t earned a 4 year contract. Manly have some good talent but think they have put too much coin into 4 players which has left their team thin across the paddock.

        • Considering on avg he ran for more metres than anyone in the Red Vs forward pack. I’m ok with paying him $600k per year.

          I’m sure the 4yr deal for Frizell was around the same coin….?

        • Definitely on the same level. Look at the stats, Tapau avgs close to double Frizells avg metres.
          Frizell makes more tackles so the attack and defence probably cancel each other out.

          Happy to say their on par with each other. Definitely.

          Probably why their both test players.

          You can have your opinion of Tapau – I can have mine. Cheers for your input though.

      • thebatman

        Taupau and DCE should be Manly’s best for the money they are paid. Personally I think Jake T., Vave and Lussick did much much more for Manly in the forwards than Marty and TommyTurbo and Walker (although out of position) did much more than DCE overall in the backs. For the money they are on both DCE and Taupau need to do more next season IMO. For instance Marty can learn how to tackle instead of shoulder charge and have attackers bounce off and unload the ball. He can also concentrate on improving his discipline and on spending more time on the field.

        In theory this should be a great re-signing, it is now up to Marty to prove it is otherwise, Coen Hess and Leilani Latu are cheaper and better alternatives.

        • From memory I think he’s on $600k? Correct me if I’m wrong.

          The way I look at is comparing apples with apples.

          He was Manlys best metre eater by a long way. So should be the highest paid forward – but he’s not.
          Jake T does tackle more – but that’s a positional thing.
          Vave and Lussick not even close to Tapaus numbers.

          He ran for more metres than James Tamou (who just signed for $800k per year for 3yrs) and is paid $200k less per year.
          $600k about right for a test forward of his calibre.

          Having watched every Manly game – I’m happy the way Marty played in his first year in a new club that struggled all year. He bends the line every run and I have no doubt opposition teams keep an eye out for him.

          Can’t wait to see what a full pre season, some extra forwards help will do to his game next year.

        • Finally someone sees things on taupau how I do. After a slowish start to the season, thought his second half was awesome in a team that was getting beat, made big metres every game and every hitup. Does need too improve his 1 on 1 tackling but he will. Think 600k season is very fair, like you say tamou is on more and not half as effective, even on a manly note, 100k more hen myles. That surely puts in perspective, since I ran for more metres hen forrid this year and that was just to me whippy on The hill each week…

        • thebatman

          I try to be constructive and impartial as much as possible. If he was at Souths I would be looking for more from him (more effort, more minutes and more discipline). At the end of the day it’s the Manly fans call on this but too many players get payed big $$’s and then their form goes out the window. Let’s see how things develop in 2017.

        • This is an article about good news for Manly fans.

          With possibly the exception of yourself – all the other comments on here are just sad angry people who enjoy having a crack at Manly. That’s cool. That’s part of the fun.
          Grain of salt.

    • I agree tiger tiger, Marty is a good player, but to make it a 4 year contract I don’t get, anything could happen in that time, his form could drop dramatically, could get very injury prone, could have off field issues not to mention the suspensions he will get, sorry manly but it’s a dumb decision along with the DCE contract.

    • +1
      On this years form for sure (he would struggle to make the top 30 forwards in the game)! He is playing on past reputation only at this point. He likes to stir up trouble in the middle as always and then when he makes himself a target he isn’t sighted with the ball and is replaced not long after. Contrast that to Darcy Lussick this year who, when things heated up in the middle stood his ground and didn’t take a backward step. I thought THAT was what they were paying Marty the big $$’s to bring to the club?

        • Lussick was awesome this year and I was disappointed when he left manly the first time as thought he was coming along nicely back then. But as for taupau, I did have sheets with rum metres and thins that no doubt others will, but anyone who watched manly say the last 10 rds would of seen taupau run big metres each game and always bend the line back, yep he could of got a bit more aggressive like lussick, but the whole team can’t play like that or there is big trouble, I for one am happy bout the taupau extension, and seriously excited by how manly coming together for next year, bar a couple of, well interesting signings

        • People just want to put him down cause he’s a Manly boy now and he’s a big personality. He’all always stand out – he’s the strongest man in league.

          Facts are he avg’s massive metres. He’s an intimidating figure. He’s there to lead the younger blokes like AFB, Hoppa and Meehan. He bends the line and had the defence on the back foot.

          He had a ripper end to the season and was our best forward (along with Jake) and was consistent about. Something that the Tigers could never get out of him.

          Trent has increased his motor by playing him longer and he got payback towards the end of the season when he was switched back to the interchange.

          Bring on 2017

  3. yep , Marty’s one of the best forwards in the world , the answer to Manlys woes is in that statement , is there a court in Australia that can issue a medical warrant for this geriatric ,,,, does he realise what he’s saying ??? Does he realise hes put a barista in charge of a professional Rugby League Team ,,,, where’s the Zanax

    • For a Manly fan, you certainly enjoy putting your team down.

