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    • I didn’t realise you were calling the game live mate just like they do on the ROAR. I would have joined in if only I had known. You could have been “‘Rampaging’ Roy Slaven and could have been H.G. Nelson.

    • Two critical mistakes and I am already sweating about the impact his butter fingers will have on Souths in 2018. Gale’s kick there near the end early in the tackle count when England were pressing the line was also a HUGE moment for England. Poor timing and play selection at terrible execution turned the ball over easy in a try scoring opportunity and only further emphasised my point, that Gale is not up to the standard required for Test football.

    • I don’t know why they continue to pick Tom Burgess. You know he’s going to drop the ball a few times, he’s done it consistently throughout his career. Just a liability and lazy to boot.

    • No, Widdop has proven a success at FB and was again tonight. George Williams should have played at 5/8 as Kevin Brown was useless again. Although Gale had an improved game he still falls far short and is not the answer. Surely there is another HB option playing in SL? The current halves pairing are useless which was a big reason why they never looked like scoring points. England has really improved defensively though and Bennett deserves the credit for that.

      “Oh the pain, the pain!” – Dr Smith (“Lost in Space”)

  1. What an old fashioned no quarter given Test match! It may have lacked points but it was a gladitorial triumph in showcasing the speed and toughness of the game of RL. Congrats Australia on a well deserved but hard fought win. Bravo England on a massive effort. So gutsy in defence but just lacked class and execution in attack. Credit where credit is due (and in this single instance), well done Wayne Bennett on a first class effort in preparing England to finally look like a professional well drilled unit and not a rabble. Kevin Brown was still a mistake IMO and George Williams was the man for the job. Thanks for listening to my tip about Widdop at FB it worked a charm.

    THe performances of Cordner and Cronk show that the Roosters are in great shape for 2018. Did Michael Morgan play tonight? Because I did not see him. Apart from one pass to Cordner for a try he had no impact and Maloney would have been a much better option. With the ball he offered little 16 tackles and 3 missed tackles was not the best of efforts. Wade Graham a potential momentum changer and a true impact player was underutilised IMO only getting 23 mins.

    For England Whitehead and Roby were outstanding defensively with 56 and 52 tackles respectively. For mine Roby was an improvement overall on Hodgson who looks out of form. Widdop was again a success at FB and was one of Englands best despite 2 appauling errors. The intercept by the “Piranha” (McGillvary) and his 50 metre break after he swallowed a loose pass was the only real attacking highlight for the Poms though who badly need a decent halves pairing. Gale was up on passed performances but still not good enough and Kevin Brown was “the invisible man” mirroring Morgan’s poor efforts defensively with 17 tackles 3 missed tackles.

    In the end it was precisely the type of final the NRL would have wished for. EVERYONE was a winner, or to quote H.G. Nelson would say; “Rugby League was the winner!” A contest right down to the final whistle, almost as if going to a script. 😉

    “Deidre Chambers. What a coincidence.” – Bill (Muriel’s Wedding)

    • Forgot to mention…

      Cam Smith turned in a phenomenal for a final with 43 tackles for a team that had 51% of possession. Some of the tackles he pulled off one on one saved tries or line breaks that would have given England a massive advantage. He earned his Golden Boot award tonight on that performance and on the way he lead the team.

      • You are on a roll giving a wrap first Wayne now Cam. But seriously though Josh Dugan was also fantastic all cup surely this seals him as a centre for the remainder of his career.

        • Yes Dugan was great. Especially playing through injury. Had Holmes held that ball late in his intercept attempt late in the game it was game over! The technique was all wrong though tommy. Had he created a cradle for the ball and brought it to his chest like a FB taking a bomb the ball was his, but instead he snatched at it with his hands on top of the ball facing down. The technique was flawed along with the execution. It is one thing to run in multiple tries against lesser opposition (especially when you have great speed and acceleration) but it is making sure of the small things that show class.

          Case in point (and my trifecta for QLD compliments), Cooper Cronk. I forget when but it was early on I think and in the first half but a backline movement was going to the right. Cronk was thrown a bad pass that dipped and went behind him. He was under pressure with an aggressive defensive line moving in for the kill. Instead of panicking and fumbling for control before he was SMASHED by the defence he relaxed, halted his forward progress turned his body to the ball (his only focus was maintaining control and possession) and in the end recovered control but got CRUNCHED! THAT sort of attention to detail, to the 1 percenters, is what make Smith, Cronk and Slater champions. Billy did something similar in taking a swirling bomb late in the game falling back at the last minute to make certain there was no error.

          What has happened to me tommy? I am waxing lyrical with compliments for QLD! That’s it, I’m off to have a HIA. There may be serious damage, I’m not feeling myself. Bahahahahahahahaha

  2. I have to say a word about James Graham and the complete negligence in the NRL’s duty of care to their players. HOW many head knocks does this guy have to suffer and yet he is left on the field when others are removed. There is no question concerning Graham’s toughness and courage but I sincerely fear for his health and well being when the game is done with him and he has to struggle with the effects of serious and persistent concussion. WHY Todd Greenberg is this ONE player consistently allowed to slip through all the screening processes for HIA? I cannot think of any other player that commentators and fans alike agree he is concussed yet he remains on the field and in the few instances he is taken off for a HIA he returns. Where is the NRL’s duty of care for player welfare in these instances?

