FULL TIME: Cowboys vs Storm – Round 5, 2019

2019-04-12T09:55:00Z - 1300SMILES Stadium
2019-04-12T09:55:00Z - 1300SMILES Stadium


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30/3/19SharksL 16 - 42
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Te Maire Martin 11'
T. Maire Martin 11'
Ben Hampton 72'
B. Hampton 72'
Will Chambers 38'
W. Chambers 38'
Josh Addo-Carr 60'
J. Addo-Carr 60'
Josh Addo-Carr 69'
J. Addo-Carr 69'
Jordan Kahu 12'
J. Kahu 12'
Cameron Smith 39'
C. Smith 39'
Jordan Kahu 35'
J. Kahu 35'
Cameron Smith 48'
C. Smith 48'
Cameron Smith 76'
C. Smith 76'


  1. Cameron Smith is the biggest piece of s… I’ve ever scene 2 play the game there’s two Cowboys players down on the ground hurt Michael Morgan’s talking to the ref about y he didn’t stop play & Smith in the back ground comes up and He’s having a whinge about a forward pass the cow though, Melbourne Storm are the kings of forward passes . Someone needs to put a big hit on him. That’s crap the cowboys trainers couldn’t do much more to try and get there attention the storm got three or four tackles like always the Melbourne storm got the referees on their side y they get every call there way.

    The NRL needs to do something about the clock when the balls dead or they r kicking goals they need 2 stop the clock there so many time wasters in the game ID rather see them play football then standing around there kicking footballs I want to see 80 minutes of the game not 60mins. Smith took close to 1mins an a half to take that kick. He he’s super king time waster.

  2. Firstly, it isn’t Smith that is supposed to stop the game because two players are down injured, that is the referees job (though I agree it should have been stopped). Secondly and at that instant in time, Smith was probably not even aware of what was going on 50 metres behind him. He is concerned that his team gets the correct call where he is standing unlike that first half call that lead to the Cowboys first try. He does not have a radio in his ear unlike the ref. He does not know what is happening behind him when play does stop.

    As for forward passes, the Cowboys got a blatant one that lead to their second try so I don’t see how a Cowboys fans can complain about forward passes.

    I agree about time wasting and I did not like the way the storm were lying all over the players. At the end there that was bad.

    I know that a lot of fans don’t like Smith but he is the ultimate professional out there to win and he is single minded on that but he does not resort to eye gouging nor neck chops on the ground. Cowboys fans certainly have nothing to complain about in that game. I am normally supportive of the officials who this season have been very good but this game, the ref had a shocker from the get go. Missed calls that lead to tries, laying on players, time wasting, forward passes, deliberate dirty play and then that final absolute shocker with badly injured players on the ground. That guy should be reffing reserve grade. Terrible
    Cowboys fans have nothing to complain about in that game. They were gifted the first try with a penalty that wasn’t a penalty and the second one off a forward pass. They had two deliberate foul plays that should have resulted in sin bins but weren’t but to try and blame smith for that last ugly incident beggars belief. The Storm were clunky in that game and probably did not deserve the 2 points but you cannot blame all that on Smith.

  3. Not a fan of smiths or the storm, but credit is due to him for his accomplishment on the night. I also believe he had no idea of the nature of the injury of the cowboys player, & was just stating a brief fact to the ref at the time of that blatant forward pass.

  4. Everybody at the ground seen the two Cowboys on the ground other then the 2 ref’s and 1 of them was facing that way.
    And I’m not a cowboys fan or a fan of the cheating storm team.
    SMITH DID THE SAME THING THEN THE KNIGHT PLAYER GOT HIS NECK BROKEN HIS COMMENTS R ALWAYS OUT OF PLACE. Morgan was talking to the Ref for at least 30 seconds before smith walked up to him and the ref and said what said theres two players down there lying on the ground come on for a bloke who pays complete attention to everything on the football field tell me whe didn’t see them down. What a load of crap.
    I’m a Queenslander an I have a cam smith tattoo so I’m not a hate I just can’t stand him sometimes.

  5. So you are trying to tell me that Smith ought to have known what was going on with two players 50m behind him when the ref (complete with ear piece) didn’t even know ? I know that Cam has won most things in this game but he ain’t superman. He is just another player in the team who sees it as his job to make sure the storm get the right results from any calls. That is what he was doing. He was completely oblivious to the two men rolling on the ground. Yes he does pay complete attention to everything on the football field as it pertains to his team’s next play but something going on 50m behind him isn’t going to impact the next play and quite reasonably gets ignored. What Morgan was saying to the ref was clearly more important, but did Smith know that ?, Did he hear what Morgan said because I didn’t watching on nine ?

    It absolutely staggers me that someone can lay the blame on Smith for this.

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