McDonald Jones Stadium


For only the second time in 2017, the Knights come into a game on the back of a win after their stunning win over the Raiders last week.

Somehow, that was topped by their opponents this week, as the Panthers came back from 22 points down to reel in the Warriors in a display that was reminiscent of their 2016 self.

Was it the kick-starter the Panthers need to get their 2017 going? At 3-7, it could be their last chance.

They’ll be without James Fisher-Harris this week with Corey Harawira-Naera slotting into the starting side as Tyrone Peachey remains on the bench.

Matt Moylan coming up against Dane Gagai at the back promises to be an exciting match up to keep your eyes on and while it’d be great for Knights fans to see their side surpass their 2016 win total so early in 2017, if the Panthers are serious about charging up the ladder and giving themselves a chance to deliver on their potential, they’ll win this one with ease.

Panthers by 10.

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Knights   Panthers
3 Tries 5
3 Conversions 5
1 Penalty Goals 0
0 Field Goals 0


Knights   Panthers
152 All Runs 167
1,207 All Run Metres 1,481
6 Line Breaks 3
7 Offloads 13


Knights   Panthers
172 Kick Metres 321
0 40/20 0
341 Tackles 237
33 Missed Tackles 32


Knights   Panthers
10 Penalties Conceded 8
13 Errors 8
0 Sin Bin 0
0 Send Offs 0

Player Stats