      If they’re that bad – maybe time to look at a switch. Can I suggest Parra or Souths…. 🙂

      • Batman , the truth sometimes hurts , only ever supported one club , Manly employed a loser with no cred , your happy with 3rd last , maybe you should jump on Soufs or parra

        • I’m not happy with 3rd last. Not at all.

          But I’m not that naive to think that losing Toovs, changing the entire coaching staff, rebuilding after a decade of dominance, losing Matai, Lyon, Foran, Choc and Stewart wouldn’t have an effect on the results.

          I expected to rebuild. Takes time. That’s just logic.

          Your just being spoilt and unrealistic if you think a team can sit at the top forever. The Salary cap is designed so this doesn’t happen. Every team must go through a cycle.

          Chin up mate. We’ll be back. And Marty will be a big part of it.

        • Spot on. after such a long period of success, with more or less the same team, a rebuild phase was inevitable. Manly have a history and culture of success, I don’t like them, but I understand and respect that. DCE will be better next year, he just needs a consistent halves partner and a more dominant forward pack. And as much as he is a club favourite I think the team will be better without him around (assuming the rumours of the tension with DCE are true).

        • eels47

          The truth of the matter is that Manly have had a stable side for a long time. During this time they have enjoyed a fair share of success and have been happy to put sh!t on other teams that are in a rebuilding phase or struggling to keep or attract talent. Now they are going through a similar transformation it would be nice to see a little humility for a change, because it may take some time for them to get back to where they were. I wouldn’t bet the house that they will be in the 8 next year for example but I expect them to improve on this year.

        • That is true to a degree, but it seems most of the Manly fans who you are talking about don’t seem to be commenting on here anymore. And the ones that do still get stuck into other teams generally do it as a reaction to others comments. I am not saying that there are none left that simply troll, but there seems to be more like thebatman who are much more measured in their comments. And there are fans from all teams that seem to only come on here to get a rise out of people, in fact some of the supporters of your team and mine are the worst.

        • eels47

          I suppose it is more just one person who is upsetting the apple cart lately. I’m really over the whole “Souffs” disrespect to all Souths supporters.

          I have had constructive discussions with thebatman, crowy3301 etc. so you are right, it is a minority (one). I just think that Souths and the majority of their supporters here on this site have earned a bit more respect.

  4. hopefully Barrett has a better game plan for Marty and Manly. He started Taupau in the middle, played him on the edges, played him at prop. same with other players. Then Marty was suspended for ages…
    Stability is what Manly needs now, on the field, and off.
    I’m not impressed with with some of the players let go (Bhurer!) and some bought in (Uate!!), but i am expecting better next year from the team.

  5. great signing – he went well this year and has true aggression and line bending ability.
    my only concern is that we now have 3 high profile player all coming off contract in 2020!
    remember what happened with DCE and Foz off contract at same time- not sure the planning department has learnt from their past mistakes

    • No different than what the panthers have done. They have more players all signed to come off contract at the same time. At least teams have 4yrs to address the issue.
      If they aren’t playing well – no brainer. If they are playing well – I’m sure they’d be sorted well before their 4yr deadline….

      We’ve got Tapau and Jake locked away for 4yrs in the forwards and DCE and Tom locked in the backs. They’ll build around those 4.

      I’m sure Manly have learnt from their contract negotiation screw up with DCE…. Hopefully…..

  6. Whilst I am not sure of the point of the contract extension this far out from the current contract expiring, I still think it is a good move from Manly. Maybe the thought is to lock him up for that extra year now before he starts asking for more with salary cap increases etc.

    I don’t understand the hate towards the guy though, maybe like you say thebatman it is just due to the fact he plays for Manly. The guy is a beast and his stats prove that. Sure he can be lazy at times, but name me one forward (or player for that matter) who is on all the time. A little bit of work on his tackling technique would be handy, but for $600k I think he is a bargain. I am sure just about every club would love to have him in their pack, every team needs a player like him that bends the line which allows for the halves and backs to have space to do their thing.

    • Spot on.

      What are the DCE rumours eels47? Haven’t heard those ones?…. I’m a little excited just thinking about it. He’s good – but Manly screwed up big time signing him for so long on so much money.

      • Sorry mate, was just referring to the old ones about tension between DCE and Stewart. My point was that if DCE is the future, Stewart leaving might be best for the team.

        • Yeah ok. Got me excited then… 🙂

          Bring on 2017.
          Can’t believe we’ve got to wait another 4/5 months….

    • Absolutely eagleski…unfortunately those holes won’t be plugged by Taupau…tired of reading stats and players numbers from laptop warriors…I’ll take a player who makes 10 metres through strong defensive units than someone coming off the bench tearing into bottom of the table teams with tired defence, sadly the former was Buhrer

  7. He was signed until 2019, so why the rush to sign him for 1 more year? Strange move. I thought he was good this year, but needs to play more minutes

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