    • 100% agree, he walked past us in the second half and it looked like he had no clue where he was. Was still staggering around behind the goal line. No idea how he made it back on???

      The average fan probably didn’t enjoy the game as much as I did but wow the hits were real and both teams were relentless.

      • Agreed. Like I said above…

        “What an old fashioned no quarter given Test match! It may have lacked points but it was a gladitorial triumph in showcasing the speed and toughness of the game of RL.”

        • Not sure what section you were sitting in but wow our side was giving it to Woods for turning his back when running the ball up haha

        • I lived in QLD for 4 years ages ago but have not been back since so my “section” was my lounge room on the big screen TV. Sounds like you were in the thick of it though.

          Yeah, good old “balsa Woods” has a habit of “backing up the bus” during hitups… beep! beep! beep! 🚛

          Good old “Chewbacca” is like an Italian WWII tank, 4 gears in reverse and one gear forward! 😂

  3. England just missed a fullback, Widdop did alright but I reckon having Tomkins and drug head Hardaker would’ve been better. They’ll only get better moving forward tho, I’m gonna call it now and say that I reckon Bennett might ditch em and go kiwis hahaha. McNamara will probably get the England job back, maybe even McGuire or Daley might get it who knows. All I’m gonna call is Bennett to the kiwis!

  4. Cronk retires from rep footy , both State and country, mmm will DCE get a crack don’t think so , 2018 SOO series will finally put to bed for good DCE’s rep career should he not be chosen, I can’t see the selection of him again, will also be interesting for QLD as I feel there dominant era has ended , now Cronk , on what I observed you will get more off the field than on it in 2018 Roosters , disrespecting Pearce will bite you hard , na na Nana na

    • I agree re DCE. If he doesn’t get picked next year (which, form pending, i think he should), then he looks to have played his last rep game. Will be interesting as to what Walters does there.

    • No denying his form E47 , he just polarises people with his persona , and the back flip will always be a weight around his neck

    • I have never been a fan of Mitchell Pearce but I am a fan of loyalty and Pearce has been let down badly by the Roosters. The same extends to Jake Friend IF it is true that he was also “shopped around” to create salary cap room for Cronk. If this is true and I were him I would follow Pearce to the Knights. Remember ZT not everything goes to script because of how teams look on paper. This time last year all here were convinced that the Raiders would play the Panthers in the GF. There is no guarantee for the Roosters or their fans heading into 2018 only the weight of expectation. With Pearce and the Knights however there is no such pressure. How ironic would it be if the Knights finish ahead of the Roosters in 2018? It would restore a lot of my lost faith in the game if that were to happen.

      Every year 2 or 3 teams drop out of the top 8 to be replaced by teams that were outside the 8 the previous year. Looking at the last 4 years this has certainly been the case so anything is possible.


      Titans, Bulldogs, Raiders replaced by Sea Eagles, Eels, Roosters


      Dragons, Rabbitohs, Roosters replaced by Titans, Panthers, Raiders


      Panthers, Sea Eagles replaced by Sharks, Dragons


      Knights, Sharks replaced by Broncos, Panthers

      • We weren’t all convinced of that GF mate. I said all along that the Panthers were still a couple of years off being a real threat.

        • We both said that, but if memory serves I got in first. Still MANY on here had them penciled in. Always ready to disagree with me I see. Or will you argue that one too? Either way I win because you will be agreeing with me in either case. Checkmate! Bahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Australia win by 6 points- against an England side missing their captain and best player (Hodgson), hardly convincing. Despite fantastic careers*, a few need to be pensioned off. Morgan showed the Qld coach only picked him because he was a Qlder.
    *Had great careers that will be forever blighted by the fact they signed dual contracts, cheated the cap and ruined the competition for all fans over several years. Deserve life bans but NRL still have them on pedestals.

    • 100% Mark , I’d be angrier if I were a Parra fan , I’m dirty because we lost in 2007 , only to belt that over the cap side 40 blot , here’s a thought , had we played a cap compliant side in that GF would we have won ? Likely , we won in 08 , so there’s quite a poss that Manly May have gone back to back , it’s why I dispise the Mexicans absolutely hate them , and the way there “God” behave during and after the saddest day in rugby league history as far as player injuries are concerned, in all a disgusting side captained by the same

      • Did you ever ask why mark is posting all over the place all of a sudden after a long lay off and someone else isn’t? Identical fingerprints.

        “Warning Will Robinson! Warning!” – Robot (Lost in Space)

    • I’ve seen a flood of posts all of a sudden from you “mark” but not one positive comment yet. Everything is just negative inflammatory statements and no argument of proof to back up what you are saying. Do you have anything positive to say about the game or other clubs or is that “your thing”?